Thursday, March 29, 2012

Raising The Wild...Bree's Zoo

("Raising the Wild" is a title for raising our wonderful, sweet, beautiful, crazy, arguing, fighting, helping, loving children. LOL this can be the title for either Jessi or my children)

It's 6:00 AM and my middle son a.k.a "The Baby" (he's a huge momma's boy and THE whinner of the household..has been since the day he was born) woke 5:30...AM! No more than 5 min later his older brother a.k.a. "THE Red Head" came stumbling out.

This is the norm as they share a room and both are early their Daddy...unlike me.

 Our daughter a.k.a. The Princess on the other is very much like me and we both could sleep until well after 9:00 am. :) 

On the weekends my husband and I share "sleep in" days and one day out of my 7 I get the luxury of sleeping in...or just laying there listening to the chaos outside my door.

Waking up so early can have its disadvantages and advanages....but either way it's a way of life at the Metzger Household.

Life in the day of me:

4:30 AM Alarm, coffee, pack up a lunch for the hubby, goodbye kisses, start bloggin (lol)
5:30 Boys up, snack-go gurts, "sit down" "quiet" "you'll go back to bed if..." "quiet" "be nice" "No whinning"
6:00 Boys 1st Breakfast (they wake up so early that usually we have 2 breakfasts)
6:30 Boys: Quiet (ya right) play or Movie, Me: Shower, Coffee, Facebook, Blog, Pinterest, Email, Constant "ssshhh-ing"
7:30 Boys: Each have had average of 5 "Time Outs" by now, 2nd breakfast, arguing, boys showers (if needed)
8:00 Dressed (hopefully..this is the time we aim for...on average we never make it), Brooklyn up.
9:00 Who knows where that hour goes cause the next time I seem to see the clock its after 10 and nothing has been accomplished.
10:00 Work books/color/craft or story time or gymnastics center or Dr Appts or whatever else we have planned
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Preschool Drop off *sigh*, maybe another coffee
1:15 Mommy's Sanity a.k.a NAPS, chores...but who WANTS to do that..I'd rather craft or do ANYTHING else LOL
3:00 Preschool pickup
3:30 Break Time..a.k.a Daddy's home! Acitvity/Outdoor Time with Daddy
5:00 Usually Bradley will crash cause he's exhausted and WOKE UP SO DANG EARLY...UGH...he gets a 20 min nap...enough to give us alittle quiet
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Baths (if needed)
7:00 Jammies, Brush Teeth, Story, Whinning...more whinning...excuses (trying to avoid bed time).
7:30 Bed
7:35 "Go to bed"
7:40 "Mommy said GO to BED"
7:45 "Daddy said GO TO BED!"
7:50 More hugs and kisses and usually now they fall asleep

8:00 .........................quiet.........................................
8:30 Bed Time for us...I usually read for another 30 min (Just started Hunger Games ;) lol)
9:00 Silence
7 1/2 Hours later its starts ALL over AGAIN

One thing I can be thankful for is that they normally do wake up pretty HAPPY! :) 

Thank Goodness for my Kurig~
Bree and J

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