Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Front Step Demo

The new house had a funky step that the elderly gentleman had put in to help him make the 2-step transition a little easier....but it looked FUNKY and was ageing. SO we pulled it out!

Before-ish picture.
Step One:
Hammer and Pry Bar
Step two:
Half of it was rotted out so we used the hammer to break up the pieces. Bradley was thrilled to get involved and use a REAL hammer to help daddy!
Step Three:
We weren't sure how the front part was nails, screws, nothing so to investigate further my husband got the skill saw out and cut everything off from where cement step was at on.
We soon realized that whomever put in the step GLUED the wood to the cement....MORE "FUN"!
Step Four:
After he pryed the piece off my husband had to then get to work out chiseling off the glue and pieces of wood remaining. Took FOREVER! And we still need to get some stripper to take the rest off.
Step Five:
Oh YES...forgot to mention that they also nailed the bottom pieces in all four corners INTO the cement...."brilliant" idea....but when you don't want something to MAKE sure that it WONT move! LOL! Husband had to grind off massive nails.
AFTER step was out!
So much better!

Glad step demo was done....but soon realized that anything "added" onto house after the fact was done in a ...."different" manner than you might expect. MAKE it work!

Just checked the step demo off the
Bree and J
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