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Bachelorette Bree's Recap Week 9

All the sudden things are getting bitter sweet...we are almost DONE ladies! I love the Bachelorette so much more than the Bachelor. And I'm sorry ladies but I did look at the SPOILERS! LOL! That stuff doesn't bother me though AND whos to really know if it's ever true. I'm still so excited to watch what happens and I promise I won't give any hints or favor anyone...more than I already do! LOL! Here we go ladies!!!

They do a recap on all the guys (that are left) and Arie was last in the recap and at the end of talking about him she seemed to become emotional...not sure what that means....Good or Bad?? I do know that I am really torn between all the guys...even though I like Jef most I do feel ALL the guys are great. That's not normally how it goes...usually theres a "villain" lol. Or there's always a clear cut one you KNOW will win and one your thinking "NO don't CHOOSE that one!" AND lately they do! LOL.

Sean's date is up first! Are there overnights this week?? I'm thinking so but we shall see...

There date starts off with a beautiful helicopter ride but there is alittle separation between them...we all know she, and us, are waiting for him to drop the L word and say those 3 little words. Until he does I think it will be just "off". Their dropped off on their own private island for the day where there is some serious (boring) talk of past girlfriends and loves of Sean...still no professions of love. The evening slows to a romantic dinner on the beach where Sean pulls out a beautiful letter to Emily's daughter Ricky. Enough to make THIS momma cry, so sweet and honest! He would be a great dad!!! Then in a finally round about way Sean tells her he loves her..."I've fallen in love with you" ohhhh so sweet....but a long time coming! Overnight card is pulled out and I begin to wonder about all the overnight cards in all past bachelor/ette history...I wonder what REALLY happens when the door closes on the film crew and producers...hmmmm. Not that I'm judgy but I bet theres a few different things that happen when its a bachelor compared to a bachelorette. LOL!!! Emily surprises me and after having him over for awhile decides to set a good example for her daughter and calls it a night. Good for her! I love you more and more Emily!!! Poor Sean...I really don't think he wanted to leave if you knwo what I mean. LOL!
Onto Jef's date! They head out onto a beautiful sail boat for an afternoon of swimming, talking and kissing. Jef has some questions and they talk about his families approval and his parents wanting to meet her. And all is good and happy in Emily and Jef world. I'm happy that he's asking some difficult questions and shes giving the perfect but not planned answers. I feel that she respects him for asking questions about where would they live, how does she see Ricky liking him or where would he fit in at home with them. I also LOVE how he knows that Emily would put Ricky first and that he would be blessed to just be a part of it. Some men don't see that mothers put their children first and he loves that about her that she does. The night winds down with a romantic dinner where there are some more questions from Jef but Emily welcomes them. Overnight key is pulled out and Jef would love to spend the night with her but "this whole process is not just about them" he says. "It involves their families, her daughter and he knows Ricky will someday watch this and he knows the type of example Emily wants to put forth for her daughter" and he turns staying the night together down. We know after Sean's date that this is what she was going to do to him anyway so its surprising that he was the one to turn her down. I think it threw her for a loop but you can tell she has more respect for him. He is also thrilled that when Emily was picturing a father in her life Jef was the one she envisioned! I still worry shes so beautiful and he's kinda the geeky/funky type she seems to be fitted picture perfect like to a very manly handsome guys or is attracted to race car drivers...would it really be realistic to choose Jef?? I think he's manly and handsome but not in the "manly man" way. I sure hope she doesn't see it that way though! They cuddle and kiss in the fantasy suite some more but soon the night is done and they both part ways. Jef is so funny and always cracks me up....his comment "Bridal these passions" was just so perfect and hilarious! Go Jef!
Last but not least is Arie's date and based on previews before commercial break she is starting to speculate about him?? I dunno?? I've come to kinda like Arie and they fit together well....but so do all the guys. Lets see how their date goes! He is SO head over heels for her! If she doesn't choose him it will be SO sad. They go swimming with dolphins (JEALOUS!) and shes scared...kinda cute and Arie is protective and helps her through it. They are back talking but that's not for long cause they just go to kissing and kissing AND kissing! So much so that I think it will turn into a discussion or a problem. Also it will turn into a little problem for whomever (if not Arie) she chooses and that guy watching her. She talks about how she "never wants to stop kissing Arie cause its just THAT GOOD" and "it'll be hard to turn him away from the overnight date" and the strong physical chemistry. Poor guy she does choose, if not Arie, but if they're a good guy they can get over it. Unless she chooses Arie than they will probably have a major make out session cause he'll be so full of himself! LOL! The night goes on and Arie surprisingly has some questions for her and they talk about how their life would be, how he thinks you gain the trust of a child and how that relationship goes which was a pleasant surprise. But I feel more and more that this may be lust as they only want to make out and she doesn't trust herself enough and she doesn't even hand him the overnight card. I'm sure he knows how the show goes and I wonder if he's wondering. I am also getting a feeling that she wont send anyone home and keep all guys but the previews for after commercial shows her watching a car drive away.
Rose Ceremony here we go...this will be so sad...
Before we head there Chris Harrison (the host) takes her aside and talks with her on her feelings and what she's thinking. We can all see she is on a breaking point and ready to just burst into tears. You can tell this last rose ceremony is taking its toll on her. But shes just hoping that tomorrow she wakes up and knows that she did make the right choice. Before she heads out to hand out the roses each guy has prepared a personal message for her to watch and I'm sure this will bring out more tears.
Sean's video is up first. I didn't bring me to tears, it was sweet but with everything on the line I think he could have done better. Sean TONIGHT is the LAST night she will hand out a rose....next its each man left (should just be two) gets down and proposes to her. You coulda done better man...you coulda done better. LOL.
Jef's video was honest and sweet and made you laugh. He did a great job! I hope they get to watch a thousand sunsets together too. She does have a look during it though and a tear drops which worries me...is that good or bad?? I want him to be with her SO bad!
Through all the videos she has a look a seriousness and sadness. I feel for her!
Arie's video is last. He was also very heartfelt and sweet. She also had a look of second thoughts like she did with Jef. Does she have no doubts about Sean?? Arie is so sweet and adorable. After the videos are done, I feel, she has a look of determination and she KNOWS what to do. She has a hard decision and here we go!
Final rose ceremony....My heart is RACING! Wonder how the guys are feeling!! LOL!
First rose goes to JEF! Whoop, whoop! (sorry, but I'm just such a fan! LOL) Now who else will I be torn to choose from at the end. They are all so great! Oh man... if she sends Arie home he's going to be SO SAD! But if Sean goes home he'll be SO heartbroken....I feel it takes him a LONG time to tell someone he loves them and he just opened up and said it. Poor men....
Final rose goes to...Arie. I'm instantly sad that Sean is going home. He had no idea this was coming. We follow them out, say their goodbyes and watch his "exit interview" in the car ride home. It all seems surreal. I am now wishing he were staying but don't know who I would choose to put in his spot. Poor, poor Sean. I have a feeling he'll be more guarded than ever now. *sigh* All I can look to is next episodes proposal and hope I know she made the right choice and I'm happy!
(crack myself up talking like its my choice, LOL)

Previews are up for next episode!
Men tell all!!! This shall be fun but all I really wanna see is the last episode where Emily picks her final guy! Why waste the time with the stupid testosterone(sp) filled MEN...moving on....
FINAL episode where she chooses her final guy will be aired SUNDAY JULY 22nd! With a LIVE "After the rose" show to follow! Can't wait for the 22nd!!!! Will she be engaged, together or ALONE! We will have to wait and see!

Until then~
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