Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Brooklyn's Room: In Progress...Hoop Decor

By using embroidery hoops you can simply add fabric to create a beautiful design for your wall.
 Pick your fabrics and gather your hoops. I wanted a mixture of hoop sizes. Smaller ones are hard to find. Goodwill is always an inexpensive place to find them sometimes.
 Iron your fabric.
 Place hoop to get an idea of where to place bottom hoop. You want to make sure you leave a good 1 1/2" because when you press down the top hoop the fabric will shorten up on the sides.
 Place your bottom hoop under the fabric.
 Then press down the top hoop and tighten the ring so its secure.
 After it's tightened, trim the sides for easier handling.
 Glue the sides of fabric, I used hot glue but I've seen where people use Elmers.
 Press down fabric on glued edge.
This is what it looks like after all fabric is glued. You can then go back around and trim up more. 
Then hang in whatever way you like. The space in the middle of hoops will have her initials going down diagonally. 

Have a Hoopy Day~ LOL
Bree and J

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