Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crafty: Lace Frame

Lace Frame How-To

A photograph surrounded by a lace-printed mat is a charming hand-made gift. Here, we coated lightweight lace trim with brown ink, and pressed it against the mat to leave its fragile impression. The gift tag (pictured at bottom left in the photo) was made using the same method.

1. Learn the Lace Printing Technique
2. Carefully apply strips of painters' tape to the four corners of a photo mat, so the edge of the tape runs from the inner corners to the outer corners, enabling you to create a mitered effect. On two sides of the mat, make pencil marks on the tape to serve as guides so you can position the lace in a straight line.
3. Ink the lace and print borders on the two marked sides, using the technique described above. Peel off the tape while the ink is wet. Let dry 30 minutes.
4. Retape the four corners, this time exposing the other two sides of the mat. Repeat the process.
From Martha Stewart

Be Crafty~Bree and J

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