Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diaries of a Messy House: Bree's Sink

I have always struggled with keeping a clean house. Even as a child my room was always a mess. Yes I procrastinate and I think of ANYTHING else to do instead of cleaning but I am sick of always having a mess....mostly of having an over sized mess. 

Stage 1 of my families mission was the sink. 

In the past my husband and I had a "plan". He would unload the dishwasher and I would load. This never really seemed to work. He used to work at a very physically strenuous job and would work long hours and when he got home...usually barely in time for dinner or after dinner. He was exhausted and I just wanted to have him for us...to have alittle family time...not nag him to do the dishes. 
When we had one child the sink was never half this bad. But that one child gets older and makes more dishes, than you have another and in our case 3 kiddos. Even with using paper plates half the time the dishes are ALWAYS piled up! It really never ends.

Our mission was to just work on one area at a time. 
With the sink the key to our household was:
~Always have the dishwasher Empty for quick loading so the sink doesn't fill up fast.
~Always rinse off the dishes so when they need to be "pre washed" (our dishwasher sucks) it doesn't take forever cause of the stuck on food.
~Teamwork...my husbands empties...I load or we do dishes together. He washes, I dry.
~Have the kiddos help...Bradley can put away silverware

The main thing at our home is again the volume of what we have, our busy schedules, pure exhaustion and my procrastination. We have been working on this and hope to slowly improve our house and our clutter and mess. I am glad to say that our kitchen sink, may have stuff in it all the time, but is no longer filled to the brim! (which can happen in ONE DAY!)

Trying to keep cleaning and stay motivated~
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