Sunday, June 9, 2013

A different type of Fathers Day Gift

My Taiwanese friend was over yesterday and she reminded me that in their culture to say thank you, repay, or show appreciation towards someone they cook or bake something for them. This gave me inspiration to do alittle different Father's Day idea. Even though we already do have our Daddy's gifts things have been crazy over here at Farmhouse Sisters that we have slacked big time and haven't prepared you well enough for Father's 3 days away. So if you haven't order or purchased your gifts, low on $$$ and/or have no time to DIY a gift here is the answer for you!

What couldn't a dad (or mom....hint, hint) want more for a gift but sinfully sweet dessert!
AND they didn't have to make it.
One thing that also comes most to mind is if it were a GIFT (don't tell dad this) do they really HAVE to share?? On Mother's Day I may pull this prank! LOL!

From our Farmhouse Sisters Pinterest Board: Mother's/Father's Day
Indulge yourself....

To get directions on any or all of these delicious indulgent desserts follow this link, Mother's/Father's Day, once there find the picture of the one you want and click on it, it'll take you to the recipe. Also follow Farmhouse Sisters on your pinterest!

I'm starving now~
Bree and J

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