Thursday, May 3, 2012

Guess what we got.....

THE KEYS!!!!!!
Going to be doing a few upgrades and renovations then moving in asap!

First thing to go....the popcorn ceilings....yum...
What's that???
You want a tour???
While sure....follow me right this way....
Our Soon To-Be Beautiful Bathroom....
with the cupboard knobs mounted almost on the floor! LOL!

Brooklyn's Room...
Already fixed it so the door bell doesn't buzz in her room...yes you heard me right! Instead now there is a wonderful chime from 3 big bells when you ring my door's really pretty neat...just not sure I'll like it during nap time...doubt the people ringing my doorbell during nap time will like it either when momma comes to the door! Baaahahahahaaa!

Master/Our Room...
don't you just love the retro look of the orange carpets???
Thought about keeping them....have a "vintage" feel to the house???
You say no??
OK...we'll RIP em' UP just for you!!!! ;)
Boy's Room...
including old fashion telephone and funny shelved closet. ;)

Nice update/recovered cabinets and hardwood/pergo floors...loving all the natural lighting.

 Living area...
Basically brand new wood fireplace and carpet...lots more natural lighting.
 Dinning Room and Play Room...
Living Room and Play Room are one large connected area and form the shape of a right angle or L. The Dinning Room is position right in the corner of the L or right angle with the kitchen on the other side...forming all one large open area.

THE best moving boxes... Taco Times Mexi Fries Boxes...they are FREE and the perfect size! Maybe alittle smaller than the perfect size but still they are awesome!

Can't wait for the before and AFTERS~
Bree and J

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