Thursday, May 31, 2012

What I learned at Disneyland: Wednesday

Hooray for Wednesday!  Evie's Princess Day has finally arrived and we woke up early to get royally ready for Ariel.  My mom made Evie her beautiful ballgown using all her favorite colors.

Princess Evie Little Mermaid

Wednesday was also our day to finally do the Toontown Morning Madness. 

Star-struck Evie!

My mom is so happy in that picture.  My mom is a HUGE Mickey fan so this is as good as it gets! :)  We went around to all the houses again and got autographs since we were unprepared the night before. 

Finally meeting Minnie Mouse!
Looking for Minnie's Magic Cookies.
This is my favorite picture!

Pluto just loved Evie.  We saw him the most during our vacation.  Pretty much proves we are dog people!  Evie's dress made her look like she should live in Minnie's house. 

After the madness we made our way to California Adventure to ride on Ariel's Under the Sea Adventure.  It was beautiful, just like being in the movie!  The line wasn't too bad either, we waited about 10 minutes.  As we made our way around to Ariel's Grotto, we of course rode King Triton's Carousel and the Jumpin' Jellyfish.   Lunch with Ariel is a MUST if your girls love the Little Mermaid or anything princess.  I was taking pictures of the walls and decor as we waited for our table.  I've been looking for ideas for Evie's room.  I was driving my husband nuts lol.

The Happiest Girl on Earth and her FAVORITE Princess!

I started to tear up watching my baby be so happy!  She's about to burst in this picture.  Ariel was FANTASTIC!  The whole staff was wonderful and said such nice complements on Evie's dress.  The food was really good too and we all stuffed ourselves.

White chocolate Ariel!

I had Evie change into a sundress after lunch since it had gotten so hot outside.  As we were leaving, we got to meet Duffy, the Disney Bear.

Isn't he so cute and cuddly?  We were pretty tired by this time so we headed back to the hotel for some R&R.  We came back later that night to watch a World of Color.  You cannot miss that show, it was amazing!
What I learned is that it's so worth the world to see your kid on cloud 9 and bring a poncho for World of Color! Especially if you are sitting on the waterfront.  The colors are so awesome that none of my pictures could compare. Also I don't want to spoil the surprise, you need to see it in person!!!

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What I learned at Disneyland: Tuesday

Ah, Tuesday.  You'd think by now we would have a plan but instead we wing it.  We started the morning by trying to get into Toontown early but after a miscommunication with customer service, we are told at the gate if Toontown that we have to wait until tomorrow.  So to make best use of being in the park early (due to a mistake by the ticket takers at the main gate) we hop on over to Tomorrowland!
We were able to get into Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters with barely any wait. It caught up to us for the Astro Orbitors ride.  We also enjoyed Star Tours and the Innovations building where we watched a demonstration of Asimo.  He was cool and creepy. :)
Then we scooted across the park to Frontierland and traveled the Rivers of America on the Mark Twain.  You can ask to ride with the Captain but you have to be quick because it's well known to do that now and there's only room for 4.  We also got Evie on the Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Pretty much any "big" ride she did well. No crying but she would state loudly upon exiting that she "HATED that ride".
Posing in Minnie's House
After going back to the hotel for lunch and pool time we returned and explored Toontown a little bit.  We made plans for what to do the following morning and rode Gadget's Go Coaster and Rodger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin.
Posing with Mickey's Mail box like a true groupie.
We also got a surprise visit with Mickey Mouse!
Yay! Mickey Mouse!!!
You can walk through the houses of the characters in Toontown and during the day there are usually long lines to do so because the characters are home for pictures and autographs.  We had walked through everybody's empty houses and the last one was Mickey's.  And he was waiting at the end!  I was totally surprised

What's in Minnie Mouse's fridge? Cheese of course!
On the way out of the park we stopped in Fantasyland again and finished up by riding Alice in Wonderland, Casey Jr. Circus Train and the Tea cups again.

What I learned was when in doubt, refer to the fine print on your early admissions tickets and not on park staff because they obviously don't talk to each other in different "lands".  Also, that unplanned days can lead to pleasant surprises!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Finally moved IN....but unpacking is AWFUL! One thing that has not internet! UGH! Thats even worse than unpacking! I'll be back soon though!
Love ya all~
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What I Learned at Disneyland: Monday

Happy Birthday Mom!  Monday was my mom's birthday and we celebrated by getting up early again and making our way in between the parks to the Disneyland Hotel where we had Breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen.  It is definitely something you want to do, especially if you want to meet some of the characters for pictures and autographs!  We saw Goofy, Chip and Dale, Rafiki, Cinderella, Pluto, Baloo, and Princess Aurora.  Nothing beats having the characters come to you while you eat instead of standing in the hot sun at the park! 

Our Awesome Awkward Family Photo
We explored a little bit of Downtown Disney again and then hopped on the Monorail and the kids got to ride in the very front with the conductor. They said it was awesome. :)  We decided to head over to Adventure Land where we rode on the Jungle Cruise and climbed Tarzan's Treehouse.  Then we scooted are way into the New Orleans Square area and enjoyed ourselves in the Haunted Mansion.  That ride broke down for a little while when we were about half way through but it was nice and cool.  As soon as we got out of the house, the Winnie the Pooh ride opened and we got right to the front. 

Waiting for our table at Goofy's Kitchen

After that we waited and waited for Splash Mountain.  Evie was very brave and we survived the plunge!  I would have bought the picture but you could barely see her.  I rode in the back, then Evie and then Dave.  Then it was break time for her.  My mom took the kids back to the hotel for lunch and pool time.  Dave and I went to Indiana Jones Adventure.  It was awesome until leaving.  Then I realized I had lost our park admission cards.  Then I cried but luckily they were in the jeep we were riding and the cast members saved our vacation!  Then I needed a break.  We headed back for lunch and naps. 
Evie with Dale, Cinderella, Pluto, and Rafiki while at Goofy's Kitchen.

Feeling better we walked back to Disneyland in time to catch Mickey's Soundsational Parade.
Then we FINALLY got to ride It's a Small World and I was not disappointed.  Zipped over to Toontown for a quick trip on Gaget's Go Coaster and then back to catch the Memories show on It's a Small World. Then we were able to squeeze in Peter Pan's Flight, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and another spin on King Arthur's Carrousel before we got "kicked" out for the night.

So the things I learned on Monday were that you can't get across the area between the parks until the parks are going to open.  Having reservations across the way doesn't matter but the staff at the restaurant were awesome and we didn't miss out on breakfast!  And have your husband or someone with secure pockets keep hold of your admission cards.  If they are not found, you get to buy them again. Ouch! Oh, and don't let your banana get to the bottom of your mesh backpack. It won't survive! :)
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

(washable) Magic Marker Fun

On a boring, rainy day daddy and the boys had some Magic Marker fun! Washable! Whew! The boys thought it was SO COOL! LOL!

Hope you have a great weekend! See you back here Monday!
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Random Photo

Since Jessi is visiting Mickey, Minnie and the gang there will be no Pinterest Challenge today....CAUSE i'd WIN! Baaaahahhahahahaaa! is a random photo that I just HAVE to share! ENJOY!
UGH! My stupid phone! SO it's hard to see....cause I'm taking a picture with my Beta Tester Smart Phone, through glass, a car lengths ahead of me....but you know how men (most likely) have those sexy chics on mud flaps?? Well this is a pregnant one! I cant remember what it said but i thought it was freakin hilarious!!!! I'd love to find me some and put it on some peoples cars I know! Whaaahahahaha! (evil laugh!)

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Schools Out: Teacher Gifts

The end of the year is coming up very soon! In a matter of weeks now! My kids have no idea what that means and in fact will probably be devastated when there is no more preschool for awhile. Though I am in fact excited for the weather that is "supposed" to be associated with summer. Last year was awful (I was thankful though being 9 months pregnant) but this year I want swimming weather EVERYDAY!

Anywho......we don't want to forget those very special teachers that helped our kids all year long, put in countless hours before and after school planing, are underpaid and had to put up with (I'm sure...but it wasn't me) irate parents (lol). Here are the links to the great schools out gifts for teachers that are shown up above. 
You can also view our Teacher Appreciation Gifts from Teacher Appreciation Week.

Also look for:
Schools Out: Classmate Gifts
Schools Out: For Your Kids
to pop up this next week!
See a gift you liked up above? Follow these links to see the tutorial. 
Always wanna give love to those who actually made it first! <3
  1. Apple Milk Glass and Matching Card 
  2. I tried to track this one down, found the photo on Google images and LOVED simple and SO cute...but it was copied and pasted to many times and error only resulting when trying to track down the originator. Any way this cute apple and Thank You tag is very simple to do. Thin ribbon/twine, make a tag and tie to an apple stem and your done!
  3. Assorted gifts in a Soda Pop Box
  4. Sweet Strawberries Gift
  5. "You are sweet" Ice Cream Cup
  6. Root Beer appreciation gift
  7. For those of you who aren't crafty so much and would rather buy a cute crafted idea here is one:  Cute and Creative Teacher Gifts to Buy
  8. Even though this was originally a Christmas idea you can use the idea and just make a few changes for your teachers.... Christmas Gift turn to End of School Teacher Gift
  9.  Personalized Pencil Holder
  10. Another idea for those of you who aren't so these Adorable Magnets for your teachers!

Show your teachers some love~
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Bachelorette, My top 4 picks

ABC's "The Bachelorette" aired two weeks ago and I finally have my top 4 bachelors. The top four are the ones who normally get to take Emily to meet their family. I really like this seasons Bachelorette because she has been through so much in her life that she does really deserve to be happy and in love. Even though I'm not sure a highly televised love has really ever "worked out" beyond what I can count on one hand. BUT lets all hope for Emily's sake and her daughters that Emily will find LOVE!

Don't watch?? Don't worry you can watch the latest episode on ABC's website, you've only missed two so far so it wont be hard to catch up! 
Go to to catch up on episodes, watch video clips and more! Watch on ABC every Mondays 8:00, 7c.

The Bachelorette
Emily Maynard

 26, Single Mom, Charlotte, NC, follow this link to view Emily's Bio.

(My top 4 picks, in no particular order)

Bachelor Chris

 25, Cooperate Sales Director, Bartlett, IL, follow this link to view Chris's Bio.

Who are your top 3 favorite groups/artists & why?

Rascal Faltts – Their music seriously gives me goose bumps

Zac Brown Band – Awesome chilling music
Johnny Cash – Rebellious 

Why I like Chris? Emily had an instant attraction to him, not that attracting is the only thing, but he seems very genuine and she seems like she's not going to send him anywhere anytime soon. He'll have an individual date next week so I am very excited to see how that goes and to see if he goes home or sticks around.

Bachelor Jef

 27, Entrepreneur, St. George, UT, follow this link to view Jef's Bio.

Do you prefer "hot spot" type clubs or low-key bars and why?

Low key I like to talk

Why do I like Jef? He's corky and fun and just really low key, down to earth. He has a way about him that you just KNOW hes a good guy. You look at him and get a different idea but after you watch him and watch his bio on first episode you change your mind and I bet everyone will be rooting for him.

Bachelor Doug

33, Charity Director/Realtor, Seattle, WA, follow this link to view  Doug's Bio.

If you wanted to impress a woman what would you do and why?

Be there very time they needed me so that they know I was dependable. Not enough guys know how to take care of people anymore.

Why I like Doug? He's a single dad with full custody of his son, he's local, and just good ol' boy feeling about him. He could easily fit into the father role for Emily's daughter and they'd make cute babies...which Emily wants many of them. LOL. He also received the first impression rose by giving Emily a letter from his son to read. Usually the first impression rose winner sticks around till the very end couple guys and recently most of the the last two contestants. I also don't think that he's wanting the "spotlight". GOOOOOO Doug!

Bachelor Ryan

 31, Pro Sports Trainer, Augusta, GA, follow this link to view Ryan's Bio.

What is your greatest regret?

Not stick up and fighting for my brother when we were young. It never happened again. 

Why I like Ryan? He seems VERY a gentleman, but I don't have that absolute feeling that it would stick around FOREVER or that that really how he is ALL the time. But I still think he's a great guy. I also had alittle hesitation after watching this last episode when he went on the first individual date, he seemed out of his element or that he wasn't "into" it but after watching how truly happy and "falling in love look" he had for Emily when he watched her bring her daughter's soccer team snacks I now just think he was uncomfortable being thrown into the "DAD" roll but remembering him working with kids at his sports center I feel he'd be great at it. 

A close pick:
Bachelor Arie

Who I was kind of routing for but changed my mind was Arie. He really seemed to hit it off with Emily and they'll be going on an individual date next week so I'm curious to see but I just don't think he'd be the best fit for a father role in Emily's life. He lives and races in the Netherlands, Emily wants to stay where she is. I also read his bio questions and that changed my mind, I think he's more the age of a 20 year old not a 30 year old. i like you Arie...sorry. I have a fear he'll go far in the show but I really hope he goes home before the end or before my top 4 do. Sorry need to find you a single lady that's a thrill seeker too! :)
 30, Race Car Driver, Nether;ands, follow this link to view  Arie's Bio

What's your best date memory?

When we took my motorcycle and rode to the park for a picnic. After we rode to the lake and went cliff jumping, it was an awesome day.

What is your motto?

Drive fast take chances.

Click here to view all bios of all the contestants.

View my newest Bachelorette Update by following this link, Bachelorette Catchup. (I was unable to watch 3 episodes so it's my take on all three...Bachelorette Marathon anyone?? LOL)

May the BEST gentleman win~
Bree and J

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Photo Opt

The Little Merman
He was combing his red hair with a dinglehopper (aka a fork).
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Get a little country

My mom and sisters ride horses and over the weekend my sisters had a "Gaming Show" with their saddle club. They participate in ALL day events: flags, international flags and barrel racing. It does take alot of the day because there are alot of kids to cycle through and sometimes they let the parents participate too at the end. It's alot of fun to watch but really fun for the kids to watch when my sisters went out (their auntie's). During the down time I took advantage of my surroundings and took a few "pretend" photographer photos and had fun at home editing! LOL!

 Bradley on Leo, my sister Anna's horse and him trying to embrace his inner cowboy.
 Really need to bring my real camera and not use my phone, makes me so mad when they turn out fuzzy!

 Pretend Photographer, trying to take some pics for the "farm house" image for blog..better use real camera next time.

 Bradley holding sissy, don't worry I was holding her too!


 Sarah and Cisco Barrel Racing

 Anna and Leo Barrel Racing

Brooklyn likes her cowgirl boots OFF...the better to chew on them!

Editing FUN!
(keep in mind, this was just for fun...I have no clue what I'm doing!!! LOL)

Used "Adjust Color" to create a warm hue.
Top photo is the original.

Used "Adjust Color" to create black and white look.
Top photo is original.

 Used "Adjust Color" to create and aged look.
Top photo is original.

Used "Auto Expose" to (i think) its under professional here but i would think overexposing it would darken the image. Feel free to comment and let me know. LOL.
Top Photo is original

Always fun to experiment~
Bree and J
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