Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Years Resolution

SO.... I'm not sure all of you know this but I was/am a personal trainer. I worked at Bally's up until I had my daughter about a year ago. I love teaching classes the most...usually because it's more fun, less expensive for people and you gain friendships that can turn into a support system.
Since having my daughter I am now a full time stay at home mommy and blogger to you. LOL.

How did I become a personal trainer...
After giving birth to my middle child I weighed right about 180ish (and I'm 5'1")....and LOOKED horrible. I joined a gym near our house and arranged a workout plan. With my membership I got a free "assessment" I don't already know I'm out of shape... and a free personal training session as well. They were both a joke, my trainer was more out of shape than me and I just didn't feel I even needed his help...a little practice less preach mister. LOL. SO i just started reading up on things, workouts and figuring things out on my own. I'm a researcher....when i was pregnant I read every book, nursing, natural birth, and now personal training. A few people started asking for my help. I along with others were seeing results from my efforts. SO I got my text books and studied. Bally's hired me without being certified and I became a certified Bally's trainer shortly after. In a matter of less than 5 months I lost 50 lbs. That was going to the gym 5-6 days a week for 1-2 hours a day and eating right.

When I found out we were pregnant with our daughter I decided to splurge a little (after being SO strict for SO long).... turning into ALOT. HAHAHA! I craved sweets and desserts and donuts all the time!!! But no big deal I'll work it off after words....RIGHT?!?!?! I worked out all through my pregnancy but after I gave birth I couldn't bring all the kids to gym with me and I HATE doing it at home so I am now kicking it into gear yet AGAIN to loose Brooklyn's baby weight a year after her birth! LOL! I gained back 30 lbs and had wanted to lose 15 more lbs before pregnancy so my journey will total out to 45lbs and/or a good healthy/fit level.

The whole point in this post is I hope you will join me in my weight loss battle and follow along with the posts. Posts will include tips, training routines, healthy food/snack options, dieting tools, ideas, helpful hints and much more straight from a (fat) personal trainer! LOL! Posts will begin next week! Blog series will be called  "The Healthy Housewife".

Here are some tools you should have before you start.
Find out how many calories you need to consume each day to: maintain or loose your weight. Here is a great Calorie Calculator to figure out your daily caloric intake.
After you figure out how many calories you need to consume each day you can use "My Fitness Pal" this is no scheme or fade. It's just as system of recording what you eat (each amount of calories per item) and your exercise info. You can download this app onto your smart phone and even scan bar codes for nutrition info on food items. I'm not into diet pills, drink, drops, or any other "aid" in weight loss. I feel eating right and exercising is the best and healthiest for overall health and long term fitness and weight management. You want gotta work for it!

You have a weekend of free eating and being a lazy a** (LOL) and then we begin~
Bree and J

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo of the Day

Brooklyn's First Photo Shoot

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Brooklyn's Room: In Progress...Mod Podge Fabric Initials

Super Simple and Fun Craft
What you need:
Mod Podge
Razor Blade or Razor Knife
Paint Brush (optional, I have used my finger before...but this gets messy!)

 Add a light layer of mod podge onto letter, if your using card board letters apply an even lighter coat. The purpose of this is to just hold down the fabric while you mod podge over it. Applying a thick layer may cause the card board to get soggy...this can even happen with the wood letters. Make sure to check the quality of each letter before purchase.
 Place fabric onto letter. If you have a pattern make sure you line it up or keep the fabrics design in mind.
 Add a good (thick) layer over fabric. Make sure to extend mod podge over the edges a tiny bit but don't leave a lip or too much excess on edge.
 Then I used the razor knife to cut along edges, make sure to take your time so you don't have an edge that starts to fray. Don't worry, if you do just add alittle mod podge over the area. I applied a light layer of mod podge to all edges after cutting but this isn't necessary. 
I also added an extra layer of fabric because my fabric was white and with only one layer it was alittle see threw. This all depends on fabric and letter your using.

I think I may add one m ore little hoop at the bottom of the right green one but still not sure...need to find the little hoop first but would love any feedback and what you think...
Yes add one more little hoop or no it looks great!

(its also really hard to see but the wall color is yellow and the white letters do stand out a bit more. Better pics to come with final viewing of her room!!!)
To view tutorial on the hoop decor follow this link: Brooklyn's Room: In Progress...Hoop Decor.
Hoop Fantastic~
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Easy 4th Of July Decor

 Star banner - cut from tag board and sprinkled with glitter.
 Red Star Apple Stamp on White Burlap Garland.
 Stars and Strips Wreath by Blog: Capitol B
 4th of July Fireworks Pom Poms by Martha Stewart
 Pin Wheels in Sand for your Front Entrance
 Medallions by Martha Stewart
Firework Garland by Simplified Bee Blog

Start Decorating 4th is NEXT week~
Bree and J

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Brooklyn's Room: In Progress...Hoop Decor

By using embroidery hoops you can simply add fabric to create a beautiful design for your wall.
 Pick your fabrics and gather your hoops. I wanted a mixture of hoop sizes. Smaller ones are hard to find. Goodwill is always an inexpensive place to find them sometimes.
 Iron your fabric.
 Place hoop to get an idea of where to place bottom hoop. You want to make sure you leave a good 1 1/2" because when you press down the top hoop the fabric will shorten up on the sides.
 Place your bottom hoop under the fabric.
 Then press down the top hoop and tighten the ring so its secure.
 After it's tightened, trim the sides for easier handling.
 Glue the sides of fabric, I used hot glue but I've seen where people use Elmers.
 Press down fabric on glued edge.
This is what it looks like after all fabric is glued. You can then go back around and trim up more. 
Then hang in whatever way you like. The space in the middle of hoops will have her initials going down diagonally. 

Have a Hoopy Day~ LOL
Bree and J

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ikea or Bust

Yesterday's trip was awesome and a bummer at the same time.  It was my first to have all three kids be able to play at Smaland and since we are members of Ikea's Family, they got an extra 30 minutes to play.  That was pure bliss!  Looking at wine glasses without the whine is wonderful!  The bust part was not finding what I was hoping for. 

Smaland is awesome for my kids!
When we were moving into our home, we were approached by the brother of the lady who lived here and offered first dibs on a mid century style hutch.  Of course I got it and it happily lived in the living room for 3 years.  I use to store kid toys in the bottom part until the darling children discovered that they could CLIMB into it.  Since my china was in the top hutch part, I could just imagine the whole thing crashing down and being just a bad idea!  I swapped out the bottom for a old dresser and that worked but I pretty much just fell out of love with the whole thing and off to the garage sale it all went. 

The top, so cluttered!
 I filled the "hole" in the living room with a desk that I had re-done last year but I need shelves to hold all the stuff that use to be on top of the hutch.  I think I want the Lack wall shelves in black-brown but of course they were out of stock (grrrr) even though I checked before I left.  I also was thinking that I wanted some in white for my bathroom but they are too long for the space so basically I'm back to square one.  I did get a few things though, AA batteries, chalk, watering can, bag clips, new kitchen sink brushes and Kex biscuits.

The desk in the "hole" right now!
 I think I'm out growing Ikea, which I hate to say because I love going there but I'm finding that I'm drawn to better quality furniture.  I'm on the hunt for a taller hutch, a better console table (with storage) and maybe a coffee table (also with storage).

via Pinterest, floor to ceiling hutch!
I've loved the Hemnes series but in the store they are so rickety.  I need something more substantial so I'm not constantly worried that when the herd of children come through, my dishes won't end up on the floor. 
Hemnes Hutch
 Luckily it's the start of summer and there will be lots of yard sales happening!
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Bachelorette Week 7 Recap

The gang is in Progue...I've been waiting all week to see what is going on with Arie and ex girlfriend whom also is a producer on the SHOW! is a small world but also alittle like a set up to me. We shall see! And 2 guys are going home tonight! Only 4 move on to hometowns which is next episode! We are getting down there ladies! Here we go!
Arie has the first date card, being the first one on one date. They start their date, walking through Progue but the funny thing is Emily knows about the ex girl friend but Arie doesnt know she does. They rube the loyalty dog and she tells him to do it twice! BAaaahahahaa! She is funny sometimes. I'm guessing the relationship is no big deal but the secret is or not being open with her is the real problem. Production interview was alittle odd, but I got the jist of what Emily was wanting to say, she just couldnt find a real way to say it. And then their date just gets weird and okward. Chris Harrison (the host) comes back on and talks more about the past relationship and infoms us all that the ex, Emily and Arie sat down (off film...DANG) and discussed it and it ended up not being a big deal in the end. LAME! I guess I wanted more drama out of it. But Arie is winning me over more and more and I am happy they worked it out and Emily is so smitten by him. I have a feeling he'll be the one at the end (well thats how I feel now anyway) lol. Arie then professes his love and the night ends like a fairytale...except she has 5 other boyfrinds back at the hotel freaking out about the next date card. It arrives with Johns name on it and Chris is pissed, I dont see why John is really still here but lets see what their date has in store for them.
On Emily and Johns one on one date things are SLOW moving but it picks up in a funny tone when their Eternal Love Lock doesnt lock shut! LMAO! NOT a good sign! Back at the guys' hotel Chris is freaking out more and more and I have a feeling either Doug or him will get the last one on one date...if Chirs doesnt get it I'm not sure how he'll handle it. I am thinking Doug will get the date seeing as she has some unaswered feelings towards Doug. Poor Chris!
Finishing off the one on one with John closing it with a kiss that I just didnt see any spark in. He is a super sweet guy though.
Previews come for after commercial break and you basically figure out that Doug and Chris at least are on the group date and Chris seems to be none the happy about it! And Sean goes running through the streets of Progue in search for his love! Where is a guy like Sean in the real world??? LOL!
Date card date...Sean ("ugh")....Doug ("ugh")...Chris("oh geeze").....Little Jeffy gets the last one on one though...he wasn't complaining and throwing a fit and he got it! LOL.

Sean leaves knowing Emily is close, cause she dropped off John,....looking for Emily. He runs through the streets at night calling out her name over and over and he finds her....melts my heart! Sean is so sweet. And so romantic! You go Sean!

Previews come for after commercial and your kinda given the feeling of Chris being very overbearing and controlling. Seems like he kind of confronts Emily...bad move dude. But men don't know how to shove their feelings down and bury them for a long time like women do. BAHhhhaaahahaa!
On the group date Doug doesn't make a move AGAIN and I feel like this is the end for him. Doug NEEDS to be the next Bachelor! I don't feel the chemistry is there, he's so genuine and sweet and they just don't make them that way anymore. It's hard to find a Doug. PLEEEEASE let him be the Bachelor next season!!! Sorry Doug, but chin up your going to see your son!
Wrapping up the group date turned two on one Chris gets his time with Emily but it's alittle to late for this rose because I think what Sean did the night before really stood out in Emily's mind. I just hope he can gather his feelings and really show her he wants this and wants her and stop being so jealous before she hands out the roses and sends him home.
Jef's one on one was great! He is really awesome even with his funkyness! I love it! And it was so sweet how he went and grabbed a Ricky doll for their puppets. And then their little puppet play was hillarious and then turned romantic. Jef your great! I loved their little talk laying on the floor in the library...its so easy and fun and they just seem to fit. The funky guy and the beautiful women. The geek and the goddess! LOL!

Chris and John are basically a toss up and I feel John is playing Chris acting like he has this in the bag. Chris is also more understanding of how things went and REALLY wants to make things right and better! I hope he can do it cause I want Chris going to home towns. OH NO...Emily decides to go straight to the rose ceremony without giving the guys a chance to talk with her...Chirs is going to freak! AND then John just gets is alittle cocky...really?!?! John please go home, Chris PLEEEEEASE pull it off!
She comes out and talks to the guys and Chris is jittering and freaking the last moment he speaks up and asks to talk to her. He confesses his feelings and he just says that he couldn't go one moment more without her just knowing how he felt. She ends up giving him the last rose, which I feel he was going to get all along anyway. John seems surprised but America isn't. The night is short and previews are up for next week. I have a feeling that Sean running after the car is to tell her that he really loves her. I am super pleased with the top 4 guys eventhough they weren't my original picks and I even didn't even give Arie a chance. Emily seems to be very emotional next week and I am very curious to see who will go home. Now it gets really hard! They are all great guys and I find myself torn between Arie, Sean and Jef. To see my original top 4 picks follow this link, The Bachelorette, My top 4 Picks

Till next week~
Bree and J

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Weekend finds!

Our First Stop....Funky Junk Sisters
The girls are ready to go!....And then Evie fell asleep mere minutes after we arrived...LOL!
Love how they display a scene...but usually everything is for sale!
 Had to try on this hat...I thought it was ADORABLE!!!
 Isn't this trunk COOL! Tag on it says NFS though....bummer!
 Nifty ribbon holder...and they had designed it so the rods don't move around. Going to be doing this!
 Here is what I got at the Junk Show....
Here is what I'm doing so far with my 2 curtain rod holder/sconce thingys....added some yellow to distressing them!
Jessi got the awesome letters but she didn't find the A. She spent $10 at the junk show.

Later in the weekend Jessi found this organizer/cubby thing at a garage sale. I am jealous!!!! LOVE the color! 

 On Sunday we went (separately) to the Farm House Sale. It was so great cause the lady running the sale almost just knew who I was because Jeesi and her had talked for over an hour! LOL! Love meeting knew people just like us! Hahahaa!
Here is what Jessi found....hoops, jars O buttons, Apple and that cool cart....thinking shes going to be painting the cart red. :)
She spent $25 total!
Here is what I found...
Step stool/sitting stool for kids for shoe area by door.
 Silver plate for my cupcake stand

Thank goodness for garage sale earnings~
Bree and J

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