Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Two Week Count down to Kindergarten!

Already?  The last five years have flown by but my little girl couldn't be more excited or ready for the next stage in life! 
Evie around 6 months.
 Every family we know with a new kindergartner is going to do all day kindergarten and is surprised that we are not.  Our district offers all day for a monthly fee and half day for free.  Everybody is different but the most common statement about all day is that it's the best because the child gets more time at school.  While I agree that more exposure to education is a good thing, it's not the best thing for my child.  While I love and adore my girl, she is by all means, dramatic, which in it's self can be exhausting to deal with but she is also a perfectionist.  This means while most kids, if they can't cut a straight line, first time out, they generally keep trying and it's not a big deal.  Evie can have a complete melt-down and have to go out in the hall to gather herself.  I feel that my girl would benefit from a smaller class size and a shorter school day so she can have a fun time learning. 
First day of Preschool
Evie's schedule is more or less the same as last year.  We attended Leaps and Bounds Preschool and I LOVED their curriculum.  She was already working on a kindergarten level there 3 afternoons a week.  Now she'll have kindergarten for 4 days and every other Friday will be all day.  I am excited for the all day time twice a month.  She'll have lunch at and be able to ride the bus with Ally twice in one day. 
Evie and Ally, Summer 2012
Little Miss Ally will be attending kindergarten all day every day and I think she's ready for it! :) She was in preschool with Evie, in the same class and they were really competitive.  It's almost like having twins so I'm hoping that the separation will help them play more with each other at home.  So that leaves me with Mr. Jack all day.  He is such a easy kid on his own and will give us time to do more boy themed play.  That poor kid has played tea party so many times, I'm pretty sure he can properly set the table lol.  Not that there's anything wrong with boys having tea parties but a tea cup doesn't make the most convincing car. :)
Jack, Summer 2012

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