Monday, July 2, 2012

Easy 4th of July DIY

From living in the apartment and having NO storage space I had no 4th of July Decor AT ALL! I know, I know...horrible right! 
So I was alittle bored and decided to make something using what I had around the house. Patriotic fabric, raffia, jar lids, old wood wreaths, and good ol hot glue.

Baby food lids. I took the rafia and glued it in a criss crossing fashion then glued a fabic star cut out over the middle. Once star was placed a went back and trimmed the giving it a hair cut. LOL.

  I then did the same thing with white wide ribbon.

 And again with cut blue fabric scraps.

Jessi had these old wooden wreaths she had painted green. I took them (lol) and we had some metallic blue spray paint we covered the wreaths with. 
I also added little extras in with the star jar lids, just with plain scrap fabric, hot glue and other jar lids.
I then fastened all the wreaths together with white ribbon and hung them.
(thanks to Jessi and my indecisiveness) I later removed the top ribbon from design.
Annnnnd whaaaalaaa! I have myself a 4th of July Wreath/Door Decor!

Be creative~
Bree and J

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