Thursday, July 12, 2012

Due to Popular Demand!

We've had several request for changes to make our blog more user friendly! :)

1. We changed the font for the posts to make it easier to read.

2. We changed how our archived posts are listed so you can find the one you were looking for.

3. We added "You might also like" links to the bottom of the posts.

4. We added ad space, email for pricing!

5. We switched back the Comments so you don't have to sign up or anything and be anonymous if you choose.  I do monitor and will not allow hurtful comments to be posted. 
No cyber bullying allow!

I also wanted to note that we realize we are not good spellers or proof-readers at times.  We feel that we want our style of writing to relect how we actually talk to our friends because that's what we consider you! We like typing "lol" and using ":)".  We like quoting our kids with their imperfect speech.  We like hearing constructive criticism!  We want this blog to be a forum for you to gain inspiration, encouragement, and some fun entertainment!

We hope you find the changes helpful and the content fun!

Have a hot sunny day!
~Jessi and B
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1 comment:

  1. Oh Jessi your so coulda outed my grammer/spelling issues! Bahahaha! I now hate words did I tell you?!?! LMAO! Miss you, come back from vaca SOON!


Please chat us up!!! We talk alot to each other but we are so simliar it's like talking to ourselves, lol. We use comment moderation to discourage creepy and hurtful comments towards our readers and ourselves.

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