Friday, April 6, 2012

Quick Craft: Our Easter Gifts

This year instead of spending a ton of money on a bundle of flowers for each mom and grandma in the family...we have many different mom's and grandma's. We decided to grow and make our own. A handcrafted gift made with love is the best type of gift.

Quick Easter Planter/Hostess Gift
10 Minute Craft
What you need:
Empty Baby Food Jar
Brown Twine
Seeds or Small Flower

1. Tie Ribbon and Twine around Empty Baby Food Jar.
 I tied them into one knot together than tied the ribbon into a knot over the original knot. Then made sure my twine was cut long enough that I could tie it into a bow over ribbon knot. Trim Ribbon if needed once tied an in place.

2.Add rocks to bottom of jar for soil drainage (just enough so soil is not resting on bottom of jar) and add soil & seeds or plant.
 I had already pre planted flowers in my Jiffy Green House Planter. I cut out the desired number of plants, then tore the side to make the flower start fit into the baby food jar. 

3. Add top soil, either over seeds of around edges of pre planted bio degradable pot, and water 
(I also fertilize)

Stay Crafty and Happy Easter~
Bree and J

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