Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend finds!

Our First Stop....Funky Junk Sisters
The girls are ready to go!....And then Evie fell asleep mere minutes after we arrived...LOL!
Love how they display a scene...but usually everything is for sale!
 Had to try on this hat...I thought it was ADORABLE!!!
 Isn't this trunk COOL! Tag on it says NFS though....bummer!
 Nifty ribbon holder...and they had designed it so the rods don't move around. Going to be doing this!
 Here is what I got at the Junk Show....
Here is what I'm doing so far with my 2 curtain rod holder/sconce thingys....added some yellow paint...now to distressing them!
Jessi got the awesome letters but she didn't find the A. She spent $10 at the junk show.

Later in the weekend Jessi found this organizer/cubby thing at a garage sale. I am jealous!!!! LOVE the color! 

 On Sunday we went (separately) to the Farm House Sale. It was so great cause the lady running the sale almost just knew who I was because Jeesi and her had talked for over an hour! LOL! Love meeting knew people just like us! Hahahaa!
Here is what Jessi found....hoops, jars O buttons, Apple and that cool cart....thinking shes going to be painting the cart red. :)
She spent $25 total!
Here is what I found...
Step stool/sitting stool for kids for shoe area by door.
 Silver plate for my cupcake stand

Thank goodness for garage sale earnings~
Bree and J

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