Monday, July 9, 2012

Commenting is now open for ALL!

We have changed back our comment options so you can comment without "signing up" or having an account. Even though we would LOVE for you to join our site. We've had a few people...moms who are busy...want to comment but don't have time to create an account. So if you would like to comment regarding a post all you have to do is scroll down to right below the post where is says "POST A COMMENT", type in your comment and choose "Comment as:" Anonymous. We would still love to add who  and where your from under your comment even though your commenting "anonymously" ex: Bree from Enumclaw or you can get fun with it and sign: Bree with 3 CRAZY kids in Washington. LOL! Hope to hear from all of you soon!

Hoping SOMEONE comments on this~
Bree and J

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Please chat us up!!! We talk alot to each other but we are so simliar it's like talking to ourselves, lol. We use comment moderation to discourage creepy and hurtful comments towards our readers and ourselves.

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