Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kindergarten Countdown: 7 days

With seven days to go, I thought we'd talk a little about lunches.
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Evie will have lunch at school twice a month.  Our district has early release on Fridays so the half day kindergartens attend every other all day.  I think that's just perfect for us.  It gives Evie the opportunity to go all day and have lunch in the cafetiera.  She's not huge into crowds lol.
Enumclaw School District
We are going to try school lunches first.  They have a decent menu full of healthy options including a salad bar.  I grew up on school lunches.  To this day, I will pick a "hot" lunch over a "cold" lunch!  Also I don't want to forget to send her with lunchbox the first few weeks.
During the rest of the week, I still have Jack of course, so I'll be feeding two kids.  Last year I started making my own menu to help me be more organized.  Having something preset helps me "decide" what to have and keeps me on budget when grocery shopping.
I made up my menu in Excel the numbers are the dates.  I take my menu with me when I shop so I can make sure the expiration dates will match up with the dates I plan to use the item.  Most stuff does easy because it's canned but sometimes I also need to plan on lunch for a bunch of kids or stuff to pack if we are going to the park for a playdate or having a playdate at my house.  You'd have a hard time making chicken nuggets without an oven. :)    I use Thursday as an open day too, but really any day is tradeable.  I also change up the sides with fresh in-season fruits.  Sometimes I try new things, special salads or different way of preparing but generally they like these things. 
Each kid as their own pickyness, Ally doesn't care for carrots, Evie doesn't care for cheese, and Jack will make himself puke over chicken soup.  If Evie and Ally want a cookie or treat, they must eat their carrots and cheese.  Jack just gets a whole pb and J sandwich (the girls usually do halves) with no soup. You got to pick your battles.  It's not like it's weird soup either, just plain ol' Campbells.  What can you do? lol.  We drink a lot of milk and water all day.
What do you do for lunch?
Milk bubbles and orange slices,
Jessi and B
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