Thursday, August 9, 2012

Update Dr. Appt (UPDATED)

Yesterday I had a biopsy of my uterine lining. Not what I would call "fun" but necessary. I wasn't anticipating to feel awful the rest o the day though. Made for a long day. To boot my family and friends wanted to know how it all went and I had nothing to say. You really want details on "how it went" lol. I won't know anything until I go in next week. Which will mark a month of going in every week and so far my Dr. is still baffled...not really what I call reassuring. If my biopsy comes back negative than it's on to more tests. If it's positive I'm pretty sure they remove my uterus...I'd have a hysterectomy, then I should be all free and clear. I HOPE! I'm not sure which I'm hoping for...a uterine cancer that a 70 year old should have and rare for someone my age or nothing and more (not so fun, more invasive) testing. I won't know anything until next week, so I'll just hope for whatever is best...even though I don't know what that is. LOL!

In the mean time...
(UPDATED: Warrior Dash 2 event was canceled :(....YA for Heroes Mud Run!)

The one annoying thing...I wasn't able to run last night. I felt so icky that it wasn't even in the cards. BUT my friend Chrsita is doing a special gift for me and signing my up with her for the Heroes Mud Run this Sept! Whoop, whoop!!! I had told her I wanted to do one really bad...turns out so did she! So here we go! Super excited! Can't wait until the day! Just not sure how to "train" for this one! ;)

Stay busy, stay active, stay healthy~
Bree and J

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