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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Evie's Swing Set: Part 1

Every since the swing set debacle of last week, I've been on the hunt for another!  I finally found one near enough to home to get.  I had it all set up to meet up with Bree after the two kids were picked up but life had other plans and I ended up going with just Evie.  Going alone on a Craigslist pick up is not normal for me and I do advise to taking someone else with you, just in case, but my husband and Bree both knew where I was headed and checked in with me through out the night. 
Picture from Craigslist.

The gal that sold me the set was super nice and even helped me break down the swing set.  We probably could have finished earlier had I been on time and knew what I was doing.  Also I was my chatty self so you know how that goes, lol. We ended up needing the neighbor teen boy to help get the set into the back of my truck, in the dark.  Then I realized that I left the other tie down and tarp at home so I had to get creative with one and the lady found some rope for a little extra security.  I drove slow!
The next morning, my husband laughed when he saw the pile in the back of the truck and wished me luck.  I unloaded the stuff and brought it around to the back.  I laid all the big pieces out to get an idea of how I wanted it positioned.  Then I got the bolts out and put them in order.  My husband had suggested that as I took it apart, to label each bolt and bolt hole with a number (1 and 1, 2 and 2, etc) which was so smart because I actually haven't had any trouble getting it together so far.  When we taking it apart, we keep forgetting what number we were on so we skipped ahead to the next 10 set.  I could see from the bolts, as the night went on, we were getting tired or something because we had 1-30 without missing any number but then skipped ahead to 40 to about 45 and then 50 to 53, but in all really did a good job labeling.
41, 41, 41, check!
I put the main platform together without much trouble. It is super heavy so I stopped in case I want it some where else in the back.  I might push it towards the back of the yard near the "garden".  I want to have it easy to mow around until I decide what kind of mulch I want to put around it.  I also had to stop because Evie wasn't feeling very well and complained that she could cuddle herself so I packed it in for the night and cuddled her in our recliner until her daddy got home.  I'm hoping today she feels better and I could maybe run into town to get a couple of bolts for around the bottom of the platform.  They had rusted pretty bad and some broke off inside but that's to be expected in our wet weather!  I will do a price break-down at the end of the series but not planning to do too much of a tutorial because all swing sets can be different.  I am SUPER excited to get it all pretty for you though so stay tuned!
Where we are this morning!
Hang in there!
Jessi and B
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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Brooklyn's Room: In Progress...Bird House

What I used:
~Birdhouse purchased at craft store for a few bucks
~Mod Podge
~Razor Knife
~Fat Quarter of Fabric

I lightly mod podge the area I was working with first, smaller areas at a time. And then I went back over the fabric with a heavier coat of mod podge to create a good seal.
The pattern on the fabric was very helpful in cutting out edges and the triangle corners.
I used a chop stick to make sure the fabric was pushed up into the small creased areas.
The MOST difficult was to cut the tiny hole for the bird post to fit through just right. It wasn't perfect but when you add the mod podge over it you cant even see the small flaws.
Drying and soon to be ready to trim!
I used a razor knife to trim out bird entrance hole and any other excess fabric from areas.
Final Look!!!

Brooklyn's Room Decor ...still in progress!!!

Gettin' there~
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brooklyn's Room: In Progress...Mod Podge Fabric Initials

Super Simple and Fun Craft
What you need:
Mod Podge
Razor Blade or Razor Knife
Paint Brush (optional, I have used my finger before...but this gets messy!)

 Add a light layer of mod podge onto letter, if your using card board letters apply an even lighter coat. The purpose of this is to just hold down the fabric while you mod podge over it. Applying a thick layer may cause the card board to get soggy...this can even happen with the wood letters. Make sure to check the quality of each letter before purchase.
 Place fabric onto letter. If you have a pattern make sure you line it up or keep the fabrics design in mind.
 Add a good (thick) layer over fabric. Make sure to extend mod podge over the edges a tiny bit but don't leave a lip or too much excess on edge.
 Then I used the razor knife to cut along edges, make sure to take your time so you don't have an edge that starts to fray. Don't worry, if you do just add alittle mod podge over the area. I applied a light layer of mod podge to all edges after cutting but this isn't necessary. 
I also added an extra layer of fabric because my fabric was white and with only one layer it was alittle see threw. This all depends on fabric and letter your using.

I think I may add one m ore little hoop at the bottom of the right green one but still not sure...need to find the little hoop first but would love any feedback and what you think...
Yes add one more little hoop or no it looks great!

(its also really hard to see but the wall color is yellow and the white letters do stand out a bit more. Better pics to come with final viewing of her room!!!)
To view tutorial on the hoop decor follow this link: Brooklyn's Room: In Progress...Hoop Decor.
Hoop Fantastic~
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Easy 4th Of July Decor

 Star banner - cut from tag board and sprinkled with glitter.
 Red Star Apple Stamp on White Burlap Garland.
 Stars and Strips Wreath by Blog: Capitol B
 4th of July Fireworks Pom Poms by Martha Stewart
 Pin Wheels in Sand for your Front Entrance
 Medallions by Martha Stewart
Firework Garland by Simplified Bee Blog

Start Decorating 4th is NEXT week~
Bree and J

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jessi's Garage: Part 1

Yesterday we took ALL day to go through Jessi's Garage...its a place of dreams...a place of crafting...talking, fun, laughing and yes...even farting! LOL!
Our main goal was to sort and organize anything that we can use for our garage sale this weekend AND throw un needed things away! (Always hard without support...that's where I came in!)
We sure had fun!
Alright I know what this needs.....
...some chamomile tea.

Fun Stuff we found...
Hand made Homecoming skirt by Jessi's mom and grandma! So sweet!'s alittle!!!
 Weird...ODD...extremely narrow "cultural" shoes...I couldn't believe she actually bought these..they were so narrow not even a dolls foot could fit!
 I WANT this chair that she also happens to love! Boo!

Awesome Jars O Junk!
 Vintage Toys!!!
 Who needs and army stretcher???

 A bag of Barbie's...beheaded,  broken, missing limbs and plain weird...I'd say that's trash Jess! LOL
 A fur shrug for those practical cold winter days!
We all need a bald headed Cleopatra porcelain over sized doll head! 
How else would I see how my glasses  and hair bands match??

 I took a box home with me of junk that I wanted but the best thing I brought home was this scorpion for Bradley! He was so surprised and excited!!

Next is mine...bah~
Bree and J

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Front Step Demo

The new house had a funky step that the elderly gentleman had put in to help him make the 2-step transition a little easier....but it looked FUNKY and was ageing. SO we pulled it out!

Before-ish picture.
Step One:
Hammer and Pry Bar
Step two:
Half of it was rotted out so we used the hammer to break up the pieces. Bradley was thrilled to get involved and use a REAL hammer to help daddy!
Step Three:
We weren't sure how the front part was nails, screws, nothing so to investigate further my husband got the skill saw out and cut everything off from where cement step was at on.
We soon realized that whomever put in the step GLUED the wood to the cement....MORE "FUN"!
Step Four:
After he pryed the piece off my husband had to then get to work out chiseling off the glue and pieces of wood remaining. Took FOREVER! And we still need to get some stripper to take the rest off.
Step Five:
Oh YES...forgot to mention that they also nailed the bottom pieces in all four corners INTO the cement...."brilliant" idea....but when you don't want something to MAKE sure that it WONT move! LOL! Husband had to grind off massive nails.
AFTER step was out!
So much better!

Glad step demo was done....but soon realized that anything "added" onto house after the fact was done in a ...."different" manner than you might expect. MAKE it work!

Just checked the step demo off the
Bree and J
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