Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brooklyn's Room: In Progress...Bird House

What I used:
~Birdhouse purchased at craft store for a few bucks
~Mod Podge
~Razor Knife
~Fat Quarter of Fabric

I lightly mod podge the area I was working with first, smaller areas at a time. And then I went back over the fabric with a heavier coat of mod podge to create a good seal.
The pattern on the fabric was very helpful in cutting out edges and the triangle corners.
I used a chop stick to make sure the fabric was pushed up into the small creased areas.
The MOST difficult was to cut the tiny hole for the bird post to fit through just right. It wasn't perfect but when you add the mod podge over it you cant even see the small flaws.
Drying and soon to be ready to trim!
I used a razor knife to trim out bird entrance hole and any other excess fabric from areas.
Final Look!!!

Brooklyn's Room Decor ...still in progress!!!

Gettin' there~
Bree and J Pin It

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