Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bachelorette...Bree's Recap...Week 8

Its starts off with Emily going to her own hometown and having mommy daughter time. So sweet!
We also get a taste of how all the men would fit into her life...then you cant even choose between any of them. Dammit...I hate when they make the choice hard. But when Emily comments about Arie's bad boy edge and I worry...again...that her normal life...homemaker, kids might be a little less "crazy" and "bad boy". But is she in love or lust?? Lets go to hometowns!
Starts off with Chris' hometown in Chicago..
 Sooooo...the hometown date started off just kinda off and awkward feeling with Chris. Like he was holding back saying something or was trying to spit something out. Curious to see the curve ball his sister throws her. After the rest of the date I feel like a teenager saying "I love you" for the first time. So awkward but so sweet and cute...awkward in a way where you know he doesn't just throw those words around. 
Onto Jef's Hometown in Utah...

 Her cream/white sun dress and boots is SO awesome! I want her outfit!!! OMG....SO funny how Jef..."skinny jean" Jef takes her 4 wheeling, and shootin' and its right up her ally...and Jef is an expert basically. And she LOVES it! Makes me LOVE Jef even more!!! But I'm so nervous about what the previews showed about his brother not supporting him so we shall see....sometimes the show producers edits very well!!! SO funny how his older brother talks just like Jef. Oh Jef....Oh Jef....you made me cry and your the sweetest guy I think ever! I think I've already decided I pick you for her. Just everything about his love letter was "perfect" as Emily put it! Ok we can skip to her choosing him and the wedding and their many babies!!!
Buuuttt....onto Aire's Hometown in Arizona...
 Oh coarse we are racing and then it's kinda just a chill afternoon picnic wine in the park. But he is very nervous about Emily meeting his parents. Especially his mom. Maybe Emily will hate them and his parents wont like her and that will be the end to Arie and Emily...BAAAhahahahha! Sorry Arie I'm just really rooting for Jef! Your really great and super sweet. Lets see how it goes with his parents...WOW he has a big family... including his dad..who's name is also ARIE and twin brothers...wow! The family portion was okay i thought. At first it was weird when they were speaking dutch and basically excluding her. And even though Arie decided to stop how would every family get together be like. I dunno. Go Jef! LOL!
Onto Sean's hometown in Dallas...
 I am SUPER curious to find out what secret he has to tell her!!! I hope it's not stupid and hyped up by the bachelorette producers! Already love him and his dogs! Ohh...a "simple but beautiful life" :) They show up at his families home and the little girl (assuming his niece) just RUNS up and Sean wraps her up! Super sweet for a dad to be! OMG...how weird...he lives with his parents! LOL! Hold up...rewind...it was a JOKE! I couldn't believe his fake room....the stuffed animals were just weird. LOL! Whew! OK! Ya stupid but funny. The day went wonderfully but whats up with him running after the car??? lets skip to that..well it was just for a last kiss...but no profession of love.
Emotional Rose Ceremony ahead.... and I have NO idea what will happen. I'm thinking Arie or Sean and she seems so head over hills over Arie so I'm thinking Sean. But I just don't think Arie is what she'll need in the long run or vise versa. Not sure his career is family friendly. But I don't think Sean has said "I love you" yet....So nervous!
WTF...my computer just froze...well ok...whew just paused for a sec! Back onto the show...
Finishing off the recaps of dates with Chris Harrison (the host) my stupid computer keeps freezing the show. Ahhhhhhhh....REALLY... all the way to the almost very end! !(*!^*@$@#$@&!!!&*!$@*!(@**@*!***!$$^! is all i have to say right now! ****
OH no...I'm super nervous....it s funny to think though that my recap is late and you probably know what will happen!
Its so sad to see all the guys light up when she walks in cause they all are hoping SO much she picks them! Here we go....roses to: Arie (****) LOL!, Jef (YES!)....down to Sean and Chris and I have no clue..cant even guess....it goes to...Sean.
I kinda was thinking it would be Chris at the last minute. Big *SIGH* for Chris. Though he seems like he's being jerky towards her. Alright Chris, don't be stupid and a jerk. Be a man, I'm sorry your heart is broken but don't be a baby.

Onto beautiful weather, swim suits, beaches and more heartbreak. My worst nightmare is I thinking happening where Arie and Jef go head to head for the final 2. But Sean is creapin' up there! His family and him are so fun loving and joking! Lovin' the steamed Armadillo! LOL!

Until next week..I'm gonna try and stay away from spoilers but ahhhh~
Bree and J

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