Monday, July 30, 2012

Patio Roof: Before and After

In the middle of the crazy birthday extravaganza weekend, my dad came over and started on replacing our giant patio roof.  One of the things I'm bad at is getting around to fixing stuff up.  These pictures are a perfect example of how long it take me to change something I hate.  When you think about getting a house, you think "Oh, when we have our own place we can paint and remodel and really make it ours!" but when you actually get a house you realize that some stuff will take YEARS to afford to do.  I hate how my patio looks but it has great potential and someday (hopefully soon!) I can get it how I want it.

 We had a big chunk of the corrugated paneling blow off during a wind storm and the above picture is after the first snow fall with the hole.  You can see how dirty the fibers had become.  The after is from today.  It's so bright and cheery, even with the "on shore flow" clouds!

Now to let go of some of the junk and get actual patio furniture!  We painted the lattice with Behr's French Roast in their premium plus ultra (paint and primer combo) with a satin finish.  This took 2 gallons of paint and only doing one coat.  This paint is amazing, I luuuuve it!  I was so excited to paint because I've had the paint chips picked out since we moved in!  :) 

French Roast UL140-1 via

I know you are laughing at my "bright and cheery" comment but it really lets in the light to my main bathroom, master bedroom and the kitchen.  Here's some pins that are my inspiration for what I hope it will become!

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest
 I have lots more on my board lol.  Thanks for stopping by and having a look!

Jessi and B
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