Monday, August 13, 2012

Mount Peak

 I have been very "motivated" to work out these days. A mixture of involuntary dieting, stress, tension, boredom and the NEED to busy myself when the kids are gone brought a friend of mine and I to Mount Peak this weekend. Twice. Well technically three times. LOL.
One of Enumclaw's main attractions and popular places to be, Mount Peak offers a very effective workout for any level. Pace your self if your a beginner or push yourself if your more athletic. Or do what we did the second day...hike it twice! YUP...once we came down we turned around and did it again. The second time really KILLED but SO rewarding once you reach the top. Don't expect many views up there but no worries there are some benches to collapse on once you do get to the top.
I have a feeling this will become my new found friend when my kids aren't with me. Great way for me to tune the world and my problems out! Pandora was very good to me this weekend. :)
Sunday we went up twice:
Round One Summit 
 Round Two Summit

Info for the "REAL HIKERS" out there: (lol) "The main route to the summit, the YDS class 1 Cal Magnusson trail is a fairly straight forward way to reach this summit. The trail remains at a constant moderate pitch and climbs a little over 1000 feet in 1 mile. There are no scrambles or even any severely steep terrain, but just a trail with a constant grade and with switchbacks from start to finish. This constant terrain and good elevation gain over such a short distance is the reason it is one of the preferred trail running routes. There is also an alternate trail that leaves from the same trailhead. This trail has one real steep section but has a good view of the town of Enumclaw. Both trails lead to the true summit."
Pretty cool geological finds all along the trail!

How to get there? From Enumclaw drive .8 mile east on state Route 410, then turn right onto 284th Street, drive 1 1/2 miles and turn right again on Southeast 472nd Street. In less than .5 mile, find the obvious trail heading uphill on your left and a parking area, elevation 770 feet. There is a very small sign at the trailhead (the park is administered by King County Parks and Recreation).

Can't wait to hike it again...and again, thanks Christa~
Bree and J
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