Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Healthy Housewife: Week 2

Hope everyone kept up with their 3 workouts last week. I went on vacation and never did get a chance to follow up. Are we sore?? Your arms, legs and buns should at least be! Make sure your always stretching afterwards!!!! Everybody I'm sure LOVED those lunges with the axe chop! Though I'm sure even through soreness you should feel very proud of yourself for sticking to it and getting it done! The first few months will be HARD! But it gets easier and you really will see results if your determined and work at it!

To see last weeks workout follow this link to: The Healthy Housewife: Week 1 

This weeks workout:
1. The Hundred ( a great ad/core exercise that's Pilates based)
2. Plank on your elbows (if you need to move to your knees) 
Make sure to keep your butt down but not to sag your butt/back. Pretend as if your balancing a hot tea cup on your back....nice and flat. BREATH through this one!
 3. Chest Fly
Keep your tummy tight throughout this exercise it will help! You can even lift up your feet to add a little extra core workout into the move.

4. Figure Eights for Inner Thigh

Yup! You'll be staying on the floor! Nope...no naps aloud!

The Hundred
Plank (30 seconds, make that SLOW counting)
Chest Fly 20 with 5lb weights
Plank (30 seconds, don't be a wuss)
Thigh Figure Eights 20 (only count one leg)
Plank (30 seconds, stick it out!)

REPEAT! 3x total!
Feel free to add or lessen weight on chest fly.
Make sure to BREATH during Hundred, Plank and Figure Eights!

Do this 3-4 times this week and add in a cardio day or two. This can include brick walking with weights, light jogging, biking, etc. It's nice out...so get outside!

If you need any variations or help with anything comment below.

When you work hard your rewarded~
Bree and J
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  1. Ok on Fitness Pal what do I put for my work out on this one?

    1. For some reason I can not log in this morning. This workout would be considered a moderate cardiovascular workout. You should be pretty close to burning 250-500 calories. I know that seems to be a large gap but it really depends on the individual. How much fat you have to loose, age, gender, and how hard you really went for it. You can search 30 min moderate cardiovascular activity in your fitness pal and see what the number comes up with. I wish I could be more accurate but when your in your own home and I'm unable to gauge your heart rate it makes it difficult. If your really wanting to know more precise numbers and have a tool to push you when your on your own I would suggest in investing in a heart rate monitor. You can find a good one anywhere from $40 to $400. Depends on how many tricks and tools you really want it to have. I found mine for $60.00 on Amazon.com. I highly recommend getting one.
      Thanks for the question!


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