Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! Patton Style

This year was the first in four that my daughter, Evie, was able to hunt for eggs outside.  Between her age, snow, and rain, my poor kid has been left to hunt indoors.  I was worried when we first woke up because it was really windy but it calmed down a little before we headed outside.  Here's a recap of our Easter morning, Patton style!

E. Bunny was here
This picture was taken at night so it's a little dark.  There's an empty glass of milk with the chewed end of a carrot to show that the Easter Bunny had been by and enjoyed a snack.

Checking out the spread.
You have to be sure to empty out the entire contents of your basket to be sure you didn't miss anything!  Have some candy for breakfast with a side of cereal and then be sure to bug your parents until you all get dressed and ready to hunt for the eggs.

If only the wind would cooperate!
We tried to take a nice picture, her hair kept blowing in her face.  She is wearing two piece butterfly outfit. Halter -op with a handkerchief-style bottom and matching capris made by my mom. Evie is also wearing a long-sleeved shirt and thick tights for warmth.

Wet hair doesn't slow her down!
My husband, Dave, hid the eggs while Evie and I got dressed and ready.  Our pooches would eat them if we put them out too much before we are ready to be out there.  Eggs are good for their coats and makes them shiny.

Here's one on the climber!
Having a mix of easy to find eggs and some more challenging makes for a good time!

Where are they?
Most she found right away.  It was fun for me to find them just before her.

Oh! In the bird feeder, silly Bunny!
My brother and sis-in-law were able to stop by long enough to watch her too.

This year was my first to get most of the eggs to boil without cracking.  From a carton of eighteen, seventeen made it into the dye.  I read somewhere that if your eggs are room temperature, they are less likely to crack during cooking.  Ours weren't quite that warm but from the store to the stove was about 30 minutes.  We love dying eggs and could do it for hours if we could!

An egg in Evie's favorite color, rainbow!
We've had a beautiful Easter and hope that you are enjoying it too! 
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