Tuesday, July 3, 2012

John Deere Themed Cupcakes for my Nephew

Here's a tid bit you may not know about Jessi....she went The Art Institute for Culinary Arts....but doesn't actual do any culinary arts as a job. Just on the side and I wouldn't even say as fun. LOL. She is SO meticulous and particular about it that it stresses her out TO THE MAX....but she does enjoy it...if things go right. 

She and I made the cupcakes for my nephews 1st birthday this past weekend! John Deere Tractor Themed Party.
Here we go...60+ cupcakes...
 This is what happens when the cupcakes are left too close to the edge of the counter...
Braeden "the ones wif my finger pints on dem are my favorites!"
 Frosting, frosting, frosting....YUM
 Paper Station...
 Tractor wheels for cupcake holders
 Stacked and ready to go

Put together and ready for little kids to rip apart and devour
 John Deere Party Decor Thanks to Dazzle Expressions
Dazzle Expressions labels for favors.
 Boys were so cute facing each other sharing a plate. Party was great!!!

Happy Birthday Lincoln~
Auntie Bree and J Pin It

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