Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mother's Day Hand Print Planter

Our campfire group made these adorable Mother's Day planters yesterday...simple, cute, and easy for the kiddos to do. 
Hmmm...I wonder if I'll get the 2 planters my boys made for Mother's Day. ;)
What you'll need:
Ceramic Planter
Sample Size Paint
Coffee Filters (optional)

Place your coffee filter in the bottom of planter, this prevents any soil from spilling out of bottom during planting and watering.
Let child spoon in soil, squish outer plastic of planter to help remove flower, and place flower in pot. 
Spoon in more soil if needed.
Paint their hand and help them place hand on side of planter. Making sure fingers are spread and room for the the thumb to be placed. We also helped while removing the hand, removing hand seemed to be more difficult than placing. 
Repeat process other side of planter so there are 2 hand prints on planter.
Let paint dry and water your plant per instructions for beautiful, healthy flowers!

Happy Mommy's Day in 10 day~
Bree and J

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