Monday, July 30, 2012

Patio Roof: Before and After

In the middle of the crazy birthday extravaganza weekend, my dad came over and started on replacing our giant patio roof.  One of the things I'm bad at is getting around to fixing stuff up.  These pictures are a perfect example of how long it take me to change something I hate.  When you think about getting a house, you think "Oh, when we have our own place we can paint and remodel and really make it ours!" but when you actually get a house you realize that some stuff will take YEARS to afford to do.  I hate how my patio looks but it has great potential and someday (hopefully soon!) I can get it how I want it.

 We had a big chunk of the corrugated paneling blow off during a wind storm and the above picture is after the first snow fall with the hole.  You can see how dirty the fibers had become.  The after is from today.  It's so bright and cheery, even with the "on shore flow" clouds!

Now to let go of some of the junk and get actual patio furniture!  We painted the lattice with Behr's French Roast in their premium plus ultra (paint and primer combo) with a satin finish.  This took 2 gallons of paint and only doing one coat.  This paint is amazing, I luuuuve it!  I was so excited to paint because I've had the paint chips picked out since we moved in!  :) 

French Roast UL140-1 via

I know you are laughing at my "bright and cheery" comment but it really lets in the light to my main bathroom, master bedroom and the kitchen.  Here's some pins that are my inspiration for what I hope it will become!

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
 I have lots more on my board lol.  Thanks for stopping by and having a look!

Jessi and B
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Friday, July 27, 2012

New MONDAYS are for COMPLAINERS in the works!

I think its about time to complain about something again.....didn't I say that was a pet peeve of mine??? Yup well you all seem to love it when I complain....don't lie. BAAHAHAHAA! Working on a new one next week for ya!

Breast Cancer Advertising Rated as our 2nd most viewed of ALL TIME!!!

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Evie's Lalaloopsy Cowgirl Party

(change of plans, I had more fun editing Evie's Party so it's up FIRST! Brooklyn's will be up next week!)
 Happy 5th Birthday Party Evie!!!!
Lalaloopsy Cowgirl Theme

 Hand made prize ribbons!
Hat Decorating
 Piggy Roundup
 Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy win a prize ribbon!
Take a wood cutout picture!
Happy Birthday Evie~
Bree and Jessi
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Who is Jessi?

I've been a bit busy lately, which surprises no one, but July is my craziest month.  Every big milestone has happen in July for me!  We celebrated 3 birthdays and one anniversary and I visit my family in Eastern Washington.  Not to mention that I also bought my house in July (2006), in the middle of replacing my patio roof (right now) and summer doesn't really start until now in the Pacific Northwest! 

July 25, 2004

So lets take some time to get to know who Jess is...interview style. I have collected questions from people and made up my own (lol) Lets get started!

Ice Breaker:

Q: For people reading the blog what do you think they would NOT like?

A: I'm guessing at my proof-reading skills since I miss alot of Bree's spelling and grammer stuff, lol.

Q: Is it a problem? Why?

A: Sorta. I can fill in a word that is missing in a sentence without noticing and after a while all words start to look weird. Also, sometime I don't want to over-correct Bree because it's a part of her personallity. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist which has it's own pros and cons so leaving some mistakes is my way of balancing the control freak in me.

Q: How often do you post on the blog?

A: I am lucky to get one in a week. I ususally have some in draft mode that I feel are too wordy and Bree gets tired of me tweaking them and usually goes in and fixes them up and posts them for me lol.

Q: How in the world do you find time with 3 kids, a household, husband and yourself to post twice a day?

A: I don't. Ha, but two of my kids are here before 6:30 am and I HAVE to be up and dressed before they do. I get first dibs on the hot water. Plus they do go home so I have the evenings for my family. During the first couple of hours in the morning, we are still in quiet mode because my husband is still alseep. We mellow with some Disney Channel while I use my laptop. We have one TV and we are all in the same room.

Q: What is YOUR pet peeve?

A: Disrespectful children and people in a rush.

Q: LOL....WHAT???

A: I'm old school when it comes to how children should behave. My kids are pretty good but I am on them constantly when we are out. We hold hands in parking lots and across streets, we use our manners-no potty talk at the table, and I have a zero tolerance for temper-tantrums and bad attitudes. I have left stores and friends house early if I have one kid out of line regardless of whether I needed something from the store or if the other two where having a good time playing (usually though, they are part of the problem. Kids are such instagaters!!!). And people in a rush are usually driving like idiots.

Q: What would you say your friends pet peeves are about YOU?

A: I'm an Interrupting Cow. Meaning that I often start talking before you are done with your sentence.  

Q: How do your family and friends feel about your blog and it's content?

A: I don't really know. Nobody really has said anything to me about it really other than the spelling and grammer (lol) and they generally enjoy it.

Q: So what is the purpose in all this?

A: Creative outlet. I am an avid blog reader and I see so many things out there in the blog world that I KNOW I can do and maybe can even do better. I really enjoy the challenge of making and repurposing stuff into cooler stuff. :)

Q: So we still haven't asked, who is Jessi? Explain yourself a little for us.

A: My parents divorced when I was 10. It wasn't like they didnt' try, they were married for 10 years and had dropped out of high school to be parents to me. I think I turned out ok. :). It was a big deal at the time but it is not something that I choose to define my childhood from. Most of my friends' parents were also divorced. I learned more from the relationships that my parents had/have with other people since then to determine what kind of person and relationship that I wanted in my life. I didn't have very many boyfriends in school, less than 5, so when my husband saw what an awesome catch I was, he scooped me up! ;) We've been together for 15 years this fall and married for 8 today. We are accidentally storybook, dating-married-bought a home-had a baby, in that order but we didn't set out to do it in any particular order, it just happened that way for us. I've had several jobs and worked my way through the ranks but I definitely LOVE being at home. I really take pride in home keeping and do all the cleaning, cooking and shopping. This is my dream job! 

I also have been volunteering for Camp Fire USA for the past 5 years and have served as our town's Chairperson for the last 3 years.  That means that I help plan events and weekend stays at Camp Sealth and offer support to all the leaders in my area.  I have two groups, I co-lead a group of amazing 4th grade girls-Itangawi (I-tawn-ga-we) and I am the primary leader for Evie and Bradley's group (pre-K and Kindergarten) with Bree (of course lol).

I love crafts, craft shows, junk shows, second-hand shopping, good deals, national parks, museum, a good beer, hot-fudge sundae cake, the color red, funny movies, back stages, Disneyland, flying, and fun! lol.
Q: Any advice for moms?

A: Time management. When you learn how to manage your time, you will be able to do more and be more satisfied with your work. Also, you probably won't have any "mommy" friends until you kids are in preschool or school and that is ok.

Q: Any advice on marriage?

A: It's ok to have different interests but having one in common will make it easier to have something to talk about when it's just you two. I'm lucky to have a husband who believes in "happy wife, happy life".

Q: Whats the most difficult thing about being a mom to 1?

A: I worry about her being alone in life after we are gone. I hope she's not too spoiled and not afraid to see the world.

Q: And the most difficult thing about marriage?

A: Trying to answer why we are secure when others are not. We are weird?

Q: But you love being a stay at home mom?

A: Yes! It's the most fulfilling job I have ever had. I belong here, I was born to do this! I want to do this forever!!!

Q: I agree. But why is that?

A: I work my own hours (24/7), I take breaks when I want, I can hop in the car and go whenever, and at the end of the day I can fall into bed, exhausted and grateful for the day I had.

Q: Ok, to lighten the mood before we say goodbye and are done. What is one of your most memorable moments on Farm House Sisters?

A: Midnight runs to Walmart to pull off 2 back-to-back birthdays. Why does everything happen in July for me? :)

Thanks for the questions!

Jessi and B

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

You know who you are.

I could always use a pick me up but thought maybe you could too!
From Here.
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Lalaloopsy Cowgirl Party Preview

Evie's 5th Birthday Party
Lalaloopsy Cowgirl Party Preview
Look for full post early next week!

Happy 5th Birthday Evie~
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5 Themed Girl Rooms

Nothing is more adorable than a "done up" girls room! Since we already brought you our top 
5 Themed Boys Rooms we decided it was only fair to do a top 5 Themed Girl Rooms! These were hard to come by let me tell you! But I was able to scrounge around and find 5 for you. Seeing as my daughter is only 1 I'm not seasoned as far as what is "IN" for girls rooms but I'm pretty sure not too much has changed. ENJOY!
For more info on the rooms pictured above follow these links:
Barbie (not originator)
Hello Kitty
Butterfly Room Pottery Barn Kids
Could not find link for Princess Room, sorry

Hope your inspired~
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GIVEAWAY reminder..6 DAYS LEFT!!!!

Custom Fabric Letters
Includes your choice of fabrics and up to 5 Letters 
(one color or multiple colors)
(if you would like more than 5 letters I would only charge for the materials)
Examples: Home, Love, Initials, Birthday Decor, Etc

Custom Hoop Decor
Includes your choice of fabrics and up to 7 hoops 
(multiple fabrics)
(all sizes or different)
Examples: Baby Room, Boy or Girl, Family Room, Holiday Decor, Birthday Decor, Etc

Giveaway Rules:
LIKE AND SHARE our Facebook Page!
Make sure to COMMENT on page our page on which drawing you want to be entered into or else you will just be put into the pot for either. 
Ex: "Liked and Shared your page, please enter me into the Hoop Decor Drawing!"

Follow this link to our Facebook Page...Remember to LIKE and SHARE to enter!
There will be two winners!
Giveaway ENDS 07/31/12

These would also make a great gift!

Good luck~
Bree and J

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fall TV Shows to watch out for!

As I scheduled my "back to school" clothes shopping trip this year I also began wondering about what the fall line up on tv will have in store for us! Of coarse I'll be watching my normal shows...Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, The Office, Parenthood, Grey's, etc. But I realized I will NOT be watching my Desperate Housewives this fall. :( What will replace it??? ABC's show "Revenge". Since this show aired last season I now feel I need to catch up. Which I probably will on Hulu or you can visit's website to view full episodes. Here is the quick link straight to ABC's Revenge page
In case your worried about missing your favorite shows check out TV Guides Fall Preview and Schedule for more info on any time or day changes!

Here is whats new to come this fall...I wonder if any will be good!! (NBC sure has a larger line up)

Ben and Kate
The Mindy Project
The Mob Doctor

666 Park Avenue
The Neighbors

Made in Jersey

The CW:
Beauty and The Beast
Emily Owens, M.D.

The New Normal
Go On
Animal Practice
Guys with Kids
Chicago Fire

Previews will be out SOON...start making your "TO WATCH" lists~
Bree and J

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Brooklyn's Pink and Yellow Party Preview!

Look for post later this week!

Parties R Us over at Farm House Sisters lately~
Bree and J

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who IS Bree??? An interview!

Farm House Sisters is run by two ladies:
Jessi and Bree

Jessi does more of the technical side, your looking at the blog...your looking at her web design, she keeps it running and cleans it up, adds new info, sponsors, buttons, adds, etc. She is also working on our ".com" page, yes WE ladies OWN!! You'll see her post here and there but she stays busy enough with running the joint for all to view!

Bree posts what you read...basically she talks, complains and rambles alot! LOL! She comes up with and writes the posts for everyday. She's the main "photographer" for the page and if she doesn't know squat about something, she researches it for you! She's a glorified blabber mouth...well so is Jessi too! LMAO! Yes, Bree is writing this right now! LOL!

So lets take some time to get to know who Bree is...interview style. I have collected questions from people and made up my own (lol) Lets get started!

Ice Breaker:
Q: For people reading the blog what do you think they would NOT like?
A: OH GOD! That's easy,  my spelling and GRAMMAR issues!
Q: Is it a problem? Why?
A: I post really fast and my computer has some sticky or missing keys (thanks kids) so I really try hard to proof read and edit but if the photos are giving me grief I get frustrated and sometimes call it good, even though I DID spell check,  my grammar can be a problem sometimes. Jessi gave me a pointer from her dad, "read it out loud" so now I look like a FOOL reading out loud to myself but I hope it's helping! I know it can bother people! Oh ya... remember.... I have given all my brain cells to my 3 kids! My brain is TOAST!

Q: How often do you post on the blog?
A: I (we) try to post twice a day. But at least once! If we don't somethings up or we are taking the day off but we normally will post something to say the least. We also don't post on the weekends either. :)
Q: How in the world do you find time with 3 kids, a  household, husband and yourself to post twice a day?
A: LOL. kids go to bed at 7:30 so by 8 I can guarantee that mostly everyone is asleep. That's when I post. Takes me normally (if I was prepared and knew what I was posting) between 1 and 2 hours depending on photo editing (newly added) and content editing. Then I schedule it to post automatically the next morning by 6:30am. Usually if I'm good I can schedule a few days ahead so if I need a break I can take one whenever. I would feel horribly guilty if I took any time away from my kiddos or I just take it away from myself! BAAAhahahahaha!!! I crack myself up!

Q: What is YOUR pet peeve?
A: People.
Q: LOL....WHAT???
A: HA! Thought you'd need more clarification! People who don't use there turn signals, are hurtfully judgmental or just judgmental for no damn reason...just to complain! Oh and complainers. Sound like I'm being judgmental?? LOL. Ummm. lets see...stray glue gun strings, how the dishwasher is loaded (but if someone loads  it for me I would NEVER complain, lol) Whining, tatel telling, and when my phone freezes or dies! I always have phone issues! GRRRR! I think that's about it...Hmmm....kinda sounded like a judgmental complainer just then...I'm my own pet peeve! LOL!

Q: What would you say your friends pet peeves are about YOU?
A: You mean what would people say is annoying that I do??
Q: Yes.
A: Oh man...ready! I am late and were talking ALWAYS late! I just now started telling them "ok meet you at 9?" "Ok great, I'll be late" LOL. At least I'm honest and you can also count on it! LOL. I use "....." and "LOL" a lot. When texting or posting, I also use "CAPITAL LETTERS TO MAKE A LARGER EXPRESSION" a lot. I can be scatter brained at times and always forget everything....even what I was going to say like a second ago. Wait what were we saying??? JOKING! My spelling and grammar, lol. And....I used to be kinda flaky but that changed very recently.
Q: What do you mean by kinda flaky?
A: Well, not that I wanted to be flaky but up until about 3 months ago if I was going to hang out with friends or have a girls night out I would sometimes (ok truth)...I would usually cancel. But not anymore...I swear! Unless something is really up. LOL.
Q: So, why would you cancel up until 3 months ago? I'm confused?
A: Its difficult to say, but when you have 3 kids sometimes its difficult to find childcare to watch them and even when you do it still falls through. Not that I wanted to cancel my plans, it just always kinda happened.

Q: How do your family and friends feel about your blog and it's content?
A: Ugh. Thats a difficult question. It is kind of welcomed by some and loved by others! I think you will always have skeptics and the people close to you sometimes are the most negative unfortunately.
Q: How so?
A: I really think its hard for them to see the purpose in all this. Some think it's a waste of time or that I'm taking time away from my family or "duties" as a mom. And until you describe it all no one would understand, and even after you describe it they still don't understand. It's those times that it gets difficult and sometimes maddening.
Q: So what is the purpose in all this?
A: The purpose. Well, that seems to really change and grow as we continue this journey. Originally it was something that would be fun, share info and ya if we made some money that would be awesome! But now its reaching larger goals. We both want this to support or at least supplement our incomes and eventually have a thriving successful business!
Q: From a blog? How's that happen?
A: We have a blog, we post enough and enough "see worthy" information and people will want to "see" our page. These people re visit the page to see whats new everyday and even share our page. Then we get enough viewers that a business wants to advertise on our page. We sell ad space to these businesses and make money. It's like radio or tv, we get sponsors that pay us to put there link and advertorial on our page.
Q: Huh, who knew? So where are you ladies at on your journey?
A: We are at the point where we are ready to start selling ad space but need to sit down and work out the #'s and details, offers/specials, etc. We need to get working on it cause we have a few people interested.
Q: Wow, so you can really make some money from this???
A: LOL, yes. Crazy enough, average ad space for a good running/viewed blog is $200 a month. Most of those blogs have at least 10 ads or more per page. You do the math.

Q: So we still haven't asked, who is Bree? Explain yourself a little for us.
A: better sit down this could take long. LOL. My parents divorced shortly after I was born, my dad was really never around. I saw him at more his convenience and when I was about 12 he told me that I was old enough to decide when I wanted to see him. I didn't see much of him after that. I had a step dad around but gone alot for most of my life but last year him and my mom divorced as well. I grew up in Renton/Kent until middle school age then moved to Enumclaw where I live now with my husband and our 3 kids. I was mostly friends with boys in high school cause girls cause too much drama! But am now very fortunate to have some wonderfully AMAZING girl friends around me! I feel lucky! I have been a dental assistant, personal trainer, nanny, barista, retail manager, horse stall cleaner, bank teller and my favorite...stay at home mommy! I love my kids more than anything in the world and stay up at night worrying about every aspect of their life...yup...I'm your typically loving mom. My mind DOES NOT stop! And I'm always doing something! I do enjoy a glass of wine, white not red. And I hate mushrooms. I have a shoe fetish that I have tamed over the years but has been released since I had my daughter. I'm frugal and grocery shop at costco. Ebay, goodwill, and anywhere that has a coupon AND a good sale is where I will be shopping for anything. Oh and yes you can always find me at the craft store when I'm bored. I am a mommy of 3, 2 boys and a girl. Almost 5, 2 1/2 and just turned a year. And you got that I talk alot right?? LOL! Yup, that's me in a nutshell I think.

Q: Any advice for moms?
A: Make sure to breathe, have lots of mommy friends to relate, complain and chit chat with AND most not have a sneezing fit or cough too much unless you have gone potty first. You and your pants will not get the good end of that deal.
Q: Any advice on marriage?
A: Make sure to also take time for yourself. People, couples will do "date nights" but I think they forget to also do stuff on there own as well!

Q: Whats the most difficult thing about being a mom to 3?
A: Everything. LOL.
Q: And the most difficult thing about marriage?
A: Everything. LOL.
Q: But you love being a stay at home mom?
A: LOL, YES!!! Sorry, I just don't think anyone would think that being a mom or a wife is easy. It is work 247, and not cut out for some. There is no one thing I could give for whats difficult or whats my best advice. Well my best advice would be to keep trying. With your kids, marriage, life, everything. People are always adapting and changing and I think life, having a family, is alot of work and people give up too easily. Before I was even married and had kids I promised myself I would do everything in my power to have a happy healthy family and if I were to have children I promised myself that I would try everything before I ended my marriage. Counselling being basically the last resort.
Q: I agree. But why is that?
A: Mostly because I was a child of divorce, then recently I have seen my sisters go through divorce and it's never pretty. People are SO selfish and it seems the children always get lost. I knew at an early age that I NEVER wanted my children to go through that and before it came to that I personally would try everything in my power to keep them from going through that. And secondly people give up way to easily these days. Makes me sad....especially if there are children involved.

Q: Ok, to lighten the mood before we say goodbye and are done. What is one of your most memorable moments on Farm Hosue Sisters?
A: Oh man there are SO many to choose from. The one that comes to mind right away is when Jessi and I were having a garage sale. We were up until midnight Thursday night preparing our stuff...well took the longest cause we also had to prepare everyone elses junk. LOL. We went to put out signs for the next day. As we are across the road from each midnight...I yell..."watch out for drunk drivers!" as a joke, there were barely any cars on the road.. All Jessi hears is "DRUNK DRIVER!" right as a car (again at midnight) swerved with no blinker into the turn lane headed straight for her. She is freaking out and try's to stand behind the tiny crosswalk sign pole...when there is a massive heavy duty light pole right behind her she could stand behind. OMG. She realized the driver was not drunk as I'm almost peeing my pants laughing at here weird behavior! She finally crossed the street where we sorted things out and both of us were cracking up! I'm laughing now just thinking about it! HAhahahahaaa!

Thanks for the questions ladies, sorry had to slim it down to do how long I DIDN'T want post to be, LOL~
Bree and J

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Bachelorette Finale!!!

We took the day off yesterday so if you are a Bachelorette fan you already know who Emily Maynard choose to be her one and only....JEF!
Whoop, whoop! Happy dance!
I have watched the show many of items but I really feel this time it may be for REAL! Could it be?? Finally another bachelor/ette marriage??? We shall see! I bet they will get married in the spring like Emily sneak mentioned and babies will be popping out left and right from this happy couple!
 If you missed the finale you can also catch up on
My highlights of the show would have to be the fact that she so easily let Jef meet Ricky, only after they had a long discussion over it, but it was so natural and fun! I do love how Jef can really communicate well with her and turns any situation around so she see's his point of view as well! They are a good fit. I also loved how she just knew it was Jef and instead of having a date with Arie decided to let him go home, too bad that "Love Potion" didn't work Arie. LOL. My favorite, and I mean real favorite moment was how Emily was so excited to tell him that he was the only one to meet Ricky and how he was the only one there that day. I find it so sweet that she wanted that for him and she seems so true to him! Even during the live "after the rose" she was so true to him and very considerate of his feelings. Arie gave Emily his personal journal that he had kept throughout his experience on the bachelorette and she decided to not even read it. Because it wouldn't have changed anything but also out of respect for Jef. So sweet!
Yes, he did propose and YES she accepted!!! Oh corse the $68,000 ring was a plus but I'm sure she would have been happy with anything....(maybe, hahahahahhaa!!!)
Finally a couple I am happy with! Congratulations Jef and Emily!
Onto the horribly fun to watch Bachelor Pad...starts Monday night! (last night) LOL!~
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Misadventures with Farm House Sisters

We're taking the day off to clean and recover! Back to back parties can really take it's toll on you. See you tomorrow!!!

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Its Raining, Its Pouring....and Thundering

Jessi and I both have our daughters birthday parties this weekend. One Saturday, the other Sunday. While we have been busy worker bees trying to finish our millions of things the weather decided to turn SOUR! I'm pretty sure since its late July that we both didn't think it'd be an issue to plan outside parties! Well's pouring, raining, thundering ickiness outside. I think the stress we felt towards our huge "to-do" lists have now turned towards stress about the weather this weekend. As the thunder keeps rolling overhead I have realized I have another am I going to spray paint outside! When it looks like this...
 Brooklyn's Party Sneak Peak
Evie's Party Sneak Peak

Wish us luck and send us some sun~
Bree and J

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby's Back to Cloth Diapers

Finally after moving and a period of bad diaper rash, we are finally back to cloth diapers! 
NOW let me tell you.....I was always the person to look disgusted when someone said they used cloth diapers. "Why would you EVER use cloth diapers" is what I always thought! But after getting a huge pay cut and the possibility of my husbands company going under I was searching for more extreme ways to save money. I'm not sure how came about but all the sudden here I was researching and buying our very own cloth diapers.
I choose Fuzzi Bunz as my choice diaper. Why Fuzzi Bunz?  Because the price was decent for what you got and they recieved rave reviews. I liked that the Fuzzi Bunz One Size was adjustable beyond the snaps in the front of the diaper.
Here are the features a Fuzzi Bunz has...

They make a perfect size diaper which runs between $13-$16, depending on the size. The perfect size is sized like clothes so when your child grows out of them you need to buy the next size up. Fuzzi Bunz also makes a One Size diaper (what we have). These ones run about $17-$18 but fit the child from birth to toddler years. I could use the same one size diaper to fit newborn daughter and later adjust it to fit my almost 5 year old son.
Here is what you get when you order a Fuzzi Bunz Diaper:
One Diaper, 2 Minky Inserts, and replacement elastic kit (not shown)
You get one large insert and one small. 
The reason I love the One Size Fuzzi Bunz is because of how adjustable they are. There have adjustable elastic and button straps on the back side of the diaper to adjust the fit around the belly as well as on each leg. Your diaper will come with a chart that shows you how to adjust to fit age or pound wise.
Adjustable Back
Adjustable leg straps
Another feature of the One Size are multiple snap options. I can choose 4 different leg snap options to ensure the fit around the baby's leg fits just right. There are also many options along the top for adjusting the size around the belly. This design is KEY when needing to adjust to fit either a 5lb newborn or a 45lb 5 year old!
The leg holes are lined very well with baby soft micro fleece for maximum comfort.
How I "stuff" my diapers:
Open up back "pocket" of diaper.
 Fold Insert in half, hot dog style.
 Make sure to have a firm hold and push insert all the way to the front of diaper.
 As you remove your hand try to smooth down wrinkles and creases to flatten out diaper.
And your done!

For my boys I tried a cheaper diaper, with the same idea behind the one size but it is adjustable by using snaps in the front of the diaper. To size it smaller you fold the front of the diaper and snap it together. I wasn't necessarily looking to size it as much as I wanted to try a cheaper version for my older boys. For night time these diapers work just fine but I would highly recommend buying a better quality diaper for 24 hour long time use. These diapers have no brand and were under $6. Found them on eBay.
For night time my boys have a larger bladder and would pee through the 2 inserts that came with them. At night time you want to double up inserts, even with the Fuzzi Bunz, because the diaper is going to be needed during your child's long sleep hours. I even had to buy extra "hemp" liners to add to the mix for the boys. You can buy hemp liners for $2-$4 a piece. I suggest buying more than one at a get a better deal.

Here is my night time line up for the boys. Ages 2 1/2 and almost 5. For Brooklyn I just use one large insert and the small insert that comes with the diaper. She does not need a hemp liner yet.
Pictured below: 2 large liners and 1 hemp liner
I stack them together with the hemp liner at the bottom and then stuff the diaper how I would normally.

#1 question besides how much will it save me, LOL
What do you do when they poop!
You can buy thin flush-able liners that go outside of diaper pocket, sits right against baby's bum. It comes on a roll and looks alittle like a paper towel roll. You can get a roll of 100 for about $5 right now on eBay. The theory is that when they poop you just pick up flush able liners and flush them bye bye with little mess. When you baby is alittle older usually you know about what time they will poo so you don;t have to always add in a liner. LOL. These liners are also used for when you need to use any diaper ointments on baby. The ointment or powder that you'd use for a diaper rash can ruin your diapers absorbency.
 I have and tried using a liner for both easier poop mess and for diaper rash but I don't really like them. For the boys it was no biggy but they are now both potty trained that its unnecessary. For my daughter though I DO NOT like using them. The cloth diaper is made of micro fiber fleece that wicks away moisture in seconds. When you add the liner it tends to get soaked in urine but not keep it away from her bottom. I found most times the liner will give her diaper rash and I worry about her getting a bladder infection as the pee soaked liner will sometimes bunch up into her private area. LOL. SO when she does have diaper rash, which is hardly ever when using cloth diapers, I just use spare disposable diapers with ointment until its gone.

But you still have to deal with the POOP? YES!!
Here is what I do...
Hold soiled diaper by the back snap ends, folded together.
 Add the front ends into the folded mix.
 Grab the pocket flap and add to your hold.
 Then swish and dip into toilet. I will swish around in the toilet, flush the toilet and then repeat dipping and flushing. Yes.. I ring it out and then add it to my dirty diapers pile. THEN WASH YOUR HANDS! LOL! If you do this fairly soon after you change baby, the diaper will clean off very easy! 
Washer area where my dirty diaper basket is.
You don't want to put your diapers into a closed container or soak the Fuzzi Bunz. Placing them in an open container lets the diapers breathe and  "most the time" they do not smell.
You also do need to use different detergent than normal. There are some brands like Tide Free and Clear that are just fine to use with your diapers. I choose to use Charlies Soap, one tub can last me almost triple the load capacity it says the tub has. Thats because I only use it for my diapers. For a list of detergents that are safe for cloth diapers follow this link: Cloth Diaper Detergent Chart. Washing your diapers also shouldn't impact your water bill/comnsumption hardly at all, we choose the low level on the water and wash diapers every 2-3 days.

SO the #1 question besides the poop one???
How much does it really save???
*18 One Size Fuzzi Bunz that last 3 years: $324
Total cost over 3 years for disposable diapers: $2,859
*18 is a good number from newborn up. Its nice to basically have a 3 day supply so your not washing diapers all the time.

I also use disposables when we head out of the house or someone watches the kids. Its just way easier!!
I think I covered everything if you have any other questions feel free to leave a comment below!

Make the choice and switch to cloth diapers~
Bree and J
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