Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Schools Out: Cupcake Sundae's

This is our last week of Preschool, thought we would celebrate with some special treats for our amazing wonderful and caring teachers and the kiddos!
A soon to be feature here on Farm House Sisters will be Sweets Cupcakery, she did a fantastic job on our cupcakes for the end of the year! So sad schools almost the crazy summer months begin!!!
 Sundae tutorial from Alicia at Sweets Cupcakery to come soon! Awesome idea for a summer sundae party!!

Thank you so, SO, SOOOO very much to our wonderful teachers whom have helped nurture and care for our children all school year long....aka we know you are super awesome....but thanks for dealing with our crazy monsters ALLLLLLL YEEEAAARRRR LOOOOOONG! Enjoy YOUR summer break as well!!!
3/4's Class
Mr. Stu and Bradley
4/5's Class
Mrs. Deena and Coach Jenny

I LOVE sweets and our Sweet Teachers~    (I know, I know...I'm so corny sometimes!)
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