Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bachelorette Week 6

Croatia watch out.
Doug seems to be growing distant to me...so I'm already worry about him!
Travis is first up for the one on one date. The setting is beautiful, doing alittle street walking and I lOVE how they just in the street started dancing. Not every man would do that.

During their date the touch back on the "guys"...oh Ryan....I have a feeling about you...latrely all the previous bachelors/bachelorettes have been picking the wrongs one at the end. Too bad he wasnt SO cute! OHHH did anyone else think that the white tight tank top he was wearing during the "guy" talk made him look alittle womanly...like he had boobs! Baaahahahaha!
Drumroll please.....group date card is here...who ever is NOT on the card has the 2nd one on one...aaaaand its RYAN with the "win"

Back to Travis' date. So far I dont see the romance side. Then she grabs the rose...i am feeling like shes sending him home...holding my breathe here......and she did, the right choice though, but I really hope this was able to help him open up and now he's ready to find someone else. His tears were the first tears I feel were genuine and honest. Sorry Travis.

Onto the group date and I'm already worrying about Doug just based on the commercials. LOL....the guys arrive and 4 out of the 6 guys are wearing plaid shirts....matchy matchy..did you think they planed that! Hahahahaaa! After watching the movie "Brave" the guys will be competing in their own highland games....in kilts! LOL! First of all I love how they like to embarrass the guys just like how they like to get the girls on the Bachelor into bikinis. And I'm sorry....who rides donkeys into battle....REALLY! Croatia I'm thinking you didnt win too many battles! I'm really liking Chris more and more! He's so cute! Arie for being/looking a little like a weekling did very well I thought in the highland games! Doug is RIPPED thats for sure! I agree with Emily...Sean looked pretty good....and he broke his log! LOL! Poor Chris, dont be a poor sport, doesn't mean your going home...AND look you WON the bravest cup of all! See good guys dont finish last! Jef, Arie, Sean and Chris are definatly standing out more and more. Now they are having the romantic setting of the group date and Arie steals the show....OH Arie....your so romantic....you totally planned that kiss against the wall perfectly! Any woman right now is swooning over that! And Chris gets the group date rose....I feel more and more that he is kinda super shy which is kinda really cute! He doesn't know he has the looks and I love that. Not like Ryan....Ryan is oh so ugh....all the "Ryanessence" your shoving down my throat I wanna gag Ryan. GET OVER YOURSELF! Can he please just go home now...no date needed...but here we go one on one date with Ryan....
Ryan looks like he's going on his date in pj's...oooook! LOVED how the guys were totally bashing him after he left! SO FUNNY! I don't think Ryan is pulling a one over on Emily...she knows who he is but he can also be very sweet...but maybe he is just THAT good. But I go back and forth hourly too on him Emily....or minutly. He is so gentlemanly too....how can you not appriciate that! OOOhhhh no here comes the paper out from Ryan...last time he did this was a 7 page love letter for her that NEVER ended.....here's the ROSE...is he going home....it looks like it....she's not giving him the rose but he's fighting for it...now its getting pitiful....just go home...your making it so much worse Ryan....

OH NO....commercial break at the WRONG, WORST, HORRIBLE MOMENT..... shes gonna give it to him i can feel it...bahhhhhhh! Why would they show the guys talking about him, well at least I think it was him, when if he doesn't go home there would be no need to show that.....AHHHH its back on...

And Ladies Ryan GOES HOME!!!!! Ya, Ryan your a "loser"...come on really dude? Also was crakin up on the fact that Ryan thinks the guys back at the hotel will miss him and he'll see them again..like they love him and back at the hotel they are celebrating that the a-hole is gone! LMAO!

Arie sneaks out and gets an intimate chance to hang out with Emily and chat and kiss in her bed...thinking he'll be going to the end...to #2. I think i may have been wrong about him. He's so sweet!

Rose Ceremony is here and I have a feeling that Doug will go home cause John really pulled something out of a bag or should I saw wallet (lol) and brought me to tears. Poor Doug...get some Ryan in you and get alittle cocky and confidant and make some MOVES! Dammit why didn't you just GRAB her and KISS her Doug... sorry man...your going home. :( Oh man...him missing his son is so heart wrenching too...breaks my heart. BUT Doug if you do go home I want to see you be the next Bachelor!!! You deserve LOVE! Commercial break is here and I'm thinking she wont give out last rose and that will mean Doug and John (i think) will both be going home and then that automatically brings it to 4 men left....wow! Things could move fast! Oh by the way her dress is gorgeous! I want it!!!
AHHHHHHHH......an extra ROSE!!!! I was happily wrong!
LOVE you Emily! They all stay! Doug you better get it together man!
And we're off to Progue. Next week on the Bachelorette....It almost looks like every or alot of the guys get a one on one but I doubt it. John seems to get alittle more cozy, Chris feels he made a wrong move or said something...he seems to think it may affect her decision differently at the rose ceremony enough that he asks to take her aside and talk with her....I think he really already loves her alot. ARIE, ARIE, ARIE....just when you were growing on me and I said you'd be final 2 there's something that comes up with a previous relationship with one of the shows producers....hmmmm....its a small world or maybe it's a planned thing to get more attention to the show...here is the really big drama we've been waiting for! Sorry Arie....at this point in time I think she's head over heels for you but you may be going home....shaddy isn't the way to be. LOL.
Can't wait for next week already~
Bree and J

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