Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Who IS Bree??? An interview!

Farm House Sisters is run by two ladies:
Jessi and Bree

Jessi does more of the technical side, your looking at the blog...your looking at her web design, she keeps it running and cleans it up, adds new info, sponsors, buttons, adds, etc. She is also working on our ".com" page, yes WE ladies OWN FarmHouseSisters.com!! You'll see her post here and there but she stays busy enough with running the joint for all to view!

Bree posts what you read...basically she talks, complains and rambles alot! LOL! She comes up with and writes the posts for everyday. She's the main "photographer" for the page and if she doesn't know squat about something, she researches it for you! She's a glorified blabber mouth...well so is Jessi too! LMAO! Yes, Bree is writing this right now! LOL!

So lets take some time to get to know who Bree is...interview style. I have collected questions from people and made up my own (lol) Lets get started!

Ice Breaker:
Q: For people reading the blog what do you think they would NOT like?
A: OH GOD! That's easy,  my spelling and GRAMMAR issues!
Q: Is it a problem? Why?
A: I post really fast and my computer has some sticky or missing keys (thanks kids) so I really try hard to proof read and edit but if the photos are giving me grief I get frustrated and sometimes call it good, even though I DID spell check,  my grammar can be a problem sometimes. Jessi gave me a pointer from her dad, "read it out loud" so now I look like a FOOL reading out loud to myself but I hope it's helping! I know it can bother people! Oh ya... remember.... I have given all my brain cells to my 3 kids! My brain is TOAST!

Q: How often do you post on the blog?
A: I (we) try to post twice a day. But at least once! If we don't somethings up or we are taking the day off but we normally will post something to say the least. We also don't post on the weekends either. :)
Q: How in the world do you find time with 3 kids, a  household, husband and yourself to post twice a day?
A: LOL. WELL....my kids go to bed at 7:30 so by 8 I can guarantee that mostly everyone is asleep. That's when I post. Takes me normally (if I was prepared and knew what I was posting) between 1 and 2 hours depending on photo editing (newly added) and content editing. Then I schedule it to post automatically the next morning by 6:30am. Usually if I'm good I can schedule a few days ahead so if I need a break I can take one whenever. I would feel horribly guilty if I took any time away from my kiddos or family...so I just take it away from myself! BAAAhahahahaha!!! I crack myself up!

Q: What is YOUR pet peeve?
A: People.
Q: LOL....WHAT???
A: HA! Thought you'd need more clarification! People who don't use there turn signals, are hurtfully judgmental or just judgmental for no damn reason...just to complain! Oh and complainers. Sound like I'm being judgmental?? LOL. Ummm. lets see...stray glue gun strings, how the dishwasher is loaded (but if someone loads  it for me I would NEVER complain, lol) Whining, tatel telling, and when my phone freezes or dies! I always have phone issues! GRRRR! I think that's about it...Hmmm....kinda sounded like a judgmental complainer just then...I'm my own pet peeve! LOL!

Q: What would you say your friends pet peeves are about YOU?
A: You mean what would people say is annoying that I do??
Q: Yes.
A: Oh man...ready! I am late and were talking ALWAYS late! I just now started telling them "ok meet you at 9?" "Ok great, I'll be late" LOL. At least I'm honest and you can also count on it! LOL. I use "....." and "LOL" a lot. When texting or posting, I also use "CAPITAL LETTERS TO MAKE A LARGER EXPRESSION" a lot. I can be scatter brained at times and always forget everything....even what I was going to say like a second ago. Wait what were we saying??? JOKING! My spelling and grammar, lol. And....I used to be kinda flaky but that changed very recently.
Q: What do you mean by kinda flaky?
A: Well, not that I wanted to be flaky but up until about 3 months ago if I was going to hang out with friends or have a girls night out I would sometimes (ok truth)...I would usually cancel. But not anymore...I swear! Unless something is really up. LOL.
Q: So, why would you cancel up until 3 months ago? I'm confused?
A: Its difficult to say, but when you have 3 kids sometimes its difficult to find childcare to watch them and even when you do it still falls through. Not that I wanted to cancel my plans, it just always kinda happened.

Q: How do your family and friends feel about your blog and it's content?
A: Ugh. Thats a difficult question. It is kind of welcomed by some and loved by others! I think you will always have skeptics and the people close to you sometimes are the most negative unfortunately.
Q: How so?
A: I really think its hard for them to see the purpose in all this. Some think it's a waste of time or that I'm taking time away from my family or "duties" as a mom. And until you describe it all no one would understand, and even after you describe it they still don't understand. It's those times that it gets difficult and sometimes maddening.
Q: So what is the purpose in all this?
A: The purpose. Well, that seems to really change and grow as we continue this journey. Originally it was something that would be fun, share info and ya if we made some money that would be awesome! But now its reaching larger goals. We both want this to support or at least supplement our incomes and eventually have a thriving successful business!
Q: From a blog? How's that happen?
A: We have a blog, we post enough and enough "see worthy" information and people will want to "see" our page. These people re visit the page to see whats new everyday and even share our page. Then we get enough viewers that a business wants to advertise on our page. We sell ad space to these businesses and make money. It's like radio or tv, we get sponsors that pay us to put there link and advertorial on our page.
Q: Huh, who knew? So where are you ladies at on your journey?
A: We are at the point where we are ready to start selling ad space but need to sit down and work out the #'s and details, offers/specials, etc. We need to get working on it cause we have a few people interested.
Q: Wow, so you can really make some money from this???
A: LOL, yes. Crazy enough, average ad space for a good running/viewed blog is $200 a month. Most of those blogs have at least 10 ads or more per page. You do the math.

Q: So we still haven't asked, who is Bree? Explain yourself a little for us.
A: Ok...you better sit down this could take long. LOL. My parents divorced shortly after I was born, my dad was really never around. I saw him at more his convenience and when I was about 12 he told me that I was old enough to decide when I wanted to see him. I didn't see much of him after that. I had a step dad around but gone alot for most of my life but last year him and my mom divorced as well. I grew up in Renton/Kent until middle school age then moved to Enumclaw where I live now with my husband and our 3 kids. I was mostly friends with boys in high school cause girls cause too much drama! But am now very fortunate to have some wonderfully AMAZING girl friends around me! I feel lucky! I have been a dental assistant, personal trainer, nanny, barista, retail manager, horse stall cleaner, bank teller and my favorite...stay at home mommy! I love my kids more than anything in the world and stay up at night worrying about every aspect of their life...yup...I'm your typically loving mom. My mind DOES NOT stop! And I'm always doing something! I do enjoy a glass of wine, white not red. And I hate mushrooms. I have a shoe fetish that I have tamed over the years but has been released since I had my daughter. I'm frugal and grocery shop at costco. Ebay, goodwill, and anywhere that has a coupon AND a good sale is where I will be shopping for anything. Oh and yes you can always find me at the craft store when I'm bored. I am a mommy of 3, 2 boys and a girl. Almost 5, 2 1/2 and just turned a year. And you got that I talk alot right?? LOL! Yup, that's me in a nutshell I think.

Q: Any advice for moms?
A: Make sure to breathe, have lots of mommy friends to relate, complain and chit chat with AND most important.....do not have a sneezing fit or cough too much unless you have gone potty first. You and your pants will not get the good end of that deal.
Q: Any advice on marriage?
A: Make sure to also take time for yourself. People, couples will do "date nights" but I think they forget to also do stuff on there own as well!

Q: Whats the most difficult thing about being a mom to 3?
A: Everything. LOL.
Q: And the most difficult thing about marriage?
A: Everything. LOL.
Q: But you love being a stay at home mom?
A: LOL, YES!!! Sorry, I just don't think anyone would think that being a mom or a wife is easy. It is work 247, and not cut out for some. There is no one thing I could give for whats difficult or whats my best advice. Well my best advice would be to keep trying. With your kids, marriage, life, everything. People are always adapting and changing and I think life, having a family, is alot of work and people give up too easily. Before I was even married and had kids I promised myself I would do everything in my power to have a happy healthy family and if I were to have children I promised myself that I would try everything before I ended my marriage. Counselling being basically the last resort.
Q: I agree. But why is that?
A: Mostly because I was a child of divorce, then recently I have seen my sisters go through divorce and it's never pretty. People are SO selfish and it seems the children always get lost. I knew at an early age that I NEVER wanted my children to go through that and before it came to that I personally would try everything in my power to keep them from going through that. And secondly people give up way to easily these days. Makes me sad....especially if there are children involved.

Q: Ok, to lighten the mood before we say goodbye and are done. What is one of your most memorable moments on Farm Hosue Sisters?
A: Oh man there are SO many to choose from. The one that comes to mind right away is when Jessi and I were having a garage sale. We were up until midnight Thursday night preparing our stuff...well took the longest cause we also had to prepare everyone elses junk. LOL. We went to put out signs for the next day. As we are across the road from each other...at midnight...I yell..."watch out for drunk drivers!" as a joke, there were barely any cars on the road.. All Jessi hears is "DRUNK DRIVER!" right as a car (again at midnight) swerved with no blinker into the turn lane headed straight for her. She is freaking out and try's to stand behind the tiny crosswalk sign pole...when there is a massive heavy duty light pole right behind her she could stand behind. OMG. She realized the driver was not drunk as I'm almost peeing my pants laughing at here weird behavior! She finally crossed the street where we sorted things out and both of us were cracking up! I'm laughing now just thinking about it! HAhahahahaaa!

Thanks for the questions ladies, sorry had to slim it down to do how long I DIDN'T want post to be, LOL~
Bree and J

Jessi's interview to come!! Pin It

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