Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bachelorette Finale!!!

We took the day off yesterday so if you are a Bachelorette fan you already know who Emily Maynard choose to be her one and only....JEF!
Whoop, whoop! Happy dance!
I have watched the show many of items but I really feel this time it may be for REAL! Could it be?? Finally another bachelor/ette marriage??? We shall see! I bet they will get married in the spring like Emily sneak mentioned and babies will be popping out left and right from this happy couple!
 If you missed the finale you can also catch up on ABC.com.
My highlights of the show would have to be the fact that she so easily let Jef meet Ricky, only after they had a long discussion over it, but it was so natural and fun! I do love how Jef can really communicate well with her and turns any situation around so she see's his point of view as well! They are a good fit. I also loved how she just knew it was Jef and instead of having a date with Arie decided to let him go home, too bad that "Love Potion" didn't work Arie. LOL. My favorite, and I mean real favorite moment was how Emily was so excited to tell him that he was the only one to meet Ricky and how he was the only one there that day. I find it so sweet that she wanted that for him and she seems so true to him! Even during the live "after the rose" she was so true to him and very considerate of his feelings. Arie gave Emily his personal journal that he had kept throughout his experience on the bachelorette and she decided to not even read it. Because it wouldn't have changed anything but also out of respect for Jef. So sweet!
Yes, he did propose and YES she accepted!!! Oh corse the $68,000 ring was a plus but I'm sure she would have been happy with anything....(maybe, hahahahahhaa!!!)
Finally a couple I am happy with! Congratulations Jef and Emily!
Onto the horribly fun to watch Bachelor Pad...starts Monday night! (last night) LOL!~
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