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Honor A Mom: Wednesday

Honor A Mom: Wednesday
Bella Cullen
 Today Farm House Sisters honor Bella Swan, yes you may say "shes a fictional character", but for those of your in love with the Twilight Series you would agree with me that she is real. LOL.
Even though Bella is a young mother with hardly any experience under her vampire belt she is still a mom...who choose to and did die for her child. Now THAT is a committed mother!
From the moment she found out she was pregnant on their honeymoon (probably about 4 months along) she was in love with that baby. Carrying her child that was starving her to death and growing at a super natural rate all while having to fight her husband, best friend and Cullen family to even keep her baby had to be the hardest thing she had yet to go through. Don't mention she was unable to see her family and friends as well. The only friend and backer she had most of her pregnancy was a woman and new sister-in-law that happened to not think very kindly of Bella...well her choices up until her pregnancy anyway. 
Thank goodness Edward was able to start hearing the baby and he FINALLY joined Bella's side to keep the baby and they were able to enjoy in a few "normal" pregnancy moments before drastic measures had to be made to keep Bella and baby alive.
 Now very late in the pregnancy the baby had drained Bella of basically all nourishment and Bella was close to death. It was her best friend, Jacob's, snide thought/comment that lead to Bella, willing to try anything for her child, to start drinking blood in hopes that that was what the baby wanted.And in fact it was! Now happy and healthier everything seemed fine and almost ready to go for delivery. Of course a series of events would occur leading up to having to deliver the baby all while half the family, including the Doctor, were gone on a very much needed trip for blood for Bella and to feed. 
Edward, a true husband and soon to be father, did everything he could think to try to save his child, Bella's one and only wish, and his true soul mate and wife. In the end a beautiful baby girl, Renesmee Cullen, was born...via Edwards teeth tearing apart Bella's uterus to do so (LOL). 
Though what was to become of her mother that risked everything she had even her life? Like any true husband, Edward, worked tirelessly and without hesitation to do everything he could to save her. Did venom injected straight into her heart and bite after bite save his wife....? At the end of Breaking Dawn Part 1 we are lead to believe by the second of Bella opening her blood red eyes that she survived.....but only book readers will really knows what lies ahead for Bella Cullen. Will she get to hold her child she died for? Will her family live "Happily Ever After"? Only times will tell for this wonderful, amazing, very young mother whom has yet to even hold her new daughter.

Bree and J

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  1. Please tell me this is a joke.

    1. LOL, see my comment that I added below yours. :)

  2. LOL, Yes! Had to mix it up in the middle of the week. ;)Hope you were able to laugh at it. Back to honoring a REAL mom Thursday, Friday and Sat! Happy Mother's Day!
    Bree :)


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