Friday, May 18, 2012

Sisterly Conversation: Helmets and Kids

"Kid's wear helmets on they need to on scooters?"
 (scooters as in the self propelled ones, razor ones)

I have a son who is 5 and I think that helmets should be worn on any 'wheeled' contraption. Unless they are riding in the yard. If they go out on the sidewalks or streets, whether it's a coldesack or dead end road, a helmet is a must. It's our responsibility to ensure the safety of our kids and teach them the rules and safety of life.
 I see and have heard alot of people let there kids ride a scooter without a helmet and I just am curious as to why? Just wanna understand the thinking. But i dont think people want to post their whys cause after seeing comment after comment they may see that they were wrong. Safety first!
Absolutely YES. kids ride their scooters fast. If they fall or go into the road and a car hits them they can suffer severe trauma to the head. I was in six grade when a girl fell of her bike, I don't think she was wearing a helmet. A car hit her and she died of trauma to the head. She was younger than I. In my opinion its very irresponsible for a parent not to make their child wear one. Wearing one with the straps undone is pointless but that is a given. Some kids take their scooters to the ramps as well. Can be as dangerous as any other form of wheels.
 Forgot to add-My children will wear one ANY time the get on anything including in the yard. And I think the little girl that died did have a helmet and it wasn't strapped. :(
a scooter in the yard I would not make my kids wear a helmet a bike yes cause they are up so high and scooter in the yard is doing just that scooting very slowly. Now the only reason I make my kids use a helmet on a scooter on the sidewalk is I don't trust other drivers, my kids do not go fast on them what so ever and if they fall the fall is what 2 inches any way always on a bike. I also want to add that you need to never let your kid wear on anywhere but on a bike alittle girl died once hanging herself with her helmet while playing after getting off her bike.
Katie, they have also with the strings on their sweatshirts/coat. My daughter is 5. I don't put necklaces on her for that reason. If they are trying to skooch along on their scooter in the grass then the helmit is not mandatory. I'm not sure how far they would go, LOL. 
I think everyone wants their kids to be safe and you can even create a "too safe its dangerous" environment. I have seen many a times with some of my close friends where they do not make their kids wear helmets on their scooters, even around your secluded house you never know what could happen. I don't even trust my kids to go helmetless in the yard (while on something, not running around)...I have watched a child fall while messing around, doing stunts with his scooter, hit his head a on a rock(a rock so timy you couldn't see it above the grass) and had to be ambulanced away. I also don't understand when parents think there is an age limit to wearing a helmet and once their kid is old enough or can ride well enough they don't have to wear their helmet anymore. The one kicker for me is when i see a family out riding and the kids are wearing helmets but the parent is not....tell me...what would happen if that parent fell and hit their head and now what are the kids to do....most the time their young kids. Set an EXAMPLE!  Ya, can say well if your thinking so critically anything could happen, he could get hit by a car, you will never know but why not take extra precautions that are proven and tested to be FACT to avoid a severe or sometimes fatal accident. BUT I am alittle crazy about keeping my kids safe.....LOL.... DON'T EVEN get me started on CARSEATS! Thats for another conversation! LOL! 
I have my kids wear a helmet out in the world as well. My kids are so clumsy, they'd probably should be wearing them just walking lol. I even had my daughter in a helmet with her trike. I don't make my nephew wear one with the same trike because its a really good and stable one. You'd have to be trying to tip it over to get it to actually tip over. But I don't let him ride it out on the sidewalk. If we are out with the girls on their bikes, he's usually inn his construction wagon.

Safety First~
Bree and Jessi

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  1. My son is required to wear a helmet on anything with wheels. Whether it is a bike, scooter, or roller skates and even when he rides in the grass. If he gets caught without a helmet, he loses his wheels for a while. Shoes are another big requirement when riding bikes and scooters.

    1. Never thought about the shoes, that's a great point!


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