Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crafty: Lace Frame

Lace Frame How-To

A photograph surrounded by a lace-printed mat is a charming hand-made gift. Here, we coated lightweight lace trim with brown ink, and pressed it against the mat to leave its fragile impression. The gift tag (pictured at bottom left in the photo) was made using the same method.

1. Learn the Lace Printing Technique
2. Carefully apply strips of painters' tape to the four corners of a photo mat, so the edge of the tape runs from the inner corners to the outer corners, enabling you to create a mitered effect. On two sides of the mat, make pencil marks on the tape to serve as guides so you can position the lace in a straight line.
3. Ink the lace and print borders on the two marked sides, using the technique described above. Peel off the tape while the ink is wet. Let dry 30 minutes.
4. Retape the four corners, this time exposing the other two sides of the mat. Repeat the process.
From Martha Stewart

Be Crafty~Bree and J

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This Weeks Pinterest Favorites


Pick you favorites from each board...lets see who picked THE best. A good ol' Jessi vs Bree friendly competition
 to see who has the top pick!
Please comment below on this weeks winner!

It's Your Birthday...Party

Jessi vs Bree


Jessi vs Bree

Healthy Habits

Jessi vs Bree
hahaha! Looks like we are both winners here!


Jessi vs Bree
Sometimes it's scary how much we think alike!!

Photo Opt Ideas

Jessi vs Bree

I'm Hungry

Jessi vs Bree
hmmmm...they BOTH look good to me!

Dear Santa

Jessi vs Bree
Jessi's was my 2nd pic...such a tough one to choose!

Dear Easter Bunny

Jessi vs Bree


Jessi vs Bree

Love to Design

Jessi vs Bree
Funny how it's both them both

Baby Album

Jessi vs Bree
Both are beautiful!

Home Sweet Home

Jessi vs Bree we need to find 2 of for each of us!

Mother's/Father's Day

Mommy vs Mommy
I'm sure any mommy would love either of these for Mother's Day

4th of July

Jessi vs Bree
I know what she'll bring to the 4th of July Party, lol, I'll be bring the same thing!

Be My Valentine

Jessi vs Bree

Giving Thanks

Jessi vs Bree
ok..this one there weren't very many to choose from

Falling for...Fall

Jessi vs Bree

Bounce into...Spring

Jessi vs Bree
LOVE them bad they wouldn't work well together

Winter Wonderland

Jessi vs Bree

Dig In The Dirt...Gardening

I think we both like how this is so smart AND so easy...oh ya and SO CHEAP!

Crazy Kids

Jessi vs Bree

Fun In The Sun...Summer

Jessi vs Bree
Alright Jess...I'll bring my Bubble Refill Station, come over, and sit on your gorgeous outdoor furniture that kids WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON! LOL!
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Jessi and Bree's 10 Favorite Things



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Thrifty Find

 Retro Chair at Goodwill = $7.99
Outdoor Cushions At Walmart = $13.00
$7.99 Chair + $13.00 Cushion = $20.99
Chair Alone Can Be Found On Ebay For $375.00!!!

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Decor At The Patton's




Happy Easter~
Jessi and Bree

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Raising The Wild...Bree's Zoo

("Raising the Wild" is a title for raising our wonderful, sweet, beautiful, crazy, arguing, fighting, helping, loving children. LOL this can be the title for either Jessi or my children)

It's 6:00 AM and my middle son a.k.a "The Baby" (he's a huge momma's boy and THE whinner of the household..has been since the day he was born) woke 5:30...AM! No more than 5 min later his older brother a.k.a. "THE Red Head" came stumbling out.

This is the norm as they share a room and both are early their Daddy...unlike me.

 Our daughter a.k.a. The Princess on the other is very much like me and we both could sleep until well after 9:00 am. :) 

On the weekends my husband and I share "sleep in" days and one day out of my 7 I get the luxury of sleeping in...or just laying there listening to the chaos outside my door.

Waking up so early can have its disadvantages and advanages....but either way it's a way of life at the Metzger Household.

Life in the day of me:

4:30 AM Alarm, coffee, pack up a lunch for the hubby, goodbye kisses, start bloggin (lol)
5:30 Boys up, snack-go gurts, "sit down" "quiet" "you'll go back to bed if..." "quiet" "be nice" "No whinning"
6:00 Boys 1st Breakfast (they wake up so early that usually we have 2 breakfasts)
6:30 Boys: Quiet (ya right) play or Movie, Me: Shower, Coffee, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest, Email, Constant "ssshhh-ing"
7:30 Boys: Each have had average of 5 "Time Outs" by now, 2nd breakfast, arguing, boys showers (if needed)
8:00 Dressed (hopefully..this is the time we aim for...on average we never make it), Brooklyn up.
9:00 Who knows where that hour goes cause the next time I seem to see the clock its after 10 and nothing has been accomplished.
10:00 Work books/color/craft or story time or gymnastics center or Dr Appts or whatever else we have planned
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Preschool Drop off *sigh*, maybe another coffee
1:15 Mommy's Sanity a.k.a NAPS, chores...but who WANTS to do that..I'd rather craft or do ANYTHING else LOL
3:00 Preschool pickup
3:30 Break Time..a.k.a Daddy's home! Acitvity/Outdoor Time with Daddy
5:00 Usually Bradley will crash cause he's exhausted and WOKE UP SO DANG EARLY...UGH...he gets a 20 min nap...enough to give us alittle quiet
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Baths (if needed)
7:00 Jammies, Brush Teeth, Story, Whinning...more whinning...excuses (trying to avoid bed time).
7:30 Bed
7:35 "Go to bed"
7:40 "Mommy said GO to BED"
7:45 "Daddy said GO TO BED!"
7:50 More hugs and kisses and usually now they fall asleep

8:00 .........................quiet.........................................
8:30 Bed Time for us...I usually read for another 30 min (Just started Hunger Games ;) lol)
9:00 Silence
7 1/2 Hours later its starts ALL over AGAIN

One thing I can be thankful for is that they normally do wake up pretty HAPPY! :) 

Thank Goodness for my Kurig~
Bree and J

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Crayon Tip


Wrap your crayons with clear wide
packaging prevent breaking easily.

Thanks to my Taiwanese friend for this genius idea! Pin It

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

School Registration!

While many families have Kindergarten Orientation/Round Up coming up in our community 
we also can't forget about Preschool Registration as well!

Most Preschool's are open for Registration now!!

Why Go To Preschool??
"For many children, preschool is their first experience in a structured setting with teachers and groups of children. It's an opportunity to learn to share, follow instructions and begin the foundation for learning that will occur in elementary school."
"As kindergarten becomes more academic, many parents look to preschool to launch their child on the path to success in school."
(Great Schools)

I personally want to be able to give my child the best start in education and I know I cannot help him Academically thrive at home. I am fine taking on the role of mommy, planner, nurse, disciplinary, chef, maid, etc...but teaching academics just isn't my thing and I don't want to be responsible for ruining my child's education! LOL! I'll help...but I just don't wanna be the "teacher". 

My oldest son's birthday is right after the cut off and being a boy I am glad he will be "held back". Being so I felt he was craving more than what our learning books could do for him at home. At the age of 3 he went to a "3's Preschool" class. The 3's class was only once a week and was perfect. 
When he started the 3's Class that was the only one around that I knew of...thank goodness I LOVED the school and teachers. I now am seeing many, many more options available for earlier education, like a 3's preschool class.
At the age of 4 he started at a local preschool (we moved away from the other one) he is in the 3/4 class where he has excelled! Next year he will move to their 4/5 class or "PreK" class. 
Most parents only enroll their children in a PreK type class. There is no need for the other classes but I feel personally they have helped my son significantly. I would say he's pretty smart and taking so many preschool classes has significantly helped him, where I couldn't. But I feel he needs the interaction with other children and "following the rules" more than anything. He is very..spirited...may have something to do with being a red head! LOL!

While choosing a preschool I looked for a comfortable environment. Did I like the teacher? Did my son? Was my son comfortable there? What is there curriculum? Rules and regulations? Safety and Security? Pricing is a huge thing as well.

Whatever works for your family and budget I highly recommend that you enroll your child into preschool to start their education off on a good foot. Some preschools also offer scholarships as well as some school districts working with the state offer an "Eceap" program that offers preschool to income eligible families. For information on early childhood educational programs search online for your local area and state. For Washington State: 

Photo's of our Preschool Days
First Day 2011

First Day 2011
Me too, me too

Bradley and his Teacher

Christmas Party

Squeezing all 3 preschoolers in...... worked! Yay!

On our way to class

Ally checking in her name

Fire Dept Field Trip

Fire Dept Field Trip
Happy School Days~
Bree and J

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