Friday, March 23, 2012


Indoor Planter
(30-45 minute craft)

~Any sort of Jar (I used a salsa jar)
~Paper: Scrapbook paper, photo, collage of photos, childs art, etc
~Scissors, edge cutter
~Mod Podge
~Hot Glue gun
~Rocks or gravel (pre washed)
~Soil or dirt

1.Clean Jars (basically just peel label off, I left sticky residue on, and clean inside) Choose paper you want and cut.
Measure paper for cutting, about a 1/4" from where jar starts to curve in, do this on BOTH top and bottom of jar. Make piece large enough to cover a large portion of middle of jar. (in my case I had to make it large enough to cover the sticky residue from Salsa label)
2. Hot glue one edge of paper to jar. (make sure to wrap paper around ,BEFORE pressing down to glue, to make sure both ends of piece will line up.)

3. Hot glue along edge of paper to "seal" the seem. This is not the other end of paper. It is the top and bottom edge of paper. (I tried a few different ways, but most effective was glueing on the very edge on the INSIDE of paper.) Only glue an inch on each side at a time, other wise your glue will dry and harden.
Make sure also as you do this that you are keeping paper taught so ends will still line up and you wont get a gap between jar and paper. This will help protect from water dripping down on the inside of paper.
4. Hot Glue other END of paper (you may need to trim end), if you glued the first edge correctly in step 2 these should come pretty close to lining up. After you have excess hot glue from doing the seem just gently peel away with your nail. Careful not to scratch or rip paper.
5. Mod Podge (I used my finger, you can use any type of brush or tool you prefer) I found best to do about an inch at a time and when needed add more Mod Podge 1/2" below where more was needed and worked my way up. You can always add more but adding more to wet Mod Podge is better than to somewhat dried. Then go back along top and bottom edge (over where you hot glue gunned the seem)

6. Plant: Once Mod Podge is dry add your rocks or washed gravel. For a 4" jar I place about 1" of rocks. This is to aid in drainage of soil. 

After rocks add your soil/dirt. (do not fill to the top, you need to leave room for your seeds) Read your seed package and see how deep to plant seeds. After seeds are placed cover with more soil. Than WATER. I planted flower seeds so I also watered with fertilizer.

And Your DONE! Make sure to place in warm area with some sun. Water as seed packet recommends.

Keep Crafting~
Bree & J

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