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Who is Jessi?

I've been a bit busy lately, which surprises no one, but July is my craziest month.  Every big milestone has happen in July for me!  We celebrated 3 birthdays and one anniversary and I visit my family in Eastern Washington.  Not to mention that I also bought my house in July (2006), in the middle of replacing my patio roof (right now) and summer doesn't really start until now in the Pacific Northwest! 

July 25, 2004

So lets take some time to get to know who Jess is...interview style. I have collected questions from people and made up my own (lol) Lets get started!

Ice Breaker:

Q: For people reading the blog what do you think they would NOT like?

A: I'm guessing at my proof-reading skills since I miss alot of Bree's spelling and grammer stuff, lol.

Q: Is it a problem? Why?

A: Sorta. I can fill in a word that is missing in a sentence without noticing and after a while all words start to look weird. Also, sometime I don't want to over-correct Bree because it's a part of her personallity. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist which has it's own pros and cons so leaving some mistakes is my way of balancing the control freak in me.

Q: How often do you post on the blog?

A: I am lucky to get one in a week. I ususally have some in draft mode that I feel are too wordy and Bree gets tired of me tweaking them and usually goes in and fixes them up and posts them for me lol.

Q: How in the world do you find time with 3 kids, a household, husband and yourself to post twice a day?

A: I don't. Ha, but two of my kids are here before 6:30 am and I HAVE to be up and dressed before they do. I get first dibs on the hot water. Plus they do go home so I have the evenings for my family. During the first couple of hours in the morning, we are still in quiet mode because my husband is still alseep. We mellow with some Disney Channel while I use my laptop. We have one TV and we are all in the same room.

Q: What is YOUR pet peeve?

A: Disrespectful children and people in a rush.

Q: LOL....WHAT???

A: I'm old school when it comes to how children should behave. My kids are pretty good but I am on them constantly when we are out. We hold hands in parking lots and across streets, we use our manners-no potty talk at the table, and I have a zero tolerance for temper-tantrums and bad attitudes. I have left stores and friends house early if I have one kid out of line regardless of whether I needed something from the store or if the other two where having a good time playing (usually though, they are part of the problem. Kids are such instagaters!!!). And people in a rush are usually driving like idiots.

Q: What would you say your friends pet peeves are about YOU?

A: I'm an Interrupting Cow. Meaning that I often start talking before you are done with your sentence.  

Q: How do your family and friends feel about your blog and it's content?

A: I don't really know. Nobody really has said anything to me about it really other than the spelling and grammer (lol) and they generally enjoy it.

Q: So what is the purpose in all this?

A: Creative outlet. I am an avid blog reader and I see so many things out there in the blog world that I KNOW I can do and maybe can even do better. I really enjoy the challenge of making and repurposing stuff into cooler stuff. :)

Q: So we still haven't asked, who is Jessi? Explain yourself a little for us.

A: My parents divorced when I was 10. It wasn't like they didnt' try, they were married for 10 years and had dropped out of high school to be parents to me. I think I turned out ok. :). It was a big deal at the time but it is not something that I choose to define my childhood from. Most of my friends' parents were also divorced. I learned more from the relationships that my parents had/have with other people since then to determine what kind of person and relationship that I wanted in my life. I didn't have very many boyfriends in school, less than 5, so when my husband saw what an awesome catch I was, he scooped me up! ;) We've been together for 15 years this fall and married for 8 today. We are accidentally storybook, dating-married-bought a home-had a baby, in that order but we didn't set out to do it in any particular order, it just happened that way for us. I've had several jobs and worked my way through the ranks but I definitely LOVE being at home. I really take pride in home keeping and do all the cleaning, cooking and shopping. This is my dream job! 

I also have been volunteering for Camp Fire USA for the past 5 years and have served as our town's Chairperson for the last 3 years.  That means that I help plan events and weekend stays at Camp Sealth and offer support to all the leaders in my area.  I have two groups, I co-lead a group of amazing 4th grade girls-Itangawi (I-tawn-ga-we) and I am the primary leader for Evie and Bradley's group (pre-K and Kindergarten) with Bree (of course lol).

I love crafts, craft shows, junk shows, second-hand shopping, good deals, national parks, museum, a good beer, hot-fudge sundae cake, the color red, funny movies, back stages, Disneyland, flying, and fun! lol.
Q: Any advice for moms?

A: Time management. When you learn how to manage your time, you will be able to do more and be more satisfied with your work. Also, you probably won't have any "mommy" friends until you kids are in preschool or school and that is ok.

Q: Any advice on marriage?

A: It's ok to have different interests but having one in common will make it easier to have something to talk about when it's just you two. I'm lucky to have a husband who believes in "happy wife, happy life".

Q: Whats the most difficult thing about being a mom to 1?

A: I worry about her being alone in life after we are gone. I hope she's not too spoiled and not afraid to see the world.

Q: And the most difficult thing about marriage?

A: Trying to answer why we are secure when others are not. We are weird?

Q: But you love being a stay at home mom?

A: Yes! It's the most fulfilling job I have ever had. I belong here, I was born to do this! I want to do this forever!!!

Q: I agree. But why is that?

A: I work my own hours (24/7), I take breaks when I want, I can hop in the car and go whenever, and at the end of the day I can fall into bed, exhausted and grateful for the day I had.

Q: Ok, to lighten the mood before we say goodbye and are done. What is one of your most memorable moments on Farm House Sisters?

A: Midnight runs to Walmart to pull off 2 back-to-back birthdays. Why does everything happen in July for me? :)

Thanks for the questions!

Jessi and B

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