Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Campfire Celebration

***The line up of candles. Campfire has a very long tradition of ceremonial candles that are individually lite and extinguished throughout the ceremony each representing a special meaning. A few being the candle of work, health and love.

Patiently waiting for the ceremony to begin. I was really in awe at how well all out kids did. They were very patient and respectful. (despite a few arguments and a little rock throwing) 

Walking around the fire (safely) for their ceremony of moving up.
All our kids were in Little Stars, ages preschool or 3-5. 
They graduated up to Starflight, Kindergarten-2nd grade, now they will get their traditional vest! Hooray! Great job kiddos!
 The "STAR" in Starflight has very special meaning:
"Service To Another Rewards"

 Bradley walking over the bridge, passing from one (Little Stars) to another (Starflight).
Great job sweetie!!!!

And here my phone ruined a BEAUTIFUL picture when you enlarge it and Jessi forgot her camera :(
Here is Evie with her mommy (Jessi) after she walked over the bridge and moved up to Starflight....proud mommy!
Jessi was also the host/speaker for the event, she did a wonderful job!

Jessi was given a few pins for special recognition for the service she puts in, volunteer hours, how long shes been a campfire member and all the great she does! She not only is the leader of our Little Starflight group but she also co-leads another group of older girls. Yaaa....she's pretty awesome!

 It was a wonderful ceremony filled with great company and recognizing our kids for doing a great job! I can speak for both Jessi and I when I say we can not wait to see what wonderful thinks we can do this coming year with our Starflight group!

If you would like to learn more about Campfire USA, Donate or join Campfire USA...its for girls AND boys, please follow this link to

Organizations are great for your kids~
Bree and J

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