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Married: Was, going through a divorce.
Children: Bradley 5 years, Braeden 3 years,
Brooklyn 18 months
Graduated: 2004
Favorite Food: PBandJ sandwich with chips in it, sweets, dessert
Hated Food: mushrooms
Weirdest Preggo Craving: Knitting
Would Love to Be: a helicopter pilot
Past Jobs: dental assistant, nanny, teller, personal trainer, event planner, barista
Love: my children, family, friends, THE Wives
Hate: my curly hair
Can’t live without: coffee, dessert, internet and chamomile tea
Favorite Meal: Dessert
Favorite Time of Day: Nap Time
Could spend all Day: Crafting and taking pictures
Could spend all Day not: doing chores (my house reflects this)
Interesting Fact: I used to compete in Logging Rodeos…Yeehaw!


Married: 2004 Together: 15 years
Children: Evelyn 5 years, Allyson* 5 years, Jack* 3 years (*niece and nephew)
Graduated: 1998
Favorite Food: Mexican
Hated Food: Seafood
Weirdest Preggo Craving: Chick Peas
Would Love to Be: Interior Designer
Past Jobs: Radio station intern, office assistant, video store clerk before dvds, event staff, barista, clothing sales staff, order filler, pointe shoe fitter, teller, assistant branch manager of a bank, checker, hostess, grocery store baker/cake decorator and babysitter.
Love: My kid, husband and dogs
Hate: Annoying noises
Can’t live without: coffee, dessert, tea, chocolate, internet, magazines, catalogs, showers, creamer
Favorite Meal: Dessert
Favorite Time of Day: 5:00pm
Could spend all Day: Crafting
Could spend all Day not: cleaning up after anybody including myself
Interesting Fact: I can touch my nose with my tongue.

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