Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Throwing a Super Bowl Party?
Check out some of our "Pined" ideas on
Farm House Sisters
Pinterest Board
 Here are some teasers of what we have pinned!

Photos via Pinterest
{GO SEAHAWKS!....oh ya...they didn't make it...damn last call TIME OUT!}
~Bree and J ;p

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FREE Valentines Day Printables

FREE Printable Cupcake Topper, Goody Bag Tag, or Children's V-Day decide!

{I "mustache" you to be MY Valentine?}
<3 Bree and J <3
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Cold Pizza and Coffee

It's before 6am and I'm up...eating cold pizza and drinking black coffee. This is rare for my normal (most recent routine).
Since I have been working nights the kids now stay up later than their normal 7:30pm bedtime which lets us all sleep in until 8am on an average. This has recently made things difficult in regards to keeping up with my blogging.
Not to mention I have been very unmotivated, truthfully I haven't even wanted to blog at all. Our lives are crazy and anything that can be put on the back burner HAS been put on the back burner. this how I want it to be? NO!
I miss blogging and I know some of you keep asking when we will back to a regular schedule...the truth is who knows.
What I DO know is that I have ALOT to talk about (cause we all know Bree LOVES to talk) and a lot to post and share!
Thanks for always being kind and patient.
Here's for hoping for a new "regular" schedule....for like the 30th time! Baahahahaaa!!!!

Coffee is MY super power!
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Words 2013

Well howdy hey hi!  Welcome to the new year.  I've correctly written the date 3 times so far so I am on a roll.  Seeing how busy I've been to be writting the date, it's a wonder I've had time for much else. Lol.
As I start this new year, I am looking around at all the unfinished projects and making new to do lists.  There is alot of buzz in the blog world about people picking their word for the year.  Started in on the trend last year and I felt that it sorta helped me get a good start but then I forgot about it.  So this year ima pick a word and put it on display. 
Last year's word for me was
To continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success.
I had a bit of a rough start last year and then it progressed on to mellow out.  Now I need
or simply something done. 
I've got a list a mile long and daylight is a wasting. :)  I thought about my word, pondered it's implications, wondered how to incorporate it into my everyday.  I feel like I've been talking and talking about the doing of things but now I want to actually do them.  Are you with me?
Here's a few other bloggers and their words for 2013.
Jessi and B

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