Thursday, July 19, 2012

What is it about Omni Drops???

We've all started hearing about Omni Drops! Extreme weight quickly!
 So...what is it about Omni Drops that makes you loose that dreaded weight????
My friend Stacey helped share with me how Omni Drops really work!


Omni Drops, followed along with a specific Eating Plan, is key in achieving the BEST results! When the Eating Plan and Omni Drops combination are followed as written, your body will metabolize fat correctly, thus eliminating the bad effects that many have seen from past crash diet attempts (sagging skin, no energy, headaches, constant hunger pangs). 
The Eating Plan along with the Omni Drops makes the body utilize fat efficiently. This combination forces the body to release an additional 1400 to 4000 calories internally which gives the body the fuel it needs, rather than taking it from food sources.

Your body has three types of body fat: structural, normal, and abnormal. When your metabolism is functioning correctly, diet and exercise can draw from the correct areas, but most people today have a metabolism that are not working to capacity due to years of eating the wrong foods, yo-yo dieting and medical issues. By dieting the ‘wrong way’ or exercising extensively, most people come to the realization that the body is just drawing fats from muscles instead of from the abnormal fat areas, which in turn sets the body up for decline and injury. 

I know you are wondering how a person can survive on such a small caloric intake and not be extremely unsatisfied. Here is how: When following the Eating Plan correctly the calories entering the bloodstream from burning the abnormal fat prevent you from feeling uncomfortable and unsatisfied. The best part is, while on the Eating Plan, it is recommended that you DO NOT exercise because it will make you expend more calories and cause feelings of hunger!

An Example of My Day:
*Omni Drops: 10 drops under tongue upon awakening – Let sit for at least 30 seconds and swallow - wait at least 15 minutes before eating/drinking
Breakfast: Coffee with Stevia and half a grapefruit (I sprinkle a half packet of Stevia over the top)
Snack: I have my Omni 4 liquid vitamins here, mixed with 4-5 frozen strawberries, water and stevia. My version of a strawberry smoothie! 
Lunch: Either chicken, fish or shrimp on a bed of romaine lettuce or fresh spinach leaves. For seasoning I use Mrs. Dash on the meat (watch the kind you use…some have SUGAR in them) to season, and use lemon juice and water to steam cook it, or you can grill it on the BBQ or a George Foreman grill. To season the salad, I use a bit of lemon juice and sea salt. If you want to add in the Melba Toast to your salad, you can crumble it up and put on like croutons. Or you can eat is as a snack between meals with your fruit. I eat lunch around 12:00pm.
*Omni Drops: 10 drops under tongue at 2:00pm - same instructions as above –no less than 15 minutes before/after ANY food or drink
Snack:½ an apple
Dinner: Either Chicken, fish or shrimp, whichever I didn’t have for lunch and steamed asparagus with lemon on it. I season it with sea salt. 
Snack: ½ an apple
*Omni Drops: 10 drops under tongue between 8:00pm and 9:00pm – same instructions as above - no less than 15 minutes before/after ANY food or drink
*Obviously you don’t need to eat or do the drops when I do, just makes sure you have at least 15 minutes either way of food/drink!

NO EXERCISE?? AND loose weight!!! Who's IN???
The down side is the sticker shock! A bottle of Omni Drops can be alittle spendy  when you go to purchase. Coming in at $79.00 a bottle. A Bottle can last you on average 45 days though! SO when you boil it down thats only about $1.75 a day!!! Not bad at all!!!

Here are some testimony's: 

Vicki- I lost 50lbs & 70inches in 56 days. Omni Rocks!!

 I've lost 55 lbs using Omni Drops and gone from a tight size 16 to a size 10 and still losing!! Shelly

Eddie- I have lost 110 pounds in a total of 4.5 months!

For more information feel free to contact my friend Stacey Carsten! She would love to help you in any way.
 Did we forget to mention that Omnitrition can also help with: 
Just ask her how!
Stacey Carsten 
Let her know that Farm House Sisters sent you!!!

Stacey's Story:
"my story is I lost 30 pounds in 27 days I decided to do this because I had known that it been around for 23 years... I know that it was amazing product and I seen it works for several people.. but drops are only a little over a year old they are NEW to the omni line!! I was really skeptical at first because I've never dieted in my whole life.... but I seen a lot of my friends and people I knew and I did a ton of research and it was working very successfully with no side effects ... I was really impressed when I saw I had no alcohol no fillers!!! I feel better than I have in years with so much energy.. and great sleep... not to mention I got my whole family on other products that is made by kids r on omni 4 charge n remind powder and at night time they are on a product called nite lite sleeping fully through the night I am also on charge capsules ( give you amazing energy a natural anti inflammatory natural pain reliever two natural appetite suppressant give you positive energy NOT SHAKY packed w vitamn B.. Help with PMS..mood swings) 
remind capsules ( Are EQUIVALENT to 30 pounds of fish per serving Helps to clear the cobwebs out of your head helps with memory and focus)
Nite lite ( if used as a weight loss and sleep aid.. it burns fat the first 90 minutes of sleep faster than you do all day... collagen in it for skin tightening college is also great for hair and nails also has a natural muscle and tissue repair in it.. 5 hours of sleep feels like 10.. natural sleep aid with melatonin in it 
These products have an absolutely amazing & the income isn't bad either!"

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  1. I am currently on the Omni Drops in addition to the Charge, Nite lite and Omni 4 and I have list 14.4lb in 18 days and I feel incredible! Omni rocks!

  2. I do trust all the ideas you have presented on your post.

    They're very convincing and will certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very short for beginners. Could you please lengthen them a bit from next time? Thanks for the post.
    Check out my web page ; diet that works

  3. I have read many negative things about OMNI drops and wonder if they are safe to take. You mention an eating plan that looks too much like a starvation diet which also seems extremely unhealthy. BTW, it is "lose" not "loose".

  4. It's the being on 500 calories that really helps in the weight loss. I've lost about 1.5 pounds a day when I've restricted my calories that low. And that was when I was closer to my goal weight. Someone who is really obese can lose between 2 and 3 pounds. But it is unhealthy and does not allow your body to get the amount of nutrients it needs. Scientific studies with a placebo have shown it is not the HcG but rather the very low calorie diet that is the reason for the weight loss.

  5. I am on the drops and having a really hard time after I am home from work. Any advice? I know this is a year and a half old post, but I am really struggling


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