Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tulle Poof/Pom Pom Tutorial

 For Medium Poofs, I measured them to be 10x10 squares. I cut 10" strips first.
 Then I took my strips and folded them so I had 10" squares and then cut the folded edges. Way faster and easier than cutting them one by one.
 Stack tulle together. For the medium poofs I used 20 pieces per poof. For smaller poofs you add less, larger you add more. Same goes for if you want your poof really dense and full.
 Pinch tulle in the middle.
 Tie off the middle with anything, floss, thread, yarn, or ribbon. Here I used thread. I tied it in a knot then tied it into a bow and double knotted it. This way when I go to add my ribbon to hang there is already a loop for me to thread ribbon through to hang.
 Gather the edges, one side at a time.
 Trim the edge so it is nice and flat to make an even looking poof ball. You can cut the edges into points as well to create a flower petal design.
 Then your patience comes! Start with one piece of tulle in each hand. Pull them in opposite directions. Repeat this method over and over until you have pulled all pieces. Make sure that after you pull two pieces and you grab another two, pull the next in the opposite direction as the ones you just did. If your pulling two pieces, call them 1 and 2 and your moving onto pieces 3 and 4, make sure piece 2 and 3 are going opposite directions.
 Add your ribbon, hang and fluff!
 Very important!!!
Look out for any tulle monsters that love to mess with the tulle! Very cute these monsters are but they can delay your project. LOL!

Post your poofs and share how they were~
Bree and J

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