Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I finally got it done!

I cleaned out my garage and parked my car in it!  It only took about 5 years. Oy Vey. 
 Long ago, 6 years to be exact, my husband and I purchase our home.  I drove a little Honda Civic and parked it in our little garage.  Everything was cozy.  Then some where between having a baby and having the garage door opener stop working, I started parking in the driveway and the garage QUICKLY filled with everything!  It was a disaster that I lived with (and force my husband to live with) for too long.  It's always filled with half done projects of all kinds.  I got rid of a lot of stuff at a yard sale at the beginning of the summer and just hadn't had the time to whip the remaining stuff into shape.

 Evie has been begging for a swing set and of course I wanted a wood one.  My friend, Michele, has one and all our Camp Fire kids still play on it (they are 10-11) so I know it's worth the investment.  I have been scouring Craigslist for an older small one, with a slide and 3 spots for swings and yesterday one appeared!  It was perfect for us, the right size, the right price, near enough to drive to, and they still had the manuals!  I emailed the info to my husband and he said I could get it if I agreed to cleaning out the garage and limiting my projects to 2 at a time.  So I emailed the lady for the swing and she said I could come anytime between 3 and 8pm and proceeded to bust my buns to make the garage usable again.  Just as I was finishing up, the lady called and said that her husband just told her that he promised the swing set to someone at his work and had apologized.  I was SOOOOOOOO disappointed.  I am so glad I hadn't told the kids, especially Evie.  It would have be such a big heart breaker for her!  But the up side is a clean garage and my husband swapped the fridges so the working one is in my kitchen again.
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