Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby's Back to Cloth Diapers

Finally after moving and a period of bad diaper rash, we are finally back to cloth diapers! 
NOW let me tell you.....I was always the person to look disgusted when someone said they used cloth diapers. "Why would you EVER use cloth diapers" is what I always thought! But after getting a huge pay cut and the possibility of my husbands company going under I was searching for more extreme ways to save money. I'm not sure how came about but all the sudden here I was researching and buying our very own cloth diapers.
I choose Fuzzi Bunz as my choice diaper. Why Fuzzi Bunz?  Because the price was decent for what you got and they recieved rave reviews. I liked that the Fuzzi Bunz One Size was adjustable beyond the snaps in the front of the diaper.
Here are the features a Fuzzi Bunz has...

They make a perfect size diaper which runs between $13-$16, depending on the size. The perfect size is sized like clothes so when your child grows out of them you need to buy the next size up. Fuzzi Bunz also makes a One Size diaper (what we have). These ones run about $17-$18 but fit the child from birth to toddler years. I could use the same one size diaper to fit newborn daughter and later adjust it to fit my almost 5 year old son.
Here is what you get when you order a Fuzzi Bunz Diaper:
One Diaper, 2 Minky Inserts, and replacement elastic kit (not shown)
You get one large insert and one small. 
The reason I love the One Size Fuzzi Bunz is because of how adjustable they are. There have adjustable elastic and button straps on the back side of the diaper to adjust the fit around the belly as well as on each leg. Your diaper will come with a chart that shows you how to adjust to fit age or pound wise.
Adjustable Back
Adjustable leg straps
Another feature of the One Size are multiple snap options. I can choose 4 different leg snap options to ensure the fit around the baby's leg fits just right. There are also many options along the top for adjusting the size around the belly. This design is KEY when needing to adjust to fit either a 5lb newborn or a 45lb 5 year old!
The leg holes are lined very well with baby soft micro fleece for maximum comfort.
How I "stuff" my diapers:
Open up back "pocket" of diaper.
 Fold Insert in half, hot dog style.
 Make sure to have a firm hold and push insert all the way to the front of diaper.
 As you remove your hand try to smooth down wrinkles and creases to flatten out diaper.
And your done!

For my boys I tried a cheaper diaper, with the same idea behind the one size but it is adjustable by using snaps in the front of the diaper. To size it smaller you fold the front of the diaper and snap it together. I wasn't necessarily looking to size it as much as I wanted to try a cheaper version for my older boys. For night time these diapers work just fine but I would highly recommend buying a better quality diaper for 24 hour long time use. These diapers have no brand and were under $6. Found them on eBay.
For night time my boys have a larger bladder and would pee through the 2 inserts that came with them. At night time you want to double up inserts, even with the Fuzzi Bunz, because the diaper is going to be needed during your child's long sleep hours. I even had to buy extra "hemp" liners to add to the mix for the boys. You can buy hemp liners for $2-$4 a piece. I suggest buying more than one at a get a better deal.

Here is my night time line up for the boys. Ages 2 1/2 and almost 5. For Brooklyn I just use one large insert and the small insert that comes with the diaper. She does not need a hemp liner yet.
Pictured below: 2 large liners and 1 hemp liner
I stack them together with the hemp liner at the bottom and then stuff the diaper how I would normally.

#1 question besides how much will it save me, LOL
What do you do when they poop!
You can buy thin flush-able liners that go outside of diaper pocket, sits right against baby's bum. It comes on a roll and looks alittle like a paper towel roll. You can get a roll of 100 for about $5 right now on eBay. The theory is that when they poop you just pick up flush able liners and flush them bye bye with little mess. When you baby is alittle older usually you know about what time they will poo so you don;t have to always add in a liner. LOL. These liners are also used for when you need to use any diaper ointments on baby. The ointment or powder that you'd use for a diaper rash can ruin your diapers absorbency.
 I have and tried using a liner for both easier poop mess and for diaper rash but I don't really like them. For the boys it was no biggy but they are now both potty trained that its unnecessary. For my daughter though I DO NOT like using them. The cloth diaper is made of micro fiber fleece that wicks away moisture in seconds. When you add the liner it tends to get soaked in urine but not keep it away from her bottom. I found most times the liner will give her diaper rash and I worry about her getting a bladder infection as the pee soaked liner will sometimes bunch up into her private area. LOL. SO when she does have diaper rash, which is hardly ever when using cloth diapers, I just use spare disposable diapers with ointment until its gone.

But you still have to deal with the POOP? YES!!
Here is what I do...
Hold soiled diaper by the back snap ends, folded together.
 Add the front ends into the folded mix.
 Grab the pocket flap and add to your hold.
 Then swish and dip into toilet. I will swish around in the toilet, flush the toilet and then repeat dipping and flushing. Yes.. I ring it out and then add it to my dirty diapers pile. THEN WASH YOUR HANDS! LOL! If you do this fairly soon after you change baby, the diaper will clean off very easy! 
Washer area where my dirty diaper basket is.
You don't want to put your diapers into a closed container or soak the Fuzzi Bunz. Placing them in an open container lets the diapers breathe and  "most the time" they do not smell.
You also do need to use different detergent than normal. There are some brands like Tide Free and Clear that are just fine to use with your diapers. I choose to use Charlies Soap, one tub can last me almost triple the load capacity it says the tub has. Thats because I only use it for my diapers. For a list of detergents that are safe for cloth diapers follow this link: Cloth Diaper Detergent Chart. Washing your diapers also shouldn't impact your water bill/comnsumption hardly at all, we choose the low level on the water and wash diapers every 2-3 days.

SO the #1 question besides the poop one???
How much does it really save???
*18 One Size Fuzzi Bunz that last 3 years: $324
Total cost over 3 years for disposable diapers: $2,859
*18 is a good number from newborn up. Its nice to basically have a 3 day supply so your not washing diapers all the time.

I also use disposables when we head out of the house or someone watches the kids. Its just way easier!!
I think I covered everything if you have any other questions feel free to leave a comment below!

Make the choice and switch to cloth diapers~
Bree and J
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