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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

LBB: 10 Random Household Tips


And WHY didn't I think of this stuff!?!?! LOL!
 Fix your broken powder make up!
 Make your own non slip hangers!
 Get rid of those carpet divots with ice!
 No more paint splatters and drips!
 Use a can opener to open those difficult sealed plastic packages!!
For these genius ideas and more including:
Quick scan WiFi password
Secret to spotless baseboards all the time
Towel rack to hanging storage
Follow this link:
So genius~
Bree and J
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jessi's Garage: Part 1

Yesterday we took ALL day to go through Jessi's Garage...its a place of dreams...a place of crafting...talking, fun, laughing and yes...even farting! LOL!
Our main goal was to sort and organize anything that we can use for our garage sale this weekend AND throw un needed things away! (Always hard without support...that's where I came in!)
We sure had fun!
Alright I know what this needs.....
...some chamomile tea.

Fun Stuff we found...
Hand made Homecoming skirt by Jessi's mom and grandma! So sweet!'s alittle!!!
 Weird...ODD...extremely narrow "cultural" shoes...I couldn't believe she actually bought these..they were so narrow not even a dolls foot could fit!
 I WANT this chair that she also happens to love! Boo!

Awesome Jars O Junk!
 Vintage Toys!!!
 Who needs and army stretcher???

 A bag of Barbie's...beheaded,  broken, missing limbs and plain weird...I'd say that's trash Jess! LOL
 A fur shrug for those practical cold winter days!
We all need a bald headed Cleopatra porcelain over sized doll head! 
How else would I see how my glasses  and hair bands match??

 I took a box home with me of junk that I wanted but the best thing I brought home was this scorpion for Bradley! He was so surprised and excited!!

Next is mine...bah~
Bree and J

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY: Craft Storage

Craft Cupboard
A shallow hanging cupboard provides plenty of storage for small craft items. Finials on the top help corral rolls of wrapping paper. Clear jars hold ribbons, beads, or buttons. To round up pretty paper scraps, toss them into an open-top box.

 Ribbon Round-Up
A small tension rod is a clever way to add extra storage to a short or narrow shelf. Thread spools of ribbon on the rod for easy, tangle-free access.

Cute Tool Storage
Scissors, pens, and paintbrushes can easily get lost in the shuffle when hidden in a drawer. Store similar tools together in clean, paper-wrapped cans.

Stacked Storage
For a fun twist, wrap several tool cans in coordinating patterned papers and stack in a pyramid shape. Use a hot glue gun to attach the cans to each other. When completely dry, set on a desktop or worktable for easy tool access. Use the same idea with gallon cans to store larger items.

Crafty Workbox
Make your craft projects go more smoothly by organizing everything in a durable workbox. With multiple trays, it will keep your thread, pins, buttons, and fabric handy and portable.

Inexpensive Storage Bins
Two hanging bars and six bins can turn a stretch of wall into craft storage central. Hang the bins over a worktable to hold ribbons and trims or above a desk to stash pens and notepads. Plus, the affordable plastic bins are colorful and washable.

Storage Carousel
Dress up the top of an industrial parts bin with scrapbooking paper cut to fit. Then, fill the slide-out bins with rubber bands, paper clips, and pushpins for use on a desk or with pins, buttons, and thread for a sewing center.

 Simple and Functional
Replacement covers for outdoor sconces make sturdy containers to hold art supplies. The wide, heavy bases minimize tipping and the grooved sides add a fun detail. At around $2.50 a piece, they are a real steal and look equally cute on a desktop or in a crafts cabinet.

Tool Can How-To
To make a paper-wrapped tool can, simply measure the height and circumference of an empty, clean can. Cut a piece of paper per your measurements, adding 1/2" to the length for overlapping. Use double-stick tape under the edges to secure the paper to the can. Use craft glue to embellish with ribbons, flowers, or buttons.
Thanks to Martha Stewart for this Craft Storage

Stay Crafty AND organized~
Bree and J

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Diaries of a Messy House: Bree's Sink

I have always struggled with keeping a clean house. Even as a child my room was always a mess. Yes I procrastinate and I think of ANYTHING else to do instead of cleaning but I am sick of always having a mess....mostly of having an over sized mess. 

Stage 1 of my families mission was the sink. 

In the past my husband and I had a "plan". He would unload the dishwasher and I would load. This never really seemed to work. He used to work at a very physically strenuous job and would work long hours and when he got home...usually barely in time for dinner or after dinner. He was exhausted and I just wanted to have him for have alittle family time...not nag him to do the dishes. 
When we had one child the sink was never half this bad. But that one child gets older and makes more dishes, than you have another and in our case 3 kiddos. Even with using paper plates half the time the dishes are ALWAYS piled up! It really never ends.

Our mission was to just work on one area at a time. 
With the sink the key to our household was:
~Always have the dishwasher Empty for quick loading so the sink doesn't fill up fast.
~Always rinse off the dishes so when they need to be "pre washed" (our dishwasher sucks) it doesn't take forever cause of the stuck on food. husbands empties...I load or we do dishes together. He washes, I dry.
~Have the kiddos help...Bradley can put away silverware

The main thing at our home is again the volume of what we have, our busy schedules, pure exhaustion and my procrastination. We have been working on this and hope to slowly improve our house and our clutter and mess. I am glad to say that our kitchen sink, may have stuff in it all the time, but is no longer filled to the brim! (which can happen in ONE DAY!)

Trying to keep cleaning and stay motivated~
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

This Weeks Pinterest Favorites


Pick you favorites from each board...lets see who picked THE best. A good ol' Jessi vs Bree friendly competition
 to see who has the top pick!
Please comment below on this weeks winner!

It's Your Birthday...Party

Jessi vs Bree


Jessi vs Bree

Healthy Habits

Jessi vs Bree
hahaha! Looks like we are both winners here!


Jessi vs Bree
Sometimes it's scary how much we think alike!!

Photo Opt Ideas

Jessi vs Bree

I'm Hungry

Jessi vs Bree
hmmmm...they BOTH look good to me!

Dear Santa

Jessi vs Bree
Jessi's was my 2nd pic...such a tough one to choose!

Dear Easter Bunny

Jessi vs Bree


Jessi vs Bree

Love to Design

Jessi vs Bree
Funny how it's both them both

Baby Album

Jessi vs Bree
Both are beautiful!

Home Sweet Home

Jessi vs Bree we need to find 2 of for each of us!

Mother's/Father's Day

Mommy vs Mommy
I'm sure any mommy would love either of these for Mother's Day

4th of July

Jessi vs Bree
I know what she'll bring to the 4th of July Party, lol, I'll be bring the same thing!

Be My Valentine

Jessi vs Bree

Giving Thanks

Jessi vs Bree
ok..this one there weren't very many to choose from

Falling for...Fall

Jessi vs Bree

Bounce into...Spring

Jessi vs Bree
LOVE them bad they wouldn't work well together

Winter Wonderland

Jessi vs Bree

Dig In The Dirt...Gardening

I think we both like how this is so smart AND so easy...oh ya and SO CHEAP!

Crazy Kids

Jessi vs Bree

Fun In The Sun...Summer

Jessi vs Bree
Alright Jess...I'll bring my Bubble Refill Station, come over, and sit on your gorgeous outdoor furniture that kids WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON! LOL!
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