Monday, July 16, 2012

BaByQ Shower

Exclusive Farm House Sisters Event:
Whats a BBQ with a Baby Shower Twist???
A BaByQ!!!

Featuring the Grey Family and Dazzle Expressions!! 

Water Bottle Wrappers and Labels Thanks to Dazzle Expressions!
Dazzle Expressions did another great job on 
cupcake toppers as well!

Welcome Baby Mehgan!
Bree's Photo Fun Editor...

Please comment below on any questions, comments or info on decor! We LOVE to CHAT!

Happy BaByQ Grey Family~
Bree and Jessi
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  1. Hi girls! I totally love this. your pictures are amazing!!! the building blocks are a fab idea!!!!! I am impressed!

    1. Thanks! Very exciting to have more parties coming your way! :)


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