Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kindergarten Countdown: 6 days

Top 15 Things Every Child Should Know Before Entering Kindergarten
from Enumclaw School District print-out.
  1. Be able to state first and last name when asked.
  2. Be able to write first name with first letter upper case and remaining letters lower case.
  3. Use appropriate three-finger grasp when using writing instruments (pencils, crayons, and scissors).
  4. Count to at least thirty and tell what number comes before or after a given number to 20.
  5. Know all letters in first name.
  6. Identify basic geometric shapes (triangle, circle, square, rectangle, oval, rhombus (diamond), and heart.
  7. Know basic colors (red, blue, green yellow, orange, black, white, brown, and pink).
  8. Identify numbers 1-10 in random order.
  9. Make most letter/sound matches.
  10. Identify most upper and lower case letters.
  11. Use finger to accurately touch count items to 10.
  12. Knows concept of print (front and back of books, which page comes first, track words left to right).
  13. Be able to rhyme words.
  14. Retells simple stories in sequence.
  15. When given a word ("man") and a beginning sound ("f"), creates the familiar word ("fan").
Another few things your kids should know are your phone number and address!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kindergarten Countdown: 7 days

With seven days to go, I thought we'd talk a little about lunches.
Via Pinterest
Evie will have lunch at school twice a month.  Our district has early release on Fridays so the half day kindergartens attend every other all day.  I think that's just perfect for us.  It gives Evie the opportunity to go all day and have lunch in the cafetiera.  She's not huge into crowds lol.
Enumclaw School District
We are going to try school lunches first.  They have a decent menu full of healthy options including a salad bar.  I grew up on school lunches.  To this day, I will pick a "hot" lunch over a "cold" lunch!  Also I don't want to forget to send her with lunchbox the first few weeks.
During the rest of the week, I still have Jack of course, so I'll be feeding two kids.  Last year I started making my own menu to help me be more organized.  Having something preset helps me "decide" what to have and keeps me on budget when grocery shopping.
I made up my menu in Excel the numbers are the dates.  I take my menu with me when I shop so I can make sure the expiration dates will match up with the dates I plan to use the item.  Most stuff does easy because it's canned but sometimes I also need to plan on lunch for a bunch of kids or stuff to pack if we are going to the park for a playdate or having a playdate at my house.  You'd have a hard time making chicken nuggets without an oven. :)    I use Thursday as an open day too, but really any day is tradeable.  I also change up the sides with fresh in-season fruits.  Sometimes I try new things, special salads or different way of preparing but generally they like these things. 
Each kid as their own pickyness, Ally doesn't care for carrots, Evie doesn't care for cheese, and Jack will make himself puke over chicken soup.  If Evie and Ally want a cookie or treat, they must eat their carrots and cheese.  Jack just gets a whole pb and J sandwich (the girls usually do halves) with no soup. You got to pick your battles.  It's not like it's weird soup either, just plain ol' Campbells.  What can you do? lol.  We drink a lot of milk and water all day.
What do you do for lunch?
Milk bubbles and orange slices,
Jessi and B
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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quote of the day

Still having a hard time with the first part~
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Ladies Night!!!!

Saturday night the ladies took me OUT but we headed back IN for way more fun!!!
We started out at my house with a drink before we left, headed to Hop Jacks for Dinner and more drinks, then back home for games and fun!
If you know me I'm not a "drinker" nor do I EVER "go out". So this was a very nice treat, especially because it fell on a childless weekend :(

Highlights of the evening:

1) The CRAZED fantasy football gentleman league sitting near us. They had taken over an entire corner of the bar and had a projector displayed onto the wall with rankings and stats. The stacks of paper, head rubbing and friendly bickering was very entertaining. I hear you can make a lot of moola doing this but I'm not sure about how "sane" these particular men were.

2) Watching Jessi scuffle out of the bar with her adorable cute but yet sexy high a** heels!

3) All of us ladies piling into a MINIVAN...where did the days of a limo go?? Well that's a sacrifice you make when you have kids I guess! Cause that minivan is the SH*T!!! ;)

4) Stopping off at QFC so Katie could get a milky way but all of us walking out with Cereal, a Lemon Bar, Smarties, Licorice, Hot Tamales, Laffy Taffy's (mainly for the stupid jokes) and god knows what else....

5) Playing the "Smart A**" Game which really makes you feel like a DUMB A**!!! AND who the HELL cuts their forehead on a "Smart A**" game piece???? Ya ME...this FOOL right here!

6) Deciding to make "Drunkin' Gummi Bears BUT not knowing the hard could it be?!?!?!

7) Playing "I've Never...." THEN putting a spin on the game and writing out the worst things we've done or could think of and adding it to a bin and drawing them out in place of "I Never...." THEN things got real fun!!! LMAO! (I displayed the more innocent ones, LOL)

8) When someone could turn anything we're talking about into something inappropriate and dirty....LMAO! Where were our MINDS! I guess busy mommy's and housewives need to have some FUN once in awhile!!! =D

9) AND of coarse the girl talk!

10) Best of all!! Having my friends there for me when they probably didn't know how badly I needed them there. I'm sure they were going out to have fun as well but in my eyes they were going out with me, keeping me laughing, keeping me busy and wearing me out so when I laid down after everyone left I fell asleep instead of laying there, staying up and missing my kids. Thanks you ladies! You are true friends and I am thankful everyday for you!

The REAL Drunken Gummi Bears Recipe
750 ml Vodka
3lb bag Gummi Bears
2 cups Fruit Punch

Step 1 - Grab your favorite vodka and a bag of gummi bears. I used a 3lb bag of Haribo Bears, but you can use a different kind. I would experiment and see what brand you like best. I contemplated using flavored vodka but ended up just using regular vodka. Again I would start with plain and then experiment with different flavors based on personal preference. 

Step 2 - Soak your bears. Make sure to soak the bears in a glass bowl with a lid. No matter what size bag of gummi bears you use, the vodka should cover all of them completely. Place in your refrigerator 3-5 days, the longer the better. Stir the bears every day, breaking them apart because they will try to stick together. I soaked my bears for 5 days. Day 4,  I added 2 cups of fruit punch to cut the vodka taste. Drain the bears of all liquid before serving. There shouldn't be too much liquid left. Your bears will be noticeably bigger. 

*WARNING - Contains alcohol, please use responsibly and legally. Drunken Gummi Bear Recipe thanks to

This Momma is partied out for a year~
Bree and J

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Ocean and Photography FUN!

**LOTS of photos**
Last Monday we went to the OCEAN, Ocean Shores to be exact. Spur of the moment and it was a blast! I had wanted to take the kids for EVER but never did. Well I packed out bags, grabbed Christa to tag along and off we went!
We decided to stop off at a park to go potty and have lunch.
On out way to the park I pulled over to take in some beautiful scenery and have some photography fun! Enjoy!

 We never did find the park, we followed the signs I swear! But getting lost has never been so fun! So we decided to pull over have lunch and I walked out and took a 360 degree view at the wonders around me...yes for some more photography fun! LOL!


We had SO much fun for really hardly any money. Put $40 in the gas tank and spent $3 on ice cream, packed water, snacks and lunch. SO happy we finally made it to the ocean! :) I also ordered a hood for my lens (a couple bucks off ebay) after these pictures and how bright they were. It was SO warm and sunny we sure lucked out!
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