Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Photo of the Day

Vomit Line Up
From left to right:
Case of Gatorade, 2 extra pj's for Brooklyn, 2 extra pj's for Braeden, 2 extra pj's for Bradley, extra blankets, extra crib sheets, extra sheets for boys bed, flat sheet to be used as "drop cloth" for in front of their bed to door to cover NEW carpet. We also had "Barf Bowls" placed throughout the house and Braeden seemed to be getting sick so we made him walk around with one as well.

This was the emergency plan last night when we went to bed. We were around friends where there little boy got sick while we were there...it then spread to Jessi's kids getting sick yesterday....I was anticipating ours to get sick last night...we didn't...hopefully that means we wont and that it wont hit while we are at Costco...ekkk! Pin It

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