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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bachelorette Finale!!!

We took the day off yesterday so if you are a Bachelorette fan you already know who Emily Maynard choose to be her one and only....JEF!
Whoop, whoop! Happy dance!
I have watched the show many of items but I really feel this time it may be for REAL! Could it be?? Finally another bachelor/ette marriage??? We shall see! I bet they will get married in the spring like Emily sneak mentioned and babies will be popping out left and right from this happy couple!
 If you missed the finale you can also catch up on
My highlights of the show would have to be the fact that she so easily let Jef meet Ricky, only after they had a long discussion over it, but it was so natural and fun! I do love how Jef can really communicate well with her and turns any situation around so she see's his point of view as well! They are a good fit. I also loved how she just knew it was Jef and instead of having a date with Arie decided to let him go home, too bad that "Love Potion" didn't work Arie. LOL. My favorite, and I mean real favorite moment was how Emily was so excited to tell him that he was the only one to meet Ricky and how he was the only one there that day. I find it so sweet that she wanted that for him and she seems so true to him! Even during the live "after the rose" she was so true to him and very considerate of his feelings. Arie gave Emily his personal journal that he had kept throughout his experience on the bachelorette and she decided to not even read it. Because it wouldn't have changed anything but also out of respect for Jef. So sweet!
Yes, he did propose and YES she accepted!!! Oh corse the $68,000 ring was a plus but I'm sure she would have been happy with anything....(maybe, hahahahahhaa!!!)
Finally a couple I am happy with! Congratulations Jef and Emily!
Onto the horribly fun to watch Bachelor Pad...starts Monday night! (last night) LOL!~
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bachelorette Shocker!


Bachelorette Shocker: Does Winner Turn Emily Down?

This "may" be a SPOILER!
Just to warn you. 
I think it's just gossip myself but always fun to hear! 

What do you think ladies??
Comment below!

GOOOOOO Jef (lol)~
Bree and J

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bachelorette Bree's Recap Week 9

All the sudden things are getting bitter sweet...we are almost DONE ladies! I love the Bachelorette so much more than the Bachelor. And I'm sorry ladies but I did look at the SPOILERS! LOL! That stuff doesn't bother me though AND whos to really know if it's ever true. I'm still so excited to watch what happens and I promise I won't give any hints or favor anyone...more than I already do! LOL! Here we go ladies!!!

They do a recap on all the guys (that are left) and Arie was last in the recap and at the end of talking about him she seemed to become emotional...not sure what that means....Good or Bad?? I do know that I am really torn between all the guys...even though I like Jef most I do feel ALL the guys are great. That's not normally how it goes...usually theres a "villain" lol. Or there's always a clear cut one you KNOW will win and one your thinking "NO don't CHOOSE that one!" AND lately they do! LOL.

Sean's date is up first! Are there overnights this week?? I'm thinking so but we shall see...

There date starts off with a beautiful helicopter ride but there is alittle separation between them...we all know she, and us, are waiting for him to drop the L word and say those 3 little words. Until he does I think it will be just "off". Their dropped off on their own private island for the day where there is some serious (boring) talk of past girlfriends and loves of Sean...still no professions of love. The evening slows to a romantic dinner on the beach where Sean pulls out a beautiful letter to Emily's daughter Ricky. Enough to make THIS momma cry, so sweet and honest! He would be a great dad!!! Then in a finally round about way Sean tells her he loves her..."I've fallen in love with you" ohhhh so sweet....but a long time coming! Overnight card is pulled out and I begin to wonder about all the overnight cards in all past bachelor/ette history...I wonder what REALLY happens when the door closes on the film crew and producers...hmmmm. Not that I'm judgy but I bet theres a few different things that happen when its a bachelor compared to a bachelorette. LOL!!! Emily surprises me and after having him over for awhile decides to set a good example for her daughter and calls it a night. Good for her! I love you more and more Emily!!! Poor Sean...I really don't think he wanted to leave if you knwo what I mean. LOL!
Onto Jef's date! They head out onto a beautiful sail boat for an afternoon of swimming, talking and kissing. Jef has some questions and they talk about his families approval and his parents wanting to meet her. And all is good and happy in Emily and Jef world. I'm happy that he's asking some difficult questions and shes giving the perfect but not planned answers. I feel that she respects him for asking questions about where would they live, how does she see Ricky liking him or where would he fit in at home with them. I also LOVE how he knows that Emily would put Ricky first and that he would be blessed to just be a part of it. Some men don't see that mothers put their children first and he loves that about her that she does. The night winds down with a romantic dinner where there are some more questions from Jef but Emily welcomes them. Overnight key is pulled out and Jef would love to spend the night with her but "this whole process is not just about them" he says. "It involves their families, her daughter and he knows Ricky will someday watch this and he knows the type of example Emily wants to put forth for her daughter" and he turns staying the night together down. We know after Sean's date that this is what she was going to do to him anyway so its surprising that he was the one to turn her down. I think it threw her for a loop but you can tell she has more respect for him. He is also thrilled that when Emily was picturing a father in her life Jef was the one she envisioned! I still worry shes so beautiful and he's kinda the geeky/funky type she seems to be fitted picture perfect like to a very manly handsome guys or is attracted to race car drivers...would it really be realistic to choose Jef?? I think he's manly and handsome but not in the "manly man" way. I sure hope she doesn't see it that way though! They cuddle and kiss in the fantasy suite some more but soon the night is done and they both part ways. Jef is so funny and always cracks me up....his comment "Bridal these passions" was just so perfect and hilarious! Go Jef!
Last but not least is Arie's date and based on previews before commercial break she is starting to speculate about him?? I dunno?? I've come to kinda like Arie and they fit together well....but so do all the guys. Lets see how their date goes! He is SO head over heels for her! If she doesn't choose him it will be SO sad. They go swimming with dolphins (JEALOUS!) and shes scared...kinda cute and Arie is protective and helps her through it. They are back talking but that's not for long cause they just go to kissing and kissing AND kissing! So much so that I think it will turn into a discussion or a problem. Also it will turn into a little problem for whomever (if not Arie) she chooses and that guy watching her. She talks about how she "never wants to stop kissing Arie cause its just THAT GOOD" and "it'll be hard to turn him away from the overnight date" and the strong physical chemistry. Poor guy she does choose, if not Arie, but if they're a good guy they can get over it. Unless she chooses Arie than they will probably have a major make out session cause he'll be so full of himself! LOL! The night goes on and Arie surprisingly has some questions for her and they talk about how their life would be, how he thinks you gain the trust of a child and how that relationship goes which was a pleasant surprise. But I feel more and more that this may be lust as they only want to make out and she doesn't trust herself enough and she doesn't even hand him the overnight card. I'm sure he knows how the show goes and I wonder if he's wondering. I am also getting a feeling that she wont send anyone home and keep all guys but the previews for after commercial shows her watching a car drive away.
Rose Ceremony here we go...this will be so sad...
Before we head there Chris Harrison (the host) takes her aside and talks with her on her feelings and what she's thinking. We can all see she is on a breaking point and ready to just burst into tears. You can tell this last rose ceremony is taking its toll on her. But shes just hoping that tomorrow she wakes up and knows that she did make the right choice. Before she heads out to hand out the roses each guy has prepared a personal message for her to watch and I'm sure this will bring out more tears.
Sean's video is up first. I didn't bring me to tears, it was sweet but with everything on the line I think he could have done better. Sean TONIGHT is the LAST night she will hand out a its each man left (should just be two) gets down and proposes to her. You coulda done better coulda done better. LOL.
Jef's video was honest and sweet and made you laugh. He did a great job! I hope they get to watch a thousand sunsets together too. She does have a look during it though and a tear drops which worries that good or bad?? I want him to be with her SO bad!
Through all the videos she has a look a seriousness and sadness. I feel for her!
Arie's video is last. He was also very heartfelt and sweet. She also had a look of second thoughts like she did with Jef. Does she have no doubts about Sean?? Arie is so sweet and adorable. After the videos are done, I feel, she has a look of determination and she KNOWS what to do. She has a hard decision and here we go!
Final rose ceremony....My heart is RACING! Wonder how the guys are feeling!! LOL!
First rose goes to JEF! Whoop, whoop! (sorry, but I'm just such a fan! LOL) Now who else will I be torn to choose from at the end. They are all so great! Oh man... if she sends Arie home he's going to be SO SAD! But if Sean goes home he'll be SO heartbroken....I feel it takes him a LONG time to tell someone he loves them and he just opened up and said it. Poor men....
Final rose goes to...Arie. I'm instantly sad that Sean is going home. He had no idea this was coming. We follow them out, say their goodbyes and watch his "exit interview" in the car ride home. It all seems surreal. I am now wishing he were staying but don't know who I would choose to put in his spot. Poor, poor Sean. I have a feeling he'll be more guarded than ever now. *sigh* All I can look to is next episodes proposal and hope I know she made the right choice and I'm happy!
(crack myself up talking like its my choice, LOL)

Previews are up for next episode!
Men tell all!!! This shall be fun but all I really wanna see is the last episode where Emily picks her final guy! Why waste the time with the stupid testosterone(sp) filled MEN...moving on....
FINAL episode where she chooses her final guy will be aired SUNDAY JULY 22nd! With a LIVE "After the rose" show to follow! Can't wait for the 22nd!!!! Will she be engaged, together or ALONE! We will have to wait and see!

Until then~
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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bachelorette...Bree's Recap...Week 8

Its starts off with Emily going to her own hometown and having mommy daughter time. So sweet!
We also get a taste of how all the men would fit into her life...then you cant even choose between any of them. Dammit...I hate when they make the choice hard. But when Emily comments about Arie's bad boy edge and I worry...again...that her normal life...homemaker, kids might be a little less "crazy" and "bad boy". But is she in love or lust?? Lets go to hometowns!
Starts off with Chris' hometown in Chicago..
 Sooooo...the hometown date started off just kinda off and awkward feeling with Chris. Like he was holding back saying something or was trying to spit something out. Curious to see the curve ball his sister throws her. After the rest of the date I feel like a teenager saying "I love you" for the first time. So awkward but so sweet and cute...awkward in a way where you know he doesn't just throw those words around. 
Onto Jef's Hometown in Utah...

 Her cream/white sun dress and boots is SO awesome! I want her outfit!!! OMG....SO funny how Jef..."skinny jean" Jef takes her 4 wheeling, and shootin' and its right up her ally...and Jef is an expert basically. And she LOVES it! Makes me LOVE Jef even more!!! But I'm so nervous about what the previews showed about his brother not supporting him so we shall see....sometimes the show producers edits very well!!! SO funny how his older brother talks just like Jef. Oh Jef....Oh made me cry and your the sweetest guy I think ever! I think I've already decided I pick you for her. Just everything about his love letter was "perfect" as Emily put it! Ok we can skip to her choosing him and the wedding and their many babies!!!
Buuuttt....onto Aire's Hometown in Arizona...
 Oh coarse we are racing and then it's kinda just a chill afternoon picnic wine in the park. But he is very nervous about Emily meeting his parents. Especially his mom. Maybe Emily will hate them and his parents wont like her and that will be the end to Arie and Emily...BAAAhahahahha! Sorry Arie I'm just really rooting for Jef! Your really great and super sweet. Lets see how it goes with his parents...WOW he has a big family... including his dad..who's name is also ARIE and twin! The family portion was okay i thought. At first it was weird when they were speaking dutch and basically excluding her. And even though Arie decided to stop how would every family get together be like. I dunno. Go Jef! LOL!
Onto Sean's hometown in Dallas...
 I am SUPER curious to find out what secret he has to tell her!!! I hope it's not stupid and hyped up by the bachelorette producers! Already love him and his dogs! Ohh...a "simple but beautiful life" :) They show up at his families home and the little girl (assuming his niece) just RUNS up and Sean wraps her up! Super sweet for a dad to be! weird...he lives with his parents! LOL! Hold was a JOKE! I couldn't believe his fake room....the stuffed animals were just weird. LOL! Whew! OK! Ya stupid but funny. The day went wonderfully but whats up with him running after the car??? lets skip to that..well it was just for a last kiss...but no profession of love.
Emotional Rose Ceremony ahead.... and I have NO idea what will happen. I'm thinking Arie or Sean and she seems so head over hills over Arie so I'm thinking Sean. But I just don't think Arie is what she'll need in the long run or vise versa. Not sure his career is family friendly. But I don't think Sean has said "I love you" yet....So nervous! computer just froze...well ok...whew just paused for a sec! Back onto the show...
Finishing off the recaps of dates with Chris Harrison (the host) my stupid computer keeps freezing the show. Ahhhhhhhh....REALLY... all the way to the almost very end! !(*!^*@$@#$@&!!!&*!$@*!(@**@*!***!$$^! is all i have to say right now! ****
OH no...I'm super s funny to think though that my recap is late and you probably know what will happen!
Its so sad to see all the guys light up when she walks in cause they all are hoping SO much she picks them! Here we go....roses to: Arie (****) LOL!, Jef (YES!)....down to Sean and Chris and I have no clue..cant even goes to...Sean.
I kinda was thinking it would be Chris at the last minute. Big *SIGH* for Chris. Though he seems like he's being jerky towards her. Alright Chris, don't be stupid and a jerk. Be a man, I'm sorry your heart is broken but don't be a baby.

Onto beautiful weather, swim suits, beaches and more heartbreak. My worst nightmare is I thinking happening where Arie and Jef go head to head for the final 2. But Sean is creapin' up there! His family and him are so fun loving and joking! Lovin' the steamed Armadillo! LOL!

Until next week..I'm gonna try and stay away from spoilers but ahhhh~
Bree and J

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Bachelorette...THE Final 4

Outta ALL these men....4 survived

Emily is down to her final 4 men, here is a run down!

(not in order of my preference, lol, alphabetical)

Bachelor Bio 
Age: 30, Occupation: Race Car Driver, Hometown: Den Bosch, Netherlands
Do you consider yourself romantic and why?
Yes. I think the definition of romance is putting your partner first. I believe I do that!
What's your best date memory?
When we took my motorcycle and rode to the park for a picnic. After we rode to the lake and went cliff jumping, it was an awesome day.
What is your motto?
Drive fast take chances.
Tattoo Count: 
Arm and Ribs 
When they first met
First Date

Bachelor Bio 
Age: 25, Occupation: Corporate Sales Director, Hometown, Bartlett, IL

Do you consider yourself a neat or messy or in between?
Definitely in between. When I'm at home, everybody has to be neat and tidy. When I’m at work, I would say my office is an organized mess. 
Who are your top 3 favorite groups/artists & why?
Rascal Flatts – Their music seriously gives me goose bumps
Zac Brown Band – Awesome chilling music
Johnny Cash – Rebellious 
Do you consider yourself a romantic and why? 
Yes because I'm always trying to find the next best way to romanticize a woman.
Do you prefer a woman who wants to be pursued or a woman who pursues you?
A woman who wants to be pursued. I like a girl that plays hard to get. It's like a competition. 
Tattoo Count: 

The first day they met 
Climbing a building together on a date

Bachelor Bio 

Age: 27, Occupation: Entrepreneur, Hometown: St. George, UT

What are your 3 worst attributes?
Impatient, Perfectionist, Fun Loving
Do you prefer "hot spot" type clubs or low-key bars and why?
Low key I like to talk
Do you consider yourself romantic and why?
Absolutely. I always have been more than anyone I know.
What is your greatest regret?
Not playing soccer for any of the teams that recruited me after high school because I "thought" I was in love.
Tattoo Count: 
First time meeting
Romantic date in a beautiful library


Bachelor Bio 

Age: 28, Occupation: Insurance Agent, Hometown: Dallas, TX

What is your greatest achievement to date?
Earned a full scholarship to college through football.
Which U.S. city is the most romantic to you and why?
New York City - It's so big yet so inviting. So many great places to go in NYC.
What is your biggest date fear?
Forgetting my wallet.
What is your motto?
If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?
Tattoo Count: 

First meeting each other
Romantic Spontaneous Mini Date

  Bree's order of picking: (from hoping to win to i dunno...)

I like Jef the most because he is really standing out more and more. He is so sweet and kind and always thinking of Emily first. He also seems like it would be very easy to step into the father role Emily needs for her daughter Ricki. But I worry that the Corky, Funky Jef may not "fit in" with her friends, family and life....
Sean is also pulling away from the pack of men (in a good way), his romantic stolen date was really a hit. And he seems to have his values and morals right on track with hers. He also treats her very well and is very fun loving as well. They would make really cute babies!! LOL
Arie I doubted in the begining but I do like him more and more. Things seem so natural with them and she really took a liking to him very early on. I'm still on the fence on if I want him to make it to the end and end up with her. Sorry Arie.
I really like Chris but he seems to be falling apart lately and it's not attractive on him. It could be just the stress of the process but he's losing it which will lead to him losing her. I hope he can pull it together for hometowns and make it through. But i dunno....

What do I think will happen...
The final two picks 
   Jef        VS        Arie

I am voting for JEF!

Can't wait until tonight's episode where Emily goes to visit her men in there hometowns! Funny how after hometowns your mind really changes about some people...good and bad.....we shall see!!! I'll be recapping in the morning!!!

Bachelorette Nut Right Here~
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bachelorette Week 7 Recap

The gang is in Progue...I've been waiting all week to see what is going on with Arie and ex girlfriend whom also is a producer on the SHOW! is a small world but also alittle like a set up to me. We shall see! And 2 guys are going home tonight! Only 4 move on to hometowns which is next episode! We are getting down there ladies! Here we go!
Arie has the first date card, being the first one on one date. They start their date, walking through Progue but the funny thing is Emily knows about the ex girl friend but Arie doesnt know she does. They rube the loyalty dog and she tells him to do it twice! BAaaahahahaa! She is funny sometimes. I'm guessing the relationship is no big deal but the secret is or not being open with her is the real problem. Production interview was alittle odd, but I got the jist of what Emily was wanting to say, she just couldnt find a real way to say it. And then their date just gets weird and okward. Chris Harrison (the host) comes back on and talks more about the past relationship and infoms us all that the ex, Emily and Arie sat down (off film...DANG) and discussed it and it ended up not being a big deal in the end. LAME! I guess I wanted more drama out of it. But Arie is winning me over more and more and I am happy they worked it out and Emily is so smitten by him. I have a feeling he'll be the one at the end (well thats how I feel now anyway) lol. Arie then professes his love and the night ends like a fairytale...except she has 5 other boyfrinds back at the hotel freaking out about the next date card. It arrives with Johns name on it and Chris is pissed, I dont see why John is really still here but lets see what their date has in store for them.
On Emily and Johns one on one date things are SLOW moving but it picks up in a funny tone when their Eternal Love Lock doesnt lock shut! LMAO! NOT a good sign! Back at the guys' hotel Chris is freaking out more and more and I have a feeling either Doug or him will get the last one on one date...if Chirs doesnt get it I'm not sure how he'll handle it. I am thinking Doug will get the date seeing as she has some unaswered feelings towards Doug. Poor Chris!
Finishing off the one on one with John closing it with a kiss that I just didnt see any spark in. He is a super sweet guy though.
Previews come for after commercial break and you basically figure out that Doug and Chris at least are on the group date and Chris seems to be none the happy about it! And Sean goes running through the streets of Progue in search for his love! Where is a guy like Sean in the real world??? LOL!
Date card date...Sean ("ugh")....Doug ("ugh")...Chris("oh geeze").....Little Jeffy gets the last one on one though...he wasn't complaining and throwing a fit and he got it! LOL.

Sean leaves knowing Emily is close, cause she dropped off John,....looking for Emily. He runs through the streets at night calling out her name over and over and he finds her....melts my heart! Sean is so sweet. And so romantic! You go Sean!

Previews come for after commercial and your kinda given the feeling of Chris being very overbearing and controlling. Seems like he kind of confronts Emily...bad move dude. But men don't know how to shove their feelings down and bury them for a long time like women do. BAHhhhaaahahaa!
On the group date Doug doesn't make a move AGAIN and I feel like this is the end for him. Doug NEEDS to be the next Bachelor! I don't feel the chemistry is there, he's so genuine and sweet and they just don't make them that way anymore. It's hard to find a Doug. PLEEEEASE let him be the Bachelor next season!!! Sorry Doug, but chin up your going to see your son!
Wrapping up the group date turned two on one Chris gets his time with Emily but it's alittle to late for this rose because I think what Sean did the night before really stood out in Emily's mind. I just hope he can gather his feelings and really show her he wants this and wants her and stop being so jealous before she hands out the roses and sends him home.
Jef's one on one was great! He is really awesome even with his funkyness! I love it! And it was so sweet how he went and grabbed a Ricky doll for their puppets. And then their little puppet play was hillarious and then turned romantic. Jef your great! I loved their little talk laying on the floor in the library...its so easy and fun and they just seem to fit. The funky guy and the beautiful women. The geek and the goddess! LOL!

Chris and John are basically a toss up and I feel John is playing Chris acting like he has this in the bag. Chris is also more understanding of how things went and REALLY wants to make things right and better! I hope he can do it cause I want Chris going to home towns. OH NO...Emily decides to go straight to the rose ceremony without giving the guys a chance to talk with her...Chirs is going to freak! AND then John just gets is alittle cocky...really?!?! John please go home, Chris PLEEEEEASE pull it off!
She comes out and talks to the guys and Chris is jittering and freaking the last moment he speaks up and asks to talk to her. He confesses his feelings and he just says that he couldn't go one moment more without her just knowing how he felt. She ends up giving him the last rose, which I feel he was going to get all along anyway. John seems surprised but America isn't. The night is short and previews are up for next week. I have a feeling that Sean running after the car is to tell her that he really loves her. I am super pleased with the top 4 guys eventhough they weren't my original picks and I even didn't even give Arie a chance. Emily seems to be very emotional next week and I am very curious to see who will go home. Now it gets really hard! They are all great guys and I find myself torn between Arie, Sean and Jef. To see my original top 4 picks follow this link, The Bachelorette, My top 4 Picks

Till next week~
Bree and J

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bachelorette Week 6

Croatia watch out.
Doug seems to be growing distant to I'm already worry about him!
Travis is first up for the one on one date. The setting is beautiful, doing alittle street walking and I lOVE how they just in the street started dancing. Not every man would do that.

During their date the touch back on the "guys"...oh Ryan....I have a feeling about you...latrely all the previous bachelors/bachelorettes have been picking the wrongs one at the end. Too bad he wasnt SO cute! OHHH did anyone else think that the white tight tank top he was wearing during the "guy" talk made him look alittle he had boobs! Baaahahahaha!
Drumroll date card is here...who ever is NOT on the card has the 2nd one on one...aaaaand its RYAN with the "win"

Back to Travis' date. So far I dont see the romance side. Then she grabs the rose...i am feeling like shes sending him home...holding my breathe here......and she did, the right choice though, but I really hope this was able to help him open up and now he's ready to find someone else. His tears were the first tears I feel were genuine and honest. Sorry Travis.

Onto the group date and I'm already worrying about Doug just based on the commercials. LOL....the guys arrive and 4 out of the 6 guys are wearing plaid shirts....matchy matchy..did you think they planed that! Hahahahaaa! After watching the movie "Brave" the guys will be competing in their own highland kilts! LOL! First of all I love how they like to embarrass the guys just like how they like to get the girls on the Bachelor into bikinis. And I'm sorry....who rides donkeys into battle....REALLY! Croatia I'm thinking you didnt win too many battles! I'm really liking Chris more and more! He's so cute! Arie for being/looking a little like a weekling did very well I thought in the highland games! Doug is RIPPED thats for sure! I agree with Emily...Sean looked pretty good....and he broke his log! LOL! Poor Chris, dont be a poor sport, doesn't mean your going home...AND look you WON the bravest cup of all! See good guys dont finish last! Jef, Arie, Sean and Chris are definatly standing out more and more. Now they are having the romantic setting of the group date and Arie steals the show....OH Arie....your so totally planned that kiss against the wall perfectly! Any woman right now is swooning over that! And Chris gets the group date rose....I feel more and more that he is kinda super shy which is kinda really cute! He doesn't know he has the looks and I love that. Not like Ryan....Ryan is oh so ugh....all the "Ryanessence" your shoving down my throat I wanna gag Ryan. GET OVER YOURSELF! Can he please just go home date needed...but here we go one on one date with Ryan....
Ryan looks like he's going on his date in pj's...oooook! LOVED how the guys were totally bashing him after he left! SO FUNNY! I don't think Ryan is pulling a one over on Emily...she knows who he is but he can also be very sweet...but maybe he is just THAT good. But I go back and forth hourly too on him Emily....or minutly. He is so gentlemanly can you not appriciate that! OOOhhhh no here comes the paper out from Ryan...last time he did this was a 7 page love letter for her that NEVER's the he going looks like it....she's not giving him the rose but he's fighting for its getting pitiful....just go home...your making it so much worse Ryan....

OH NO....commercial break at the WRONG, WORST, HORRIBLE MOMENT..... shes gonna give it to him i can feel it...bahhhhhhh! Why would they show the guys talking about him, well at least I think it was him, when if he doesn't go home there would be no need to show that.....AHHHH its back on...

And Ladies Ryan GOES HOME!!!!! Ya, Ryan your a "loser"...come on really dude? Also was crakin up on the fact that Ryan thinks the guys back at the hotel will miss him and he'll see them they love him and back at the hotel they are celebrating that the a-hole is gone! LMAO!

Arie sneaks out and gets an intimate chance to hang out with Emily and chat and kiss in her bed...thinking he'll be going to the #2. I think i may have been wrong about him. He's so sweet!

Rose Ceremony is here and I have a feeling that Doug will go home cause John really pulled something out of a bag or should I saw wallet (lol) and brought me to tears. Poor Doug...get some Ryan in you and get alittle cocky and confidant and make some MOVES! Dammit why didn't you just GRAB her and KISS her Doug... sorry man...your going home. :( Oh man...him missing his son is so heart wrenching too...breaks my heart. BUT Doug if you do go home I want to see you be the next Bachelor!!! You deserve LOVE! Commercial break is here and I'm thinking she wont give out last rose and that will mean Doug and John (i think) will both be going home and then that automatically brings it to 4 men! Things could move fast! Oh by the way her dress is gorgeous! I want it!!! extra ROSE!!!! I was happily wrong!
LOVE you Emily! They all stay! Doug you better get it together man!
And we're off to Progue. Next week on the Bachelorette....It almost looks like every or alot of the guys get a one on one but I doubt it. John seems to get alittle more cozy, Chris feels he made a wrong move or said something...he seems to think it may affect her decision differently at the rose ceremony enough that he asks to take her aside and talk with her....I think he really already loves her alot. ARIE, ARIE, ARIE....just when you were growing on me and I said you'd be final 2 there's something that comes up with a previous relationship with one of the shows producers....hmmmm....its a small world or maybe it's a planned thing to get more attention to the is the really big drama we've been waiting for! Sorry this point in time I think she's head over heels for you but you may be going home....shaddy isn't the way to be. LOL.
Can't wait for next week already~
Bree and J

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bachelorette Catchup


Week 3:
Well its make out time!....3 weeks in everyone is kissing...almost...poor Ryan is jealous! So kinda icky she's kissing SO many different guys while other ones are hanging out. LOL.

I did fall in love with Sean and Chris!
Sean kinda snuck up on me, Sean is so sweet, i do believe he would treat Ricky, Emily's daughter, as his own.
But I have always been a fan of Chirs' she is also so smitten with him!  I think he'll go very far! So far cant choose between Chris and Doug....we shall see!

Doug on the other hand impressed me more this episode and really hope he stays for awhile, seems like he can be SO good for her AND he's a father.

Ryan is disappointing me, "don't get lazy and fat cause I will love you but I may not love on you"....WHAT! He seems to be getting super facial(sp) and WAY to into himself! Your so cute Ryan...suck it up!

Loved how fun Jef had with the kids and thought it was adorable but kinda childish how he was telling her he has the biggest crush on her...but still so cute!

Felt alittle bad for Tony BUUUUUT you did sign up for this, I also thought it was funny that Emily kinda talks to him as a child..."sweetie" and "it'll be ok" she doesn't need to coddle him SO much...would he do the same?? I don't know. And then she did the right, best thing and sent him home. Alittle bitter sweet but i didn't think he'd be the ONE for her. Sorry Tony.

Arie on the other hand made a comment after receiving his date card...."i live in the fast lane and so far things are moving slow" (like he's bored) life is not always exciting and fast paced, it's the slow times and the quiet moments that sometimes matter the most! After there date I really am seeing that she is really "into" the race car driver, maybe she just has a thing for that. And I do hope that he proves me wrong but I feel there are so many other better fits that the sooner she lets him go the better because she's just going to get attached more and more. Whats the bachelor/bachelorette without them stringing you along and heartbreak. LOL. But he was so sweet after she sent Alessandro home. I'm so torn.

OHHH...Kalen please get sent home! Rude, rude, rude, too into himself, blah!

AND thank goodness "Shelly" is gone, BAHhhaahaa!

Poor Alessandro...not sure if that was a language barrier but I dont think either of them "got" that conversation...AWKWARD!

Rose Ceremony:
All I can think is WHYYYYYY is Kalon still here.....i think the show keeps on some "bad" guys to add more drama into the mix. BOO!
And who's Nate??
Bye Stevie, theres another lucky lady with moves like you out there somewhere.

Onto week 4:
Oh no....previews start off with and argument between Chirs and Doug....whats going on...they are casting both (more Doug) as kinda bad :(
Whoop...whoop lets go to Brumuda! So great to see they brought Ricky too and LOVED the scooter rally bit! Baaahahahahhahaaa!

While Doug was preparing for his date, he's super nervous, the guys teased him...and to me its funny...wish i could be there to tease him alittle too. ;) So sweet Emily wrote his son, Austin, alittle note back on a post card. I was worried at first when Emily started to drill him but I'm so happy he turned it around and she completley understood him and her faults really arent faults just like him. JUST Doug. :) Though "just Doug" you need to step up and make the first move and give her a kiss....OKWARD! LOL.

Onto the group date...
 Competition..LOVE it! Before it even gets started the 2 and 1 date card arrives...dududaaa...John and Nate...two guys I have no clue who they will go home and one will stay. Nate is cuter I'm rooting for him!
Her goes the race. Jef you can do it! Though I do like Charlie. Red team is winning...Yellow teams will it be.....and its YELLOW with the WIN! Ryan with your "WINNING" attitude you make it easier for me to not like you. Was Charlie REALLY crying over losing?? COME ON!
Jef like you like really like stop like saying like and like hanging out with you, even though you like hurt your like finger it was really like cute that you like said you really liked her. :) Your too cute Jef, even though you gotta like ditch using LIKE every other word.

OHH could just be in a sexy, romance story of a trophy wife...maybe he fits into the shades of grey books....your VERY goooood and what you do! LOL! He is funny though....kinda. Thank goodness he did shave that weird scruffy man beard. Then he starts with the role model bit and kinda putting her down...REALLY. WHO ARE you?

Time for the group date rose...I'm hoping JEF....yaaaaaa! She choose Jef, way to go skate boarder boy!

Two on one group date...
Just noticed John's nick name is "wolf" uhhh doesnt seem like a good name to would he earn THAT one???
Oh boys....age is just a number! LOL!
This is SO WEIRD...and OKWARD! Love the music they add to the stale conversation. Nates up first for some one on one time, thought the crying threw me off...I was expecting him to say something about someone dieing or something. Not that I dont like a sensitive guy but you dont know her. For me...alittle weird.
John. John seems more down to earth, relaxed, knows who he is. John it is with the rose. Now onto the rose ceremony.

Arie...I agree with you, Ryan is overly confident...I hope he gets knocked down to earth...reality check needed over here in Ryan land. WHOOOOOW Jef....ok....whats up with the socks dude...I'm all for being yourself and cool, off, fashion senses but the socks for me are MUCH. Arie's gonna rob Ryans date! Baaahahaha! Really Ryan...evaluating Emily...huh.
Oh Ryan your so cute but SO thick. What is Arie trying to do...suduce her...he's undressing her with his sexy eyes, sexy looooow voice and getle touches and leg stroking. Making me alittle uncomfortable. we see it...Bachelor the true Ryan comes out....uhhh Ryan ABC doesnt do Bachelor cause your arogant and ask for it. At least if them did I would watch. Alright trophy wives line up for Ryan's imaginary season! Please do us all a favor and LEAVE! (i'm sure some of you are laughing at me cause you know whats up and know what will happen, sorry I'm having to catch up!) Oh boy Doug and Chris are both misunderstanding each other. Not so worried anymore about the advertised blow up! You go Chris, I think you are ready to be a good husband and dad. :) But Chris thats not really what I think Doug was really meaning. Yes the older you are the more you usually have been through. WELL there was a blow up between Chris and Doug but I think still kinda misundertood and over exagerated...though Chris' comment about Doug being too humble does kinda ring alittle he really so amazing?? We'll see.

Chris Harrison (the host)
Who's not getting a rose???
Hmmm...after Emily's convo with Chris Harrison (the host) I'm wondering if Ryan will go home. Damn, Ryan stays another week. Ohhh Sorry Micheal. I just dont get why these guys always cry. Your almost worse than the women!
Moving on to...

Week 5 and then I'm caught up!
The gang goes to London. Makes me want to bring my kids there for some reason. SO interested after the previews...who mad the "baggage" claim???
Sean gets the first date card, we know Jef will get the other. Sean sure did sneak up on me...he's so sweet. The date they had was basically perfect...he carried her purse, pronounce his feelings about love and his hopes for it with Emily, all their wonderful pictures...lets just hope those pictures will be in their family memory book someday with their 3, 4..6...10 kids! Hahaha! Sean and Emily together just make me smile...they seem so perfect and adorable together. <3
Group date card arrives and Kaln's name was on it meaning that he is NOT on the next one on one date. He threw a fit like a big baby. I'm going to guess he's the baggage claim maker. But it does mean Jef (which we knew this from previews) is on the 2nd one on one. He's so cute but is there romance there???

The group date was hilarious! The men are acting, and having fun with it well all but Kalon. Kalon NEEDS to "rehearse", shooo Emily we need to rehearse! WHAT?!?!?! I do see more and more that Doug kinda freaks out alittle too much over not that big of deals. The date last week, acting, still not a bad trait but could be annoying. Not anything alittle counseling couldn't help with. BAH!! Travis is SO great and funny with the acting, he is a great dad waiting to happen! Arie was awesome too, the best parts went to the none romantic parts. LOL.
 I am also just now thinking, how much plastic surgery has Kalon had done...his face is kinda too well done. Lips, checks, etc...

 And then Ryan pulled off two kisses and it was very sweet and Emily was very surprised at how sweet and innocent compared to his cocky arrogant side. Hmm...maybe some counseling for him too. Hahahaaa!

Group date is winding down and she is kissing some people spreading some germs (sounds like she has a cold) And OHHHH Kalon, your are disgusting...just made a comment about "it's gonna be a great time with Emily when shes sick, tired, mother" GO HOME! LOVE, love, LOVE it that Doug decides to talk to Kalon, but before he takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves....LETS FIGHT! And here goes the DRAMA, sorry pretty boy, luxury salesman who ever you are, chopper Kalon your going HOME... to bad he can fly his own a** home. Wish he was forced to hitch hike.

Now Emily is doubting all the guys, the only one I don't understand is Doug DID say something, he didn't know about that comment until right then....I just hope she remembers that.
Jef's one on one...wait, wait two on one with Jean...."Aaaaalllllllways pourrrr in your tea befoooooore your milk." (you feeling my Ennnnnnnglish accent in that?? LOL.) Jef your so cute, I could have a fourth kid and you be him, alittle odd though that we'd be so close in age. ;) I hope Jef's shows her some romance, Go Jef, Go Jef, Go Jef! After some AWKWARD missed chances for a first kiss he finally made the move and in a very gentleman way kinda asked but not for permission to kiss her and no matter how funky and corky and funny Jef can be... watching them kiss made him more of a "man" and I'm sure beyond the silly exterior he should you say....he wouldn't "disappoint" Emily! AAAAhhaahahhahah! I crack myself UP!

Rose Ceremony here we go:
Ryan....not sure what to think...ugh...maybe he just had a bad man moment trying to be macho. But YOU keep an eye ON him Emily! Sean melted my heart again, was he one of my top?? To view what my original top 4 pics were follow this link to view The Bachelorette, My Top 4 Picks.

Final rose was up to Alejandro and Arie, I knew it would be Alejandro but I do think she saved the last rose for Arie as a point she was making to Arie...."you better have my back next time Arie"

Next Episode...
8 men left, don't know where Croashia (sp)
I'm gonna guess that Travis and Ryan will be on the one on one's but it looks like there's more DRAAAAMA! They portray possibly Ryan as a villain wanting to WIN Emily as his trophy wife...we all know it'll be Ryan...RIGHT?!?!?! Arie makes a move to tell her, to possibly earn her trust back and show her he does have her back. I'm gonna guess the rose ceremony gets put on hold half way through and she leaves and CONFRONTS Chris Harrison (the host) THAT would be a first! CANT WAAAAIT for next week!!!
They give you a peak into the rest of the season. They lead you to believe and you also see that some guys make it further beyond next week...those men being Jef, Arie, Chris, Sean, RYAN (or maybe they are leading us on and those are clips from next episode that they are throwing in to throw us off), one person I did NOT see that makes me sad is Doug :( but if he doesn't make it maaaybe he'll be the next Bachelor?? We shall see! Next episode is soon upon us!

Are you super curious about all of this and aren't a Bachelorette fan?? Don't worry on you can catch up on all  episodes by going to The Bachelorette and watch the video episodes from first episode to current. Bachelorette Marathon whoop whoop!

Preview Pics of Next Episode:
DAMN....look at the arm on Doug!

Always LOVE manly competition, gonna put my $$$ on Doug just  based on pure strength.

THIS looks like "fun" men, in skirts, riding donkey's??? I bet it's funny though!!!

LOVE my guilty pleasure TV~
Bree and J
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