Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Photo of the day

I really hadn't want to call a picture I found funny or a HAD to share moment..."Photo of the day" but i see no other way of calling it. Boo. If you have any suggestions on a different name please feel free to share and comment below. 

Photo of the day: (last week)
While taking photos of my kids I snapped this one. 
Braeden (on the right) farted. No big deal to him....though I find it hilarious that even my 11 month old daughter, Brooklyn, looked at him with a face of disgust!
"YOU farted...sitting right NEXT to me! UGH...your SOOOO gross!" is what I could imagine her 9 year old self saying to her icky boy brother! LOL! 
Bradley, on the left, just thought it was HILARIOUS while he covered his nose. 

Love me some photos~
Bree and J
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